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Chapter 576

Who will find it first?

“Let go of me!” The blue-eyed beauty was uncomfortable. She saw a very big python just now, and she was frightened to death.

Abe Zhang looked at her indifferently, grabbed her and continued walking, he had to wait until he walked out of this deep forest.

It is safe to leave here.

“Let go, let me go!” The blue-eyed beauty is annoyed!

When Abe Zhang was inside just now, she tore her clothes, and now she is ashamed!

Abe Zhang has been clutching his neck.

Abe Zhang let go of him, and he was also hot.

In the virgin forest, the sultry heat is extremely uncomfortable, damp, and the clothes on his body are wet with sweat, tightly pressed against his skin, and airtight.

Especially uncomfortable.

“Go!” Abe Zhang said coldly.

“I won’t go, don’t go!” The blue-eyed beauty refused angrily. She was afraid of this place. She couldn’t figure out how to go back. There were many poisonous snakes nearby, and spiders bigger than their heads, so terrifying.


Abe Zhang slapped her.

It hit her face hard, the blue-eyed beauty immediately covered her cheek and stared at Abe Zhang, “You hit me again?” Snap!

Abe Zhang slapped her again. The blue-eyed beauty didn’t dare to look at Abe Zhang, because Abe Zhang was a beast!

Beat women like this.

“Go!” Abe Zhang was indifferent.

The blue-eyed beauty hates Abe Zhang in her heart, but she can only follow Abe Zhang.

After walking for a long time, she was tired, out of breath, and didn’t want to go anymore. The aggrieved said she was tired, Abe Zhang

He slapped her over and slapped her in the face.

The blue-eyed beauty was so aggrieved that she cried, “You killed me,” “Do you think I didn’t want to kill?” Abe Zhang killed her.

If it weren’t for her, I would have started to open a casino in the United States a long time ago. By the way, I forgot that Du Peixin is still at the airport and I don’t know how she is.

All Abe Zhang’s plans were destroyed by this woman.

“Don’t kill me, no,” the blue-eyed beauty shook her head.

“Let’s go!” Abe Zhang must leave here quickly, he also felt danger.

This place is in danger!


The blue-eyed beauty was scared, and the sounds of the animals around had scared her. She took Abe Zhang’s hand, and Abe Zhang turned around and slapped her in the face.


The blue-eyed beauty cried, “I’m afraid, hurry up and take me out of here.” “Is it you? If it wasn’t you, I would be here?” Abe Zhang said indifferently.

“I, take me out of here,” the blue-eyed beauty pleaded.

“Go!” Abe Zhang only relied on his own feelings to go.

Suddenly, the blue-eyed beauty saw a poisonous snake, “Ah, snake, snake!” The snake was very thick and scared to death.

Abe Zhang saw it, and immediately shot the snake with a branch and killed the snake. To be honest, he was hungry and didn’t care about it. He cut off the snake’s head and tore the snake’s skin before making a fire.

After walking for so long, the blue-eyed beauty was hungry. When she smelled the scent, she swallowed, “Give me some food.” Abe Zhang looked at her, how could she feed her?


He almost finished eating, feeling his strength recovered, and he was going to continue walking.

The blue-eyed beauty was angry and ate a little meat when she approached Abe Zhang. Abe Zhang slapped her, and the blue-eyed beauty ate while crying.

Where did she ever do such a thing, immediately felt ashamed!


“Give me some food, I’m hungry, I can’t walk anymore,” the blue-eyed beauty cried.

I was tortured, so painful, how could this be?


She grabbed it and ate it all, and Abe Zhang stared at her.

“Go,” Abe Zhang stood up.

“I’m tired, take a break.” The blue-eyed beauty was sore all over.

“How to rest?” Abe Zhang stared at her body.

The blue-eyed beauty was angry, “What are you looking at? Shameless! Obscene!” She clutched herself, got up and left.

Abe Zhang continues to walk, he must go out quickly, he has no other thoughts at this time, this woman, Abe Zhang will not touch her!

Because Abe Zhang wants her to regret it!


In other parts of the virgin forest, Olena Jiang, Maya Tang, and Black Rose were all looking for Abe Zhang, and they didn’t stop to rest. Olena Jiang was exhausted, his face was pale, and the sweat was constantly flowing down.

She has no survival experience in such a place.

But if you have no experience, you have to find Abe Zhang.

Black Rose and Maya Tang have a lot of experience, they are tired, and they also don’t stop.

Black Rose glanced around, her big blue eyes were speechless, “How come you escaped so fast? Well, such a thing will definitely happen again,” Black Rose has no confidence, if she finds Abe Zhang by herself ?

So is it a little embarrassing?

After all, Abe Zhang didn’t protect him well!

She continued to search.

Maya Tang looked at her beautiful eyes, her heart was worried. She knew Abe Zhang had grown up, but she couldn’t help worrying.

I must find Abe Zhang.

None of the three stopped.

But the three of them, who will find Abe Zhang first?


… Jiang Ran saw two girls. She has been in the U.S. for more than ten days. She was very disappointed, because she called Abe Zhang and they were all turned off.

Did Abe Zhang ignore himself on purpose?

She was disappointed. In fact, she wanted to live in the place Abe Zhang said, but no, how could Abe Zhang live in that place?

When she sighed, she was discouraged and ready to go back.

But last time two girls came here. It’s been 15 days. Abe Zhang hasn’t looked for them yet. The two of them are very nervous. Did Abe Zhang forget?

Both of them planned to show up to pay Abe Zhang to pay back the money, but Abe Zhang did not show up, they must have forgotten.

“Jiang Ran, where’s that Abe Zhang? He didn’t come to see the two of us.” said the two girls.

“I didn’t find him either. His phone was turned off.” Jiang Ran sighed.

“Really, did something happen to him?” The two girls were happy.

If something happens to Abe Zhang, the two of them won’t have to pay back!

There is no need for two people to serve Abe Zhang!

So not the best?

They don’t want to be ruined by Abe Zhang.

“Don’t talk nonsense, Abe Zhang has his own business, so he turned it off.” Jiang Ran shook his head.

It’s definitely not Abe Zhang’s accident.

“It’s the best, it’s the best for him to have things,” the two girls are happy, is Abe Zhang dead?

It’s best to die.

Two girls are proud, hum, let you bully us two girls, you deserve it!


… An airport in the United States!

Du Peixin had been calling Abe Zhang for more than ten days, and she turned off the phone, she was speechless.

Is Abe Zhang playing tricks?

It should not be. What is Abe Zhang doing with himself?


But he didn’t have any mobile phones turned off, and he just came to pick up himself?

You know, Du Peixin has been living in a hotel near the airport for more than ten days. She has come to work and has no thoughts at all. She is helpless.

When does Abe Zhang answer the phone?


… “What are you talking about? My daughter was arrested? Who arrested?” The Luo Fu family.

The mother of the blue-eyed beauty Emily, the charming young woman scolded angrily.

She found a base on Amazon

It’s ruined, so you have to know that your daughter is inside.

“Before the young lady caught a person, this person arrested the young lady and ran away with the young lady,” said a person kneeling on the ground.

Especially scared, because this charming young woman is already angry!

“Who is this person?” “Abe Zhang, a Chinese man!” “Why did my daughter arrest him?!” “This Abe Zhang hit the lady.” “What, dare to hit my daughter?” The charming young woman suddenly I was so angry that my daughter would dare to fight?

“Yes.” “Send someone to me immediately! Immediately! If something happens to my daughter, all of you will die!!” The charming young woman said angrily.

“Yes, yes!” The man got up and ran out, and the charming young woman was surrounded by anger.

“Don’t worry, that girl Emily is smart, she should be fine,” the young woman in jeans walked over, and she was worried too.

Such a thing would happen unexpectedly.

“Emily was arrested by a Chinese man. I hate Chinese men the most in my life!” The charming young woman said coldly.

“I hate it too, Chinese man, timid, weak, I hate it the most, but what should I do now?” “Sister, you help me find out this Abe Zhang’s family, I want to arrest his family, see him dare Catch my daughter!” “Okay, I’ll check it now! Dare to catch Emily and kill his family!” The beautiful eyes of the charming young woman shot a terrible coldness, she decided to catch this Abe Zhang, torture him, and make him feel To fear!


Chapter 577

Survival “Go!” “I took a rest, my clothes were torn by branches,” the blue-eyed beauty cried, and Abe Zhang never let her hear it. This is really a pain and suffering.

She was almost bitten by a poisonous snake just now. After all, she was wearing denim shorts, and her long legs were bitten by mosquitoes in the Amazon. Have she encountered such a thing?

She felt very insulted!

She hated Abe Zhang to the extreme in her heart. She was too kind to Abe Zhang before, and she planned to give him money.


After catching him, you should torture him. Just watch him in pain. What else can I learn from him? The blue-eyed beauty is regretful in her heart. What did she do?


“Take it off if it breaks!” Abe Zhang said coldly.

He was stuck in a problem, and he had been walking without stopping for almost two days, and he felt a sense of loss for Abe Zhang.

This Amazon forest is too terrifying. If this continues, the confidence of the mind will be greatly affected.

Abe Zhang must find a way.

Otherwise, there may be a dead end.

“You bastard, you Chinese people are all perverts!!” The blue-eyed beauty was annoyed.

“Shut up!” Abe Zhang said coldly.

It’s midnight now, still so

Loud, are you looking for death?

“I’m tired, are you going to exhaust me?” the blue-eyed beauty cried.

She is so tired that she will break her foot. If this goes on, she will collapse!

Abe Zhang wiped his sweat and felt that he should take a break, so he couldn’t hold it anymore. Abe Zhang scanned vigilantly and found a stone, so he walked over there, and the blue-eyed beauty wiped away tears and followed.

Abe Zhang sat down to sleep by himself. The blue-eyed beauty was scared. There are so many weird insects in this forest. What if they get into his body?

“Hey, hello.” the blue-eyed beauty called.

“One more word, I will kill you!” Abe Zhang said directly.

This kind of danger was caused by her, otherwise she would have put her arms around Olena Jiang to sleep at this time.

“No, I’m afraid.” The blue-eyed beauty no matter what, she is afraid of poisonous insects and Abe Zhang, even more so that she is tired.

She closed her eyes, put her arms around Abe Zhang and fell asleep, and put her head in Abe Zhang’s arms, wanting Abe Zhang to protect her.

Abe Zhang opened his eyes and slapped him with a slap on the face of the blue-eyed beauty. A slap print appeared on her beautiful face.

“Get away,” Abe Zhang scolded.

“Woo, don’t hit me,” the blue-eyed beauty cried, still holding Abe Zhang, “I’m afraid.” “Get out!” Abe Zhang pushed her away with his hands, and he was also tired, in case this woman Yes, what should I do if I sneak attack myself with something while I am asleep?

Abe Zhang didn’t want to die in a daze.

The blue-eyed beauty wiped her tears, “Don’t do this, I am a woman…” “Are you reminding me what I should do to you?” Abe Zhang stared at her.

“No, don’t think about it.” The blue-eyed beauty shook her head hurriedly. Of course she didn’t mean that. If she did something with a Chinese man, she would feel sick, especially disgusting. She is a member of a big family, and the Chinese are worthy. On yourself?


“Don’t make me think, just shut up!” Abe Zhang closed his eyes.

“I’m scared, you see there are venomous snakes over there, and a lot of mosquitoes biting me,” the blue-eyed beauty cried.

Abe Zhang ignores her, what is his business?


The blue-eyed beauty gritted her teeth and found a few vines, “Hey, you tie me up and let me sleep on you,” Abe Zhang ignored her.

“Hey,” “Hey,” Abe Zhang opened his eyes and shot a cold light.

“Don’t do this, it won’t be good for you if I die, my mother will kill your whole family, you have to guarantee me to live!” said the blue-eyed beauty.

“You are wrong. After I go out, I will let you see with your own eyes how your house was destroyed because of you!” Abe Zhang moved with a strong murderous intent in his heart.

“You? It’s not that I underestimated you. A family of people like you can’t be considered a family. In front of my house,” the blue-eyed beauty was proud.

You are the four big families, and you

It’s not.

This gap is different from the sky capsule.

“Look at it,” Abe Zhang ignored it.

This is wait and see!

“What are you looking at? Do you know who my family is? I’m telling you now that I belong to the Luo Fu family of the four major families. What do you want to show me?” The blue-eyed beauty was proud.

She must tell this matter, and it will scare you to death.

Otherwise, still abuse me like this.

“Are you from the Luo Fu family?” Abe Zhang was surprised.

Of course Abe Zhang knows about the four major families in the world. His mother’s Li family is the same, as is the Luo Fu family, which is an arms dealer.

This is a super family.

Abe Zhang looked at her again. He didn’t expect that this shameless lady was actually a member of this family. No wonder, it is possible to establish a base in Amazon. This is really not something that ordinary families can do.

“Yes, are you scared? I told you a long time ago that I am not easy!” The blue-eyed beauty sat down and looked at Abe Zhang triumphantly.

“My family can destroy your house a hundred times, it’s all my word,” the blue-eyed beauty said mockingly.

“So, if you don’t guarantee that I will survive, your family will be miserable, you know? All your relatives, including everyone you know, will die! So, if you are obedient, take me out here, I will let you go, otherwise I let my mother kill you!” The blue-eyed beauty leaned against Abe Zhang.

Abe Zhang looked at her and slapped her proud face.



The blue-eyed beauty was stunned. She sat up straight, “Do you dare to hit me?” She felt incredible.

Abe Zhang is too courageous, knowing that he belongs to the Luo Fu family, he still fights?


“Why don’t you dare?” Abe Zhang asked.

“Your mother is amazing?” “Yes, my mother is the best woman in the world,” the blue-eyed beauty said angrily.

“Then I C you,” Abe Zhang said.

“You?!” The blue-eyed beauty was stunned. She felt that she had misheard. What did this Chinese man say?


“What did you say? You want C…” The blue-eyed beauty was unbelievable.

This Chinese person doesn’t know what he is talking about?

My mother, but the world’s largest military, fire, business, my mother can kill anyone, but was insulted by this Chinese man?

“Don’t you say your mother is good?” Abe Zhang asked.

“Go to hell!” The blue-eyed beauty stretched out her hand to slap Abe Zhang.

But how is it possible to fight?

Abe Zhang grabbed his hand, and Abe Zhang’s eyes were cold, “I can do what I said! Look at it,” “Go to death, my mother will kill your family,” the blue-eyed beauty was annoyed.

This insult is too great. If you tell your mother about this, then your mother will be furious!



Abe Zhang slapped her, the blue-eyed beauty was annoyed and afraid

She spoke, and she was in tears. She had been slapped a lot by Abe Zhang along the way, her beautiful face was red and swollen.

“Talk again, I will kill you.” Abe Zhang said.

The blue-eyed beauty didn’t dare to speak anymore. She hated her in her heart. She must make Abe Zhang regret it. She regretted saying what she said just now and dared to insult her mother so much.

However, there were so many poisonous insects around, she couldn’t sleep because of fear, the only thing she could do was to get closer to Abe Zhang, Abe Zhangzhuang, the mosquitoes would bite him, and the insects would bite him.

Don’t come and bite yourself.

The blue-eyed beauty fell asleep, and in the morning Abe Zhang discovered that this horrible woman was holding her arms around her, and Abe Zhang slapped her with a slap.

The blue-eyed beauty woke up and found Abe Zhang’s cold eyes. She lowered her head and became annoyed. “Don’t hit me,” Abe Zhang stood up. Today, she must look for the direction. If you stay in this place for too long , It’s not a good thing.

“Go!” Abe Zhang scolded.

The blue-eyed beauty got up and said, “Go catch a snake, roast and eat it like yesterday, and share it with me.” Abe Zhang ignored her, even if he caught it, he would not give her food. He was thinking about how to get out, and he continued However, Abe Zhang seemed to have luck. He had been walking in the Amazon forest for three days and three nights with the blue-eyed beauty. Finally, he saw a boat by a river and Abe Zhang waved his hand immediately. It should be the indigenous people of the Amazon. Abe Zhang can let them lead the way and get out of here, so they can contact his mother.

The blue-eyed beauty, fear, “Stop screaming, what if these people are cannibals?” The words of the blue-eyed beauty in

Chapter 578

The hidden family Abe Zhang heard the voice, he was shocked, this is a A woman’s voice, but a particularly strange woman’s voice.

Sure enough, some Chinese people were really caught here and locked up. In this place, Abe Zhang can kick a few feet away, but for a woman who has no power to bind a chicken, it is definitely not good!

“Me too, who are you?” Abe Zhang searched in the dark.

“I’m here,” the woman’s voice is too weak, how long has it been detained?


Abe Zhang touched a woman’s hand. It was cold and cold. Abe Zhang approached and saw a pair of beautiful eyes. This is a beauty, maybe 18 or 9 years old.

“Who are you? How were you caught in?” Abe Zhang asked.

“Aren’t you here to rescue me?” The woman was a little surprised, no, it should be a special accident.

“No, I met those people by accident at Amazon,” it’s nothing to lie.

“Oh, isn’t it?” The woman sighed calmly.

“How long have you been arrested?

“Abe Zhang asked. “It’s been more than three days. I ran out by myself and was caught.” The woman had no fear, but in this case, she was particularly calm. Abe Zhang has doubts, where does her calm come from. Are you here?? Isn’t it a child of a big family? “What family are you from?

“Abe Zhang was a little curious. “I’m not from the Huaxia family,” the woman shook her head, looking calm. “Then where are you from?”

Don’t mind if I speak. I think you have a lot of confidence. What kind of children should you be from a big family? Tell me, what family are you from?

“Abe Zhang wants to know. He has come to the United States, and of course he has not continued to be lonely and widowed. He knows many families in the world, and some of them have knowledge of China. “I said you don’t know.”

“The woman shook her head. “What do you mean?”

I absolutely know.

You said, “Abe Zhang really wants to know. This woman is too confident in her conversation. She definitely grew up in a big family since she was a child. This needs to be learned from childhood, hearing, seeing, and training. It’s definitely not a pretense. , It is not possible overnight. “It seems that you really don’t know. You don’t think that there are no other families besides the family now in the world?

“The woman said lightly. “What do you mean by that?”

“Abe Zhang is weird.” “You don’t know. In this world, besides the apparent family, you don’t know some hidden families.”

Said the woman. “What hidden family?”

Abe Zhang smiled. “What are you laughing at?”

“The woman is strange. “I don’t want to hide from you. Your mother is very powerful. There are many industries in the world. Several small countries have bought them. The United States and China have many industries. No matter how powerful your secret family is. , Will be better than my mother?

Abe Zhang smiled. “Then tell me, who is your mother?”

“The woman seemed to have a little interest. “Tina Li, my mother is Tina Li, have you heard of it?”

“Abe Zhang laughed, her family is so amazing, she must have heard of it. “Tina Li?”

Is it Tina Li who has the most potential to enter our secret family in the past two decades?

“In the darkness, a woman’s beautiful eyes shone slightly. “What?

What hidden family can’t my mother get into?

“Abe Zhang was unhappy, how good is his mother?? With so many industries in the world, it is impossible to enter this so-called hidden family? “I can’t.

“The woman simply shook her head. “Then what does your hidden family do?”

“Abe Zhang wants to ask clearly. “It’s the same business as your mother,” “Then what business does your secret family do?”

“Abe Zhang feels weird. Did you have a neurosis? She was locked in a silly? However, this woman’s calm talk really made Abe Zhang feel

Feel the pressure.

“So to tell you, there are three hidden families in the world, which have been passed down for thousands of years. I am one of this family. The world is divided by our three families. Your mother just barely joined our hidden family. People on the threshold, and still that kind of very reluctant.” The woman said.

“What you said is true? The world is divided by three families? Is this possible?” Abe Zhang was stunned.

“So you don’t know this. Our family has made enough money to buy the world since your Ming Dynasty. It’s just that the family has a legacy and can’t show up. So when our family was my grandfather’s grandfather, It has truly divided the world by one third. When my grandfather’s grandfather dies, my grandfather has maintained this situation.” The woman said lightly.

“You mean, your family has been hiding? Where is it hiding?” “Where else? You don’t know where, in the mountains, your mother Tina Li’s entire family property is just a year for our family to earn The money that arrives, do you say that she is qualified to enter a hidden family?” Abe Zhang was shocked. There are really these hidden families that make money silently every day?


“The reason why our family is hidden is that we don’t want to be struck by family disputes. Your mother Tina Li, I have been following secretly for the past few years. She has been facing family problems in recent years. If she has also become a hidden family, then She won’t encounter these problems, isn’t it bad to make money silently?” the woman said.

Abe Zhang thinks it makes sense.

“But my mother, I have bought several small countries, she…” “The countries she bought are all we don’t want, or she can’t buy them,” the woman interrupted Abe Zhang, shaking her head. .

Abe Zhang was speechless.

“Your mother is still a bit strong, but it’s still too far away from our hidden family. After all, how many generations of accumulation have passed through our families? You can’t imagine, she has only been more than 20 years, but what, If she died at the age of 70 or 80 and passed on the property to you, if you can live to the age of 70 or 80, then pass on the family property for several generations, but the premise is that you can have the business vision of your mother Tina Li. Seven or eight generations, your family barely entered the secret family.” The woman said calmly.

Abe Zhang can’t tell. You have to ask his mother about this. I don’t know if my mother knows this. Anyway, Abe Zhang thinks his mother is rich enough.

Others have passed it on for so many years. If it is true, then my mother is definitely not as rich as them.

“I said, you are so rich, how long do you live?” Abe Zhang said, dying too early, isn’t it a loss?


“Birth, old age, sickness and death are inevitable, no one can escape, but with the current medical technology, my grandpa is 108 years old,”

“Haha, the longest living in the world seems to be over one hundred and twenty years old?” “That’s an individual gene. This is because other people have longevity genes. Most people can only live 70 or 80 years old. This can’t be changed. I Dad died at the age of eighty,” the woman said.

Abe Zhang smiled slightly, “Yes, death is definitely unavoidable, so what do you hide yourself for?” “Inheritance, inheritance, if it is too public, wealth will only appear for three generations.” The woman was serious.

“If you think about it, your mother’s money won’t be enough for you to spend.” “Well, my mother said I use it whatever I want.” Abe Zhang shrugged.

“I think it’s funny, your mother is really, she still doesn’t understand, her money is only a little bit,” the woman shook her head.

“But my mother told me that she can do it, I can use as much as possible,” Abe Zhang said.

“Well, she is a good mother and treats you very well. If you can’t use too much, it is enough for you.” The woman nodded.

“Then what’s your name?” “I can’t tell you this. People in my family should know that I have been arrested, and they will come to rescue me soon. I can take you out as a reward for chatting with me.” Woman Said.

“Haha, no, I can take you out, but are there any other Chinese people?” Abe Zhang laughed.

Keep waiting, who knows what will happen?


“No, but how do you take me away? Your mother seems to be able to fight a little bit, so can you?” “What makes my mother a little bit better?? My mother is the most powerful fighter.” Abe Zhang was a bit speechless. Up.

“You are wrong. Really powerful fighters will not appear. Your mother’s current ranking is only second in the world, but if some of our bodyguards also come out to participate in the ranking, your mother will not be able to enter the top 100.” The woman said lightly. Said.

Chapter 579

reminded Abe Zhang. He has seen this aspect. Movies, but I think, in this era, how can such things happen?


But the heart of defense is indispensable. In the past three days, Abe Zhang has made some self-defense weapons by himself. He picked up a broken bone the day before yesterday, and he simply sharpened it directly into a bone knife. This knife Abe Zhang Hide yourself.

“Hey, I’m talking to you, did you hear? Look at them, so primitive,” the blue-eyed beauty was nervous.

If you meet cannibals, you will definitely die.

“Shut up!” Abe Zhang scolded.

At this time, those people had already rowed over, and the clothes were a bit primitive, but shouldn’t they be cannibals?

“You have to protect me, I’m in an accident, and your whole family is going to die,” the blue-eyed beauty took Abe Zhang and didn’t let go.

This is too scary.

“Get away!” Abe Zhang kicked her.

The blue-eyed beauty shed tears, but she still held on to Abe Zhang, “I don’t want to die, I’m only eighteen years old, I don’t want to die.,” “It’s so annoying,” Abe Zhang


Wasn’t this woman so courageous before?


This is what happens when you encounter this?

At this time, others had already rowed over, and Abe Zhang saw that there were two people, what was on their faces.

“Look at their eyes and keep staring at me.” The blue-eyed beauty was horrified. When she was in the base, Abe Zhang tore her jacket, and her pants were torn by thorny branches. She had never been like this before. .

“Protect me, if I die, they will kill you too, please protect me,” Abe Zhang considered, this is still a bit correct, if they do something to the blue-eyed beauty, then they will suffer too.

These people have been in the deep forest all year round, and have fought with all kinds of beasts. This combat power should not be underestimated.

Abe Zhang took off her coat and gave her, “Hurry up.” The blue-eyed beauty put it on immediately, and she felt a little safe.

But he still held Abe Zhang’s hand.

“Wow,” the two men said things that Abe Zhang didn’t understand. How could he even know English, and how could he understand these indigenous languages?


“What did they say?” Abe Zhang asked.

“I’m afraid, I don’t know,” the blue-eyed beauty really doesn’t know, and she doesn’t understand this, “You want to protect me, you want to…” “Shut up and hear?” Abe Zhang was annoyed.

The blue-eyed beauty bit her lip and shut up.

“Let go!” Abe Zhang scolded.

“Neither loose nor loose.” The blue-eyed beauty did not retreat from the group, pulling Abe Zhang tight.

“Wow,” the two men were gesturing, and Abe Zhang understood a little bit. They were going to take themselves out of here.

Of course Abe Zhang agreed.

“Let’s go,” Abe Zhang went up, but the shameless woman didn’t go, but still pulled herself.

“I’m afraid, they have bad eyesight, they are really not good people. Look for yourself, I would rather be tortured by you, be touched by you, you can beat me every day, and don’t be eaten by them.” The blue-eyed beauty shed tears, this In a few days, she felt that she had eaten all the hardships of her life. She was raised up since she was a child, and she has never survived in such a harsh environment.

Psychological pressure, physical torture, and Abe Zhang’s constant beating and scolding have pushed her to the brink of collapse of the defense line in her heart.

What’s more, she really felt fear.

Abe Zhang frowned. He looked at these two people again. But at this time, how important a boat is. Abe Zhang knew that when going out along the river, he would always meet people and the city, so he found someone by himself. , Call my mother, then my dangerous life is over.

Abe Zhang hesitated, but suddenly saw that one of them was wearing a bracelet with Chinese characters on it!

Could there be Huaxia people on their side?

Abe Zhang has the feeling of meeting his fellow countrymen. If this Chinese person has a mobile phone, he can call his mother directly.

Isn’t it enough for mom to send a helicopter over?

“Come up.” Abe Zhang said, his voice severe.

“Woo,” the blue-eyed beauty came up crying, clinging to Abe Zhang and not letting go.

“Wow,” the two people on the boat were talking, and they started rowing.

“Push the two of them down, and the two of us rowed,” the blue-eyed beauty whispered.

“Who will follow you and us?” Abe Zhang kept staring at one of them’s bracelets. Are there any Chinese people on their side?


“You, you just wait to be eaten by them, I will commit suicide!” The blue-eyed beauty was annoyed, but she still didn’t want to let go.

Abe Zhang ignored her. At this time, the two people kept talking, and kept looking at themselves and the blue-eyed beauty. Of course Abe Zhang was wary, and he was not a fool.

Maybe an hour later, when Abe Zhang saw someone on the shore, Abe Zhang stared.

“Protect me, I will give you money, a lot, a lot,” the blue-eyed beauty almost cried.

“Shut up!” Abe Zhang now especially wants to understand some other languages. It would be nice if he could know what they were talking about.

But if my mother was here, she would definitely understand it.

Unfortunately, there is no time to learn now.

The boat docked, the two invited Abe Zhang and the blue-eyed beauty to go up, and Abe Zhang got off the boat. The blue-eyed beauty did not let go of Abe Zhang for a moment. Although Abe Zhang’s hand touched her, but at this time, she Don’t mind, she just wants to live and not be eaten by anyone.

Still saying something wow, there were ten people who came to pick up, all of them were very tall people, Abe Zhang faced a little pressure.

Not to mention the blue-eyed beauty who has collapsed.

“Wow.” A man said something and motioned for Abe Zhang to follow.

Abe Zhang did not hesitate to follow, and after a while, he arrived in a village full of ancient buildings. It really seemed to be a primitive tribe, but the clothes still had modern clothes.

Abe Zhang has seen documentaries in this area, and he should not be a cannibal.

Abe Zhang is looking at whether there are Chinese people here, so you can ask for directions, what if any Chinese people come here to travel?


Can you understand the language here?

Abe Zhang looked at it, but didn’t find it, but it was brought in by these men. Abe Zhang had been observing everywhere. There was a problem, how should I escape?

This is Abe Zhang’s first consideration.

“No, no, protect me, they want to take me away, Abe Zhang,” the blue-eyed beauty cried and held Abe Zhang.

Abe Zhang turned his head to look at her and saw several women talking about blue-eyed beauties. Abe Zhang didn’t understand, but he did. He wanted the blue-eyed beauties to go somewhere else.

“Please, protect me, I don’t want to die,” the blue-eyed beauty begged.

“Ah, no,” the blue-eyed beauty clutched Zhang

Ce’s hand was broken by a few women, and she took the crying blue-eyed beauty to other places, and the blue-eyed beauty cried desperately, “No, please, I’m wrong, you save me, I don’t want to be Eat it.” Abe Zhang ignored it.

“Wow,” Abe Zhang hesitated for a few seconds. The man was pointing at a room, which was made of mud and could kick his feet. Abe Zhang found out. The eyes of these people were really real. Not quite right.

There was a problem, Abe Zhang decided to leave by himself. As for the beautiful blue-eyed beauty, it was resigned.

Fortunately, these few people are tall and mammoth, thinking that Abe Zhang is weak and weak, Abe Zhang really wants to leave, it is not difficult, after all, Abe Zhang is now considered a master fighter, not to mention that he has a sword hidden in his body!

However, Abe Zhang wanted to see if any other Chinese people were caught in it?

If so, how can I see people with the same skin color trapped and not saved?

Abe Zhang is not a virgin b*tch, but they are all Chinese. This is enough, and it is enough for Abe Zhang to take the risk. After all, that person just now has a bracelet with a Chinese in his hand. It’s impossible to get it for no reason. ?

“Wow,” several people scolded.

Abe Zhang was pushed in by himself, and then an earthen door was closed. This kind of door is full of wooden slats and can be kicked open with one foot. The key is that there are so many people outside. This is a problem!

Abe Zhang was locked up. It was dark inside. Abe Zhang couldn’t see clearly, but he whispered, “Hey, are there Chinese people?” Abe Zhang asked clearly, if not, then he is ready to escape now, but Abe Zhang After yelling for a few times, a weak voice rang in the dark, “You… have also been arrested?”

Chapter 580

Thank you, Abe Zhang, for being stunned. The woman said, her bodyguard came out in the rankings. Mom couldn’t be ranked in a hundred?

This may?


To be honest, Abe Zhang has never seen his mother’s ultimate strength. In other words, this woman thinks so, that she sees the strength that her mother wants others to think.

I don’t know if this is right, and Abe Zhang doesn’t want to talk about it.

But Abe Zhang was still very upset when she heard the woman say that about his mother. “You…” “That’s the truth, powerful people won’t come out,” the woman said lightly.

“Then your family is so powerful, how did you get caught?” Abe Zhang said.

“I was arrested because I came out this time without a bodyguard. Otherwise, no one could get close to me.” The woman was plain.

Abe Zhang thinks that she is not bragging. It is very likely that she really has this ability.

Forget it, Abe Zhang doesn’t want to mention this either

What’s wrong, hidden family?

This Abe Zhang still doesn’t want to get in touch.

What do people do for a lifetime and get in touch with so many things?


But Abe Zhang still wants to be the richest man in the world, so wouldn’t it be impossible?

After all, the world she was talking about has been divided into three hidden families. If you want to be the richest man in the world, wouldn’t you have to acquire these three hidden families?

However, this woman also said that all the money that my mother has now is nothing more than one year’s income. This gap is too big.

Abe Zhang was a little depressed.

“What are you sighing for? I said, I will take you out.” The woman said lightly.

“No, I want to be the richest man in the world,” Abe Zhang muttered to himself.

“Puff.” The woman smiled for the first time.

Abe Zhang saw his white teeth in the dark.

“Look down on me?” Abe Zhang was unhappy.

“Your thoughts are naive, but you can be the richest man in the world, anyway, our secret family won’t show up,” the woman said lightly.

This is to let Abe Zhang play by himself?

Don’t be like this for Abe Zhang, he will be the real world’s richest man.

“Forget it, I won’t tell you, I’m going out, can’t you go?” Abe Zhang originally wanted to save the Huaxia people out, but this woman is not a Chinese woman.

“Can you go out?” In the darkness, the woman’s beautiful eyes were shining.

“Yes, this wall is made of mud,” Abe Zhang also has a ring made of special metal on his fingers. The practical fist is fine, but he still uses his feet.

“Well, you take me out, I can meet your three requirements, anything is fine, as long as you mention it.” The woman said.

“Anything is fine?” Abe Zhang touched his nose, his face was strange.

“Don’t think about it crooked.” The woman was serious.

“Well, remember first, get up, I will kick now,” Abe Zhang prepared.

“I hurt my leg,” the woman said.

“Then you want me to hug you out?” “If you don’t hold it, you can carry it on your back.” The woman was a little hard to speak. After all, no man dared to touch her body because of her identity.

“Then I’m at a disadvantage. I’m adding two requirements. Can a total of five requirements work?” Abe Zhang thought, if she really belongs to a secret family, then these five requirements would be good.

“You are very greedy, but I appreciate greedy people, yes.” The woman nodded.

Abe Zhang chuckled, found a place, raised his leg and kicked it. It was really easy. The people outside looked at Abe Zhang not being a tall man and thought he had no energy. Now Abe Zhang has a lot of energy.

After a few strokes, Abe Zhang kicked and opened a hole. People outside were moving and should have noticed. Abe Zhang picked up the woman and stopped suddenly.

The woman was surprised, “Run.” “You are as beautiful as my wife,” Abe Zhang said.

It really is,

This woman is extremely beautiful, her facial features are beyond description, her noble temperament, she has a completely different feeling, Abe Zhang, this woman should really be a member of a secret family.

Otherwise, most people really don’t have this temperament.

“Are you teasing me?” The woman frowned, and she heard the frivolity in Abe Zhang’s words, which is “No, my wife is as beautiful as you, and my Aunt Tang is as beautiful as you.” Abe Zhang said seriously.

“Well, believe you, take me out.” Abe Zhang actually enjoyed it and accepted it, after all, this is a great beauty.

“Wow,” someone ran over outside, Abe Zhang put his arms around the woman, and kicked the man out.

At night, only this person heard it.

Abe Zhang hugged the woman and ran away.

But he suddenly came to a dirt house. He stopped. The woman was astonished. She heard a woman begging for mercy.

Does Abe Zhang want to save this person?


Abe Zhang only stopped for a second and ran. The woman was astonished again, but there was a person begging in the room, who was still a woman.

It is obvious that the woman in this room is facing something terrifying.

He is not saved?

The woman looked at Abe Zhang decisively and cruelly. This man might have done something.

The room was embarrassed.

The blue-eyed beauty was forced into the corner, and she was surrounded by fear.

Three big men surrounded her. She had resisted just now, but it was useless. These three men were too strong, and often wrestled with beasts, making them attack is also amazing.

The blue-eyed beauty, unable to withstand such a siege, was defeated in a few strokes.

“Don’t… I’ll give you money, don’t do this to me.” The blue-eyed beauty is desperate. She knows what these three people are going to do to herself.


But she couldn’t escape by herself, and no one came to save herself.

At this time, she hated Abe Zhang, especially hate Abe Zhang, she had said that she would rather be tortured by Abe Zhang, and don’t face such things.

At the very least, Abe Zhang wouldn’t force something to happen to him.

All Abe Zhang, all him!


“Wow.” The three men gave out smiles that men only understood, and the three of them were allocating.

With this smile, the blue-eyed beauty felt a deep despair, she closed her eyes and was about to commit suicide!


But suddenly, something happened.

“Ah!” “Ah!” “Ah!” With three screams, the blue-eyed beauty hurriedly opened her eyes, and found that all three men had been knocked out. There was blood in the back of their heads, as if they had been stunned by a stone. Who did it?


The blue-eyed beauty couldn’t see the other people, and she was so scared that she ran out, but she saw that one of the men had a mobile phone in his pocket, and she should have robbed others.

She took the phone and ran out, “Who will save


No one answered. “Who?”

The blue-eyed beauty continued to lower her voice. “No matter who it is, thank you. My name is Emily. You can go to the United States to find me.” The blue-eyed beauty didn’t dare to stay any longer, and ran into the forest with all her strength. In. “Wow!

“The village is messed up, messed up,… The blue-eyed beauty ran wildly until she couldn’t hear the sound completely, and then panting for a place to hide, she took out her mobile phone, but this mobile phone has electricity, but no signal She had to keep running until she got the signal and dialed her mother’s phone. She was extremely nervous. The phone was connected, and it was her mother’s indifferent voice, “Hey…” “Mom, it’s me, me Emily.

The blue-eyed beauty cried. “Daughter?”

Daughter, where are you?

“Here, the young charming woman shed tears with excitement. She is so happy. She has been worried for a few days. She hasn’t slept for a few days. “Woo, I’m still in the Amazon forest. I just came from a cannibal village. Escape, mother, send a plane to pick me up, there are still people, I want to kill all the people in that village.

“The blue-eyed beauty has hatred in her heart!! “Okay, okay, how did you escape, daughter?”

“One person stunned several people, and I escaped,” “Where is the one who caught you?”

“It’s him, it’s him that I was caught!”

“The blue-eyed beauty was extremely angry. The fear and despair just now made her blue eyes red, so terrifying, she wanted to kill. Why didn’t Abe Zhang listen to her? Fortunately, someone saved herself!! “He is dead.” ?

“Yes, I hope he is dead inside!”

“The blue-eyed beauty looked at the direction of her escape. This Abe Zhang was almost insulted. Such a person should be eaten. “Well, daughter, tell me the address, and I will ask someone to pick you up.”

“The blue-eyed beauty said she didn’t know. The charming young woman said she was positioned immediately. The blue-eyed beauty did not hang up. She stared in that direction. Abe Zhang, I escaped. Where are you?

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