His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1521 – 1522

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Chapter 1521 I am too emotional to pursue love.

Hearing this, Sherry Xu felt uncomfortable how he heard it, as if Alisha had been with Gu when he was away.

Although it looks like this on the surface, Sherry Xu’s ears are still very uncomfortable.

He said angrily on the side, “Heh, Alisha can be abducted after you can take care of it?” “You are very proud of it. Gu rolled his eyes and said, “If you are so confident and confident, Alisha and I will get the certificate later. Wouldn’t it be better for you to show up again? Why bother to see me the first time you are so upset.”

Your mother ! Sherry Xu was about to scold someone, thinking that Alisha was present, he abruptly held back.

After a while, he said again, “Then what about your marriage contract… won’t the two families say it?” “My dad is dependent on me in everything.”

Alisha shrugged, “Except for falling in love with you “Sherry Xu’s face became ugly, and when he noticed his little emotions, Alisha said again, “So it depends on your performance! After my dad’s level, he can say anything.”

Sherry Xu naturally knew that he only Being able to lower his head and start wondering how to trick Alisha into his hand and how to make his future father-in-law happy, Yuan Eldon, who was watching all this, suddenly felt mixed. Why can Gu take care of Alisha so unscrupulously, yet openly let her pursue her love? Why can Gu let go so easily? Is it love? No… Precisely because he doesn’t love and respect, Gu Neng is gentle with Alisha, but he also respects all the human rights of Alisha.


Hara Eldon thought of himself. What about him? Why can’t he do all this to Luo Youyou? This woman is in charge of everything and everything.

The name of the two marriages has always appeared in his life, disturbing his normal work and rest, so he hates her and hates it, and sometimes thinks about it.

Luo Youyou broke with the Luo family, but after thinking about it, she felt that this was too forgiving to Luo Youyou.

She had ruined his freedom in this way, so he would also destroy her happiness with his own hands.

The only way to do this is to accept the marriage without loving her. Putting the happiness of her next life in her hands easily, and throwing it away like trash, this is the best way to humiliate Luo Youyou. Yuan Eldon figured this out. When he raised his head and went to take care of him, he suddenly understood why Gu’s face is always breezy and the moon does not eat fireworks. Maybe he doesn’t hate or care, so he naturally didn’t hold on to Alisha. Other feelings.

And he…maybe he hates Luo Youyou. Yuan Eldon stretched out his hand and scratched his neck.

The man stood tall and thin at the door, and the nurse frequently turned to look at his profile, and whispered to him that he was handsome.

All this was particularly boring for Yuan Eldon, he After thinking for a while, he said, “Anyway, you have left this step, and you have said your words.

I have nothing to do here.

I will go back.”

“Now let’s go?” Sherry Xu looked at Yuan Heize’s expression wrong, “You are Didn’t something happen?” “No.”

Yuan Heizawa grinned, “I just saw you pursuing your love, and I was a little emotional.”


Sherry Xu was silent, and then said, ” You can do it too.”

“I can’t. My childhood education has always treated me as a robot.”

Yuan Eldon looked at the corridor outside, like a cage with no end, “My father doesn’t love me, mine The family doesn’t love me either, it just needs the best and least embarrassing heir, so I showed up, so I have to bear all this to live.”

Sherry Xu was silent, and then said, “You can too. “I can’t. My childhood education always treats me as a robot.”

“Yuan Eldon looked at the outside corridor, like a cage with no end, “My father doesn’t love me, and my family doesn’t love me either.

He just needs the best and least shameful heir, so I appeared. , So I have to carry all this to live. ” Sherry Xu was silent, and then said, “You can too. “I can’t. My childhood education always treats me as a robot.”

“Yuan Eldon looked at the outside corridor, like a cage with no end, “My father doesn’t love me, and my family doesn’t love me either.

He just needs the best and least embarrassing heir, so I appeared. , So I have to carry all this to live. “

Chapter 1522 is here, try all of them?

When he said this, Hara Eldon’s face had no other superfluous expressions.

These words are a kind of irony on anyone. Who can accept that his family has no feelings for him? But Hara Eldon accepted. Over the years, he has rarely seen his father a few times.

His father always said that he was busy, and he was only willing to give him a look when he went to major achievements. But Hara Eldon knew that at that time his father didn’t like him, but the glory.

So he understood very early that he does not have any human rights in this family.

He is a symbol, a tool for continuation, and an heir to the original family. When I was very young, I met Christian abroad.

He admired the telepathic feelings between Christian and his father Elbert.

It seemed that with one look, the father and son could understand each other’s thoughts.

Hara Eldon asked himself, if he disappears, can his father be found? No, no one will look for him in the sky.

So he actually envied Christian.

Although in a sense, Christian’s childhood was as full of torture and misfortune as him, but the only luck is that Christian’s childhood was full of emotions.

Love, hate, and entanglement together created Christian’s distorted but powerful will like the devil.

So Christian has feelings, complex feelings that are strong enough to destroy themselves.

And he? He had no love or hatred in his childhood, only careless and unforgiving, yet so perfect that he could not pick up any loopholes.

He grew up day after day, and strictly implemented every procedure like a robot. Yuan Heize lowered his head and said to Sherry Xu, “Anyway, I’m happy to see you like this.

I’ll go back first…”

“You guy.”

Sherry Xu stopped him, “Don’t hide anything from us.”

Yuan Eldon was happy, “What else can I do?” Alisha said coldly behind him, “What about Luo Youyou?” The handsome smiles on Yuan Eldon’s face suddenly burst.

Stop it, what kind of mouth is this mother’s Alisha? Turning his head to look at her awkwardly, he said, “Why do you care about my fiancee so much?” “Your fiancee is abroad now, why don’t you accompany him?” Alisha put his hands on her chest, “Do you want to mess around while Luo Youyou is not in the country?” Yuan Heize looked up at the ceiling, “I have something to do, let’s go first.”

While talking, he walked outside. , Did not mention anything about Luo Youyou that Alisha asked about, and finally disappeared in the corridor outside the ward, Alisha sighed. “If you really don’t like…”

she murmured, “Why don’t you let it go free.”


Sherry Xu poured himself another glass of water, “Heisawa will let it go after he figured it out. Don’t let go, why don’t you think about it if he likes Luo Youyou?” “Impossible.”

Alisha refused in one mouth, then looked at Gu, his eyes suddenly glowed, “Gu, aren’t you single now? “?!” Gu felt the hair standing upside down on his back, “What are you doing?” “I introduce Luo Youyou to you!” Alisha was excited and excited, rushed to Gu, clicked on Luo Youyou’s Facebook, and found her photo. , Cute and pretty, she pointed to Luo Youyou’s photo and said, “Look! Cute or not? Do you like it?!” Gu was silent for a while, “No, what do you think of me…

I just offended this. What about Sherry Xu, do you mean that I should offend Yuan Heze again?” Alisha said solemnly, rubbing his chin, “It’s all here, why don’t you think about Ameli Su?” Sherry Xu squirted halfway through drinking water. , Patted the sheets and said, “It would be fatal to offend Christian by riding a horse!”

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