His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1493 – 1494

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Chapter 1493 came over to apologize under pressure.

The hurtful things Sherry Xu said were all deeply in Alisha’s mind.

Alisha saw Sherry Xu’s silence, and plucked up the courage to ask again, “Tell me, Sherry Xu, what do you think of the Xu family now? If you really have given up on the Xu family, you have already left the Xu family clean.

I won’t embarrass you again.”

As long as Sherry Xu admits, she will let him in.

She is not a person who doesn’t know right from wrong. Sherry Xu glanced at Alisha, and then said, “If I say I have given up on the Xu family, would you like to let me go today?” Let him go.

Alisha’s heart trembled fiercely.

He couldn’t believe that this was what Sherry Xu said.

He used to use all means to get everything from the Xu family.

He even said in front of her, “I’m just using you.”

“Such words. But now, he brought Christian over, but stopped in front of her, begging to let go.

Alisha watched Sherry Xu for a long time, and then she let go. When Sherry Xu saw Alisha’s red and swollen eyes, his heart was sore, but he didn’t express it.

He even deliberately replied in an indifferent voice, “Thank you for understanding.”

Christian followed. One glance at Sherry Xu, the figure of this man looked mad and cool.

He whispered, “If the family is bankrupt, I still have to pretend to be b.”

Sherry Xu gritted his teeth and responded, “Who gave me the bankruptcy of Laozi?” Christian looked at the sky. “Thalia Xu.”

Alisha let go, and Sherry Xu walked inside.

Marven Su and Elbert were watching them walk in, Christian winked at his father. Elbert stepped forward, “coming?” Christian said. “How are things prepared?” Elbert narrowed his eyes slightly, and looked at his son with an oppressive look. “What did Yan Yan’s lawyer say?” “Sure.”

Speaking of this Christian His face changed, “But…”

“I know, no need to say.”

Elbert retracted his gaze, turned around and said to Sherry Xu, “Xiao Xu, I’m very sorry about your sister.”

Sherry Xu still stayed. With Xu Zhen’s blood, no matter from any angle, it is Thalia Xu’s brother. But he said, “This is also the reason I came here today.”

When Alisha followed in, he was shocked when he heard Sherry Xu say this.

Marven Su also looked at Sherry Xu. “Although Thalia Xu and I are not biological sisters, half of the blood in our body is the same.”

Sherry Xu clenched his fingers and walked in front of Marven Su, not knowing when to lower his head, “Uncle, it is me who should be sorry. “He…

He’s here…

Alisha, who realized this, covered her mouth, and her eyes were red again. “I don’t want to excuse anything. Now the evidence has been sent out, and they…have…”

Sherry Xu couldn’t say anymore, “The price is very terrible, and I am very sad.”

Marven Su stretched out his hand and patted Sherry Xu’s shoulder again. “You have to take care of yourself alone.”

This means that Marven Su understands that Sherry Xu and the Xu family have broken away.

This time he came out with pressure to apologize to the Su family because he himself has a good relationship with Ameli Su Kendrick Su.

Alisha sniffed, and hearing Sherry Xu’s words on these days really seemed like a change.

She muttered, “You…you look like a person right now.”

Sherry Xu’s heavy face stretched suddenly, and his mouth was tilted with anger, “Alisha, do you owe it!” Alisha sniffed, and hearing Sherry Xu’s words on these days really seemed like a change.

She muttered, “You…you look like a person right now.”

Sherry Xu’s heavy face stretched suddenly, and his mouth was tilted with anger, “Alisha, do you owe it!” Alisha sniffed, and hearing Sherry Xu’s words on these days really seemed like a change.

She muttered, “You…you look like a person right now.”

Sherry Xu’s heavy face stretched suddenly, and his mouth was tilted with anger, “Alisha, do you owe it!”

Chapter 1494 You Disappointed Me Now.

Alisha can only wipe his eyes and say, “What you said just now made my impression of you a little bit higher.”

Sherry Xu sneered with his hands on his chest, posing a disdainful expression.

Looks like, “Really, should I kneel down and kowtow to thank you?” … Why is this person always talking with guns and sticks? Alisha was slightly aggrieved, “Maybe you have really changed.”

It’s just that…

He is the same Sherry Xu who used her to hurt her, but now he has become more straightforward and unscrupulous.

Thinking of this, Alisha felt disappointed again. Perhaps she still had that kind of love for Sherry Xu, but Sherry Xu might not be the same Sherry Xu in the past. While leaving all the relations with the Xu family, perhaps he also made clear all the relations with her.

Alisha lowered his head and helped Marven Su entertain other people who came to pay homage.

Rocky stood behind her, his eyebrows were almost knotted, and he wished to pick Sherry Xu up and bring a peanut to his temple. Mi, but considering Alisha’s mood, he abruptly held back. Sherry Xu took a breath as he watched Alisha go, then looked at Christian, “Go.”

Christian saw Filomena Ren standing behind Marven Su, his eyes narrowed slightly, he walked through the crowd, straight Standing in front of Filomena Ren.

At that second, Filomena Ren felt that there seemed to be a black shadow pressing down in front of him.

In the next instant, Christian looked directly at him like this, and then said, “Why are you here?” These words seemed to contain some warning.

Filomena Ren was shocked, but still said, “Yaoyao has something to do, so I have to…”

“Since I feel the blame, how about apologizing with death?” Christian said coldly, without any expression on his face. , It seems that there is no trace of Filomena Ren as a good friend of his past.

Such indifferent words made Filomena Ren slightly change his face, “Christian, are you here to fight?” “No.”

Christian didn’t explain any more, “I just think, Filomena Ren, you disappoint me very much.”

As soon as this remark came out, there was no need to explain more about the profound meaning behind it.

He knows.

Turns out he knew.

Filomena Ren’s lens turned a ray of light.

He stood in place, like a balloon that was suddenly flared.

He clenched his fingers, still holding on and saying, “Christian, there is no need to… “He never thought of harming them, but… just… “I just want to make everything back to its original state…”

If everything can go back to the past…

Christian looked at him with sharp eyes It was like a knife, “Then this scene is what you want?” Neither he nor Ameli Su could escape the fate of the trick. But Filomena Ren hid behind the abyss and tried to stand on the victor’s high ground to laugh at them.

Impossible, impossible–! ! Marven Su sensed the rigid atmosphere here, and just about to say something, he saw Christian, who had been calm for so long, suddenly seemed to be pressed by someone.

He rushed forward and grabbed it in front of everyone.

He touched Filomena Ren’s neck and hit him against the wall by pressing his neck! The people around screamed, not knowing what happened here, and even Elbert was startled, “Christian, what are you doing!” Finally, Sherry Xu stopped him, “Uncle, this matter…Don’t interfere.”

Filomena Ren The back of his head hit the wall, and intense pain came, but the man pinching him did not let go.

The moment he raised his head, Christian’s eyes were scarlet.

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