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Chapter 601

Ouyang Fei Ouyang Fei came closer, and the boss behind the scenes was blushing after drinking on his beautiful face. Ouyang Fei was a little envious. Everyone is a woman, why is the boss behind the scenes so good? And his skin is so good? What’s more, it’s so powerful! I actually have a killer organization, so rich!! Ouyang Fei became more envy and hatred as she watched, she quietly approached. Ouyang Fei was a little nervous! Because she knew that the boss behind the scenes was particularly shrewd She is no better than Qian Yueying, no better than Black Rose. It can be said that they are both. The shrewdness of the boss behind the scenes is definitely not comparable to the compassionate Qian Yueying and Black Rose. Therefore, Ouyang Fei worried that something happened and was discovered.

So he must be dead.

She approached nervously and sat on the sofa, “Boss, boss…” “Huh?” Behind the scenes the boss looked lazy, as if she was talking in a dream, Ouyang Fei decided to bear it, not to take such risks.

One’s own life is still more important!


If she was discovered by the shrewd, Ouyang Fei could think of the consequences, so be careful!

“Boss, then I’m going back.” Ouyang Fei said.

“En?” The boss behind the scenes was confused.

In fact, what Ouyang Fei didn’t know was that she missed an opportunity and the boss behind the scenes really fell asleep.

She drank too much. She watched Ouyang Fei’s good show just now. After watching it for a while, she didn’t find it interesting, so she drank, and fell asleep after drinking, maybe she didn’t pay attention.

Ouyang Fei walked out, still not reconciled in her heart, she looked back and kept watching, but behind the scenes the boss said in a dream, “Don’t go, talk with me.” Ouyang Fei surprised, is this?


“Yeah,” Ouyang Fei sat over, “Boss, what are you going to say?” “You little guy, dare you to molest me?” said the boss behind the scenes, with a smile on her face.

What did you think of?

I thought of Abe Zhang alone in a private room with her that day.

Abe Zhang’s performance was when she molested Abe Zhang and took the initiative.

But Abe Zhang later took the initiative and flirted with her… She thought it was interesting.

Ouyang Fei was dumbfounded. She must know that the boss behind the scenes was not talking about herself. Who was it that molested her?


What is this?


Who is this little guy?


Ouyang Fei felt shocked!

In her opinion, how could the boss behind the scenes look good to ordinary men?


Could it be that the person behind the boss is many years younger than her?


“Boss, who are you talking about?” Ouyang Fei asked because she was too curious.

When the behind-the-scenes boss said it, he was still laughing. It is obvious that this little guy has a play!

“Who is it? You have forgotten who I am? Little guy, you really disappointed my sister. Ignore you, get out.” The boss behind the scenes said in a daze.

It seems to be angry, but not.

Ouyang Fei is even more daunting, why is she a little bit of love?


“No, sister, do you know who I am?” Ouyang Fei asked.

She is too curious. Does this boss behind the scenes like old cows to eat tender grass?


“Little guy, when my sister is demented? Abe Zhang, of course my sister remembers you. You are the first man who dares to do my tricks. No, you are not a man. To me, you are a little special little guy… …” The boss behind the scenes lay on the sofa in a daze.

“What? Abe Zhang?!” Ouyang Fei stood up in shock!

The little house the boss said

Hey, it’s Abe Zhang?

How is this possible?

When did Abe Zhang actually molested the boss behind the scenes?

Even if you molest, the key is that the boss behind the scenes is not angry?

Still find it interesting?

What’s the situation?

Ouyang Fei was completely stunned, unable to understand!

That bastard Abe Zhang!

“The boss, do you like me?” Ouyang Fei hurriedly took out her mobile phone and started to record the video.

“Don’t call me the boss, I don’t have an employee like you. Be obedient, call my sister, and my sister will give you a red envelope…” The boss behind the scenes smiled dreamily, full of style.

Ouyang Fei is surprised, what is good about Abe Zhang?

His vision was so bad that he didn’t like himself at that time?

At this time, has such a shrewd boss behind the scenes?

Ouyang Fei can’t understand it!

She didn’t know that for so many years, the boss behind the scenes wanted a man, and that was really someone who could kneel in front of her with just a finger.

She has always taken the initiative to men. She molested you when she talks about molesting you, but she was molested by Abe Zhanganti last time. For a top woman of her level, it was the first time she met.

She feels fresh.

Abe Zhang did something to her because she didn’t encounter it, so she must be deeply impressed by Abe Zhang!

“Sister.” Ouyang Fei called.

She is really envious, jealous and hateful, so why is Abe Zhang?


Where is a little bit of charm?

“Hey, my sister gave you a red envelope, oh, there is a card in the bag, take the black one, there is a lot of money in it, and my sister will give it to you.” The boss behind the scenes closed his eyes and smiled slightly.

Ouyang Fei hesitated, but she couldn’t help but open her bag. There were indeed many U.S. bank cards in it, but this kind of bank card, the deposit money in it was at least tens of millions of dollars, starting with hundreds of millions of dollars. .

You said that Abe Zhang should take it whatever you want?


Ouyang Fei was dumbfounded. She took the black card that the boss said behind the scenes. She had always known the luxury goods in the world. Otherwise, when she first saw Qian Yueying, she would not know that Qian Yueying had it. Money man.

In this card, at least tens of billions of dollars have been deposited. If you just call your sister, you will give it all to Abe Zhang?


Are you dreaming, or the boss behind the scenes dreaming?

Ouyang Fei couldn’t distinguish reality.

“Sister, why did you give it to me?” Ouyang Fei couldn’t understand it.

Don’t play like this if you have money.

“Because my sister likes you, come, sit next to my sister and make my sister happy. The cards in my sister’s bag today are all yours.” The boss behind the scenes lay and patted the sofa.

Of course Ouyang Fei didn’t dare to take this card anymore, and was ordered to kill. That was no joke. She hurriedly put it back, pulled up the bag, and put it in place.

She hesitated to leave, but suddenly

An idea came up in her mind, and a sinister appeared on her face.

She sat down again, “Sister, you like me, why can’t I feel it?” “Little guy, what do you want to do? I like you, but it’s not the kind of liking, you, just let my sister feel It’s a bit special, I think it’s a bit interesting,” Ouyang Fei sneered, even mocking.

She thought that Abe Zhang was really liked by the boss behind the scenes, but now that Ouyang Fei knows these words, she did not expect Abe Zhang to be just a toy that the boss behind the scenes fancy.

I think there are so little novel toys.

“Then I’m a little sad, but I like you, but you don’t like me.” Ouyang Fei said with a sneer, of course this is for Abe Zhang!

That coward Abe Zhang, there is a way to say such things in front of the boss behind the scenes?


“Little guy, you really can talk, how can you be so easy to be sad? See how you molested me last time, but you are a veteran, don’t deceive my sister, it’s not fun.” Ouyang Fei sneered, but it’s time to talk, the boss behind the scenes Then I said, the smile on my confused face disappeared, “Little guy, are you crying? Didn’t you? Why are you crying? Come here, my sister comforts you.” In fact, the boss behind the scenes dreamed that Abe Zhang was crying sadly in her. , In her dream, she couldn’t laugh or cry, because Abe Zhang actually cried?

This operation caught her by surprise!

It can be said that everything in the dream is a fantasy.

“You don’t like me, I don’t want you to comfort me.” Ouyang Fei said jokingly. The dream of this drunken boss behind the scenes really opened her eyes.

“Are you still angry? Obediently, my sister gave you all the money in the bag. Are you happy now? A lot of money, don’t cry,” the boss behind the scenes comforted Abe Zhang in his dream.

“Don’t give me money, I don’t want it. I want to see you.” Ouyang Fei said with a sneer beside the boss behind the scenes.

“Look at me? What do you look at me?” In the dream, the boss behind the scenes was confused, and his face was flushed after drinking. At this time, when this question was asked, his face became even redder and his amorous feelings became more and more varied.

Chapter 602

can’t laugh or cry Ouyang Fei sneered, quietly walked out of the private room, she returned to where she lived, took out her mobile phone and looked at it.

I clicked and watched the video that I just recorded. There was the picture Ouyang Fei wanted in this, but it was a pity.

Under Ouyang Fei’s coaxing, the boss behind the scenes was a little angry on the surface, but in the end he did not refuse.

In fact, the boss behind the scenes refused when he was in his dream, but he was still deceived by the “sad” Abe Zhang in his dream.

“Sad Abe Zhang” has been crying, as if acting like a baby, how does the boss behind the scenes want to get teasing “Zhang”

Faye is thinking about his own life!

She watched this video proudly, she smiled and sneered, but she didn’t expect it to be filmed this time.

“Haha!! You are not so shrewd or you were hacked by me, I am really good at Ouyang Fei, whoever wants to shoot can be shot, no one can escape.” Ouyang Fei laughed.

She felt revenge in her heart. It was the boss behind the scenes who had destroyed her body!

Destroyed my beliefs!


So now you deserve it!


Who made you treat yourself like that?

Who told you to do that?

You didn’t expect it, my Ouyang Fei’s revenge mentality, you can’t think of it, I want you to regret what you did to me at that time!


Ouyang Fei smiled coldly, this feeling of being able to retaliate is really good!

But I took Black Rose before, but I almost died under Black Rose. I have learned this lesson from the past. Ouyang Fei managed to succeed this time. She will definitely pay special attention. How could she not make good use of it?


Ouyang Fei sneered, read it several times, and then copied it immediately, and immediately hid the copied video. This is a big way to save her life later!


If the behind-the-scenes boss finds out, then he says that there are videos hidden elsewhere. What about the behind-the-scenes boss?

Ouyang Fei knew this, and of course she would cherish it. She was so excited that she didn’t want to exercise anymore, but now Ouyang Fei fell in love with this feeling of becoming stronger, so she cleaned up her excitement and made her even more With the urge to make her own strength stronger.

She continues to exercise and study!


Improve yourself, become the world’s No. 1 killer, and she smiled coldly, Abe Zhang, Abe Zhang!

I’ve been f*cking with you all my life, you made me like this, you Abe Zhang!


“Abe Zhang, wait, I’m Ouyang Fei, I will definitely trample you under your feet! You wait! You will regret everything you did to me! Wait!” Ouyang Fei sneered, she went to exercise… …… “Hmm?!” The boss behind the scenes woke up in a daze. She looked at her disheveled clothes. She was a little surprised. What dream did she have?

She patted her forehead, drank too much and had a headache.

She knew that she had a dream, but she dreamed it.

She couldn’t laugh or cry, she had her hair trimmed, and she suddenly became amorous.

“Little guy, you are still the first person to let my sister take the initiative. Unfortunately, it is a dream… But a dream is a dream, and it won’t come true. Let you satisfy your thoughts. You don’t know how you cry when it’s true. How to make trouble, how to ask, how to act like a baby, sister, I am not softhearted, you know? Sister, I don’t take the initiative, and I’m also a cold-blooded person.”

Ban shook his head.

It seems that I really can’t drink every day, and I have a headache. I actually have such a dream.

She was swaying, but, of course, the boss behind the scenes knew about Abe Zhang’s recent affairs. In fact, she also asked the killer to look for it in secret, but found nothing.

Fortunately, she already knew that Abe Zhang was back safely.

She was also relieved in her heart.

Think, should I meet this little guy?



Doesn’t this mean that you have taken the initiative?

The boss behind the scenes felt that this should not be done.

Forget it, I should go home and have a good sleep, but suddenly the phone rang and she answered, “Black Rose wants to see me? Forget it, let her in…” The boss behind the scenes still feels a headache, so she hangs up The phone sat down, and didn’t even notice the disorder of her clothes after dreaming.

Her message told her that Black Rose was protecting Abe Zhang recently, and it happened that she could ask Abe Zhang what’s going on.

Knock on the door.

“Come in.” The door opened and Black Rose walked in. She wanted to talk, but she was shocked first. What happened?


The boss behind the scenes is untidy?

Black Rose is speechless.

“What are you staring at me for? Come on, why are you looking for me?” the boss behind the scenes asked lazily.

“Uh, what did you just do?” Black Rose was also a little hard to say.

She didn’t know how to ask this question.

“What did you do? Sleep… Yeah! My clothes.” The boss behind the scenes looked down and found that her clothes were not neat. She was busy tidying up, and her face turned red unnaturally for the first time.

Black Rose is helpless. She disapproves of the behavior of the boss behind the scenes, but it is not easy to say that everyone has a different attitude towards life.

Besides, I am not qualified to say this.

“Don’t think about it, I just had a dream, I dreamed…” The boss behind the scenes felt shy for the first time.

I’m sorry, so I lost my calm sensibility and explained it.

“Who did you dream about?” Black Rose was surprised, she actually explained?


The black rose is unexpected.

“Who do you care about my dream?” The boss behind the scenes became serious and let you know, what do you tell Abe Zhang to do?

Shame on yourself?

Black Rose was stunned, uh, how fast it turned his face!


“Say, why come and find me?” The boss behind the scenes knew that this black rose had always wanted to kill Ouyang Fei, but she had already seen Ouyang Fei’s growth.

How could she let Black Rose kill?


“I…” “If it’s about Ouyang Fei, then you don’t need to say it,” the boss behind the scenes took a shot directly.

Black Rose fell silent, she came here for this, but the attitude of the boss behind the scenes was so determined, she hesitated.

“I’m telling you, Ouyang Fei’s recent improvement is very fast!!” “Boss, you, haven’t encountered anything?” Black Rose held back for a long time, and asked such a sentence.

She is very curious. How does it feel that the boss behind the scenes is a bit like that back then?

The photo was secretly taken by Ouyang Fei, but still kept in the dark?


“What happened?” The boss behind the scenes was impatient.

“Yes, you have been in contact with Ouyang Fei?” “Yes, she was in this private room last night, what do you want to say?” The boss behind the scenes doesn’t matter.

She didn’t know when Ouyang Fei left, just thought that the dream last night was really interesting, she only remembered this dream.

“She was here last night and you were drunk?” Black Rose was surprised.

She could see that the boss behind the scenes was in a state of waking up drunk, thinking about the untidy clothes of the boss behind the scenes, did Ouyang Fei succeed?


“Yes, what’s the matter?” The boss behind the scenes was unhappy.

“You…” Black Rose was speechless, and the attitude of the boss behind the scenes made her not want to say it.

“What are you? Tell me, how is Tina Li’s son?” the boss behind the scenes asked.

Black Rose was even more surprised. Why did she ask Abe Zhang about the situation?

“I’m back, healing.” Black Rose said.

“Heal? Very badly?” The boss behind the scenes frowned, thinking of the cry of “Abe Zhang” in her dream last night. She actually felt like she was going to visit Abe Zhang right away.

“It’s not too heavy, but the head is not good.” Black Rose came back and asked about it.

“En.” Black Rose felt that there was no need to stay any longer, so she should continue to protect Abe Zhang. After all, she took Tina Li’s money!

Taking money to do things is justified!

“Wait,” the boss behind the scenes suddenly stood up, “Don’t go out and talk about what you just saw.”

Chapter 603

is going back “No.” Black Rose shook her head immediately.

She doesn’t have a big mouth, she can say what she just saw?

She disdains to do that.

What’s the point of saying it?

What good is it for yourself?

The boss behind the scenes also felt that Hei Rose would not speak out, she knew Hei Rose’s character.

“You have protected Abe Zhang for so long. What do you think of him!” the boss behind the scenes asked lazily.

“That’s it.” Hei Rose had this impression of Abe Zhang.

Just think, when I went to the banquet last time, the two things Abe Zhang brought to her were delicious, and the others, Black Rose felt like that.

“That’s it?” The boss behind the scenes shook his head, obviously very interesting.

Yes, how could Abe Zhang molested you?


“Okay, you go out. By the way, tell Abe Zhang, take good care of yourself, come and find me at any time, I will give a red envelope, absolutely big red envelope


“The boss behind the scenes said. Black Rose nodded. Of course she knows that the boss behind the scenes knows Tina Li, so she should be reluctant to care about Abe Zhang. Black Rose went out, and finally stopped talking, thinking that the boss behind the scenes is so shrewd. People, shouldn’t be caught by Ouyang Feiyin?! Besides, Ouyang Fei shouldn’t dare to do that too! At the very least, the boss behind the scenes is not comparable to him, but he is a good person! I must have thought about it a lot! Black Rose left without saying much. The boss behind the scenes, looking down at her clothes, she smiled so beautifully, but you are a little guy interesting. Next time I come to see me, I won’t let you molested again. Go home Sleep, this time my sister won’t dream of you as a little guy again… Behind the scenes, the boss cleaned up and went home…. Here, Abe Zhang has taken Du Peixin and has been watching his mother’s casino for a day. Du Peixin was before her. As a manager, studying now, she is getting more and more excited. She feels that she is qualified for this job. She is already immersed in this casino. Abe Zhang is satisfied when she sees her like this. It seems that Du Pei is here to come here. This is a good decision. Abe Zhang can start his business empire in the United States. After discussing with his mother, his mother gave Abe Zhang a starting capital of 50 billion US dollars to open the most luxurious and largest casino in the country!! Abe Zhang I was very excited. Du Peixin was present at the time and almost fainted with excitement. Her Du family’s money was only tens of billions, or Hua Xia coins. Now Abe Zhang’s random entrepreneurial project is worth 50 billion US dollars. The gap is really too big. Ah! How can I manage such a big casino? Du Pei felt that he was dreaming. Beatrice started to choose an address for Abe Zhang and opened the casino, and began to proceed in an orderly manner. As soon as I thought about it, I immediately had one of the biggest in the country. When the casino is over, Abe Zhang is excited! His business empire is about to start slowly, and one day, he will become the world’s richest man above the world’s four major families and three hidden families, and become the real world’s richest man! Looking forward to this day, I will be the richest person in the world by that time!!! Wait, the woman surnamed Wan, you said I can’t be the richest man in the world, wait, I Abe Zhang will override your hidden family Above! I will definitely do it!? But today, Abe Zhang is more sad. Because Maya Tang said that, he is going back to China today. In fact, Tina Li and Maya Tang talked about it last night, but Maya Tang felt that since he agreed to Olena Jiang , Then I have to do it. The more we stay together, the more difficult it is for Maya Tang to control her emotions. She thinks it’s better to look at Abe Zhang silently, no matter where it is. So she decided to return to China. Tina Li.

But it’s not good how to persuade, but I sigh helplessly.

Abe Zhang knew that Maya Tang had decided, so he drove her away.

Olena Jiang knew about this, she told Maya Tang, don’t go, she didn’t mind, she really didn’t.

Olena Jiang said the truth, but when he said it, it was embarrassing.


How do you say this?

She doesn’t mind, but Maya Tang still feels unable to face it and feels guilty.

Olena Jiang had no choice but to come over to send Maya Tang off, but she was embarrassed to come to avoid embarrassment.

So she found a reason to stay at home.

She was also relieved, because the black rose was in place again.

Seeing Abe Zhang driving Maya Tang to the airport, Tina Li sighed.

“President Li, what does Mr. Tang think?” Beatrice asked.

“She is a person who will hold everything in her heart. If she likes Abe, she will hold her heart in her heart without saying it, and I can’t help it,” Tina Li shook his head.

For her Tina Li, Maya Tang’s behavior made her a little bit unspeakable.

“Then President Tang is going to give silently? But there is no result…” Beatrice muttered to herself.

In this case, how can there be results without telling it?

“Look, no one can say anything about fate,” Tina Li shook his head.

The best candidate for Abe Zhang’s wife in her mind, how to say it was Maya Tang at the beginning, now… Tina Li doesn’t want to talk about it.

There is a dim sum absent trying to call Abe Zhang’s father and Zhang Qingyang.

But I took out my mobile phones, I just don’t know how to say this.

Beatrice was silent.

There was no sound in the room… Abe Zhang reluctantly sent Maya Tang to the airport. The private jet was already waiting, and Abe Zhang was reluctant to go back.

But Maya Tang has been out for so long, and her business is basically in Huaxia, she has to go back to deal with it.

Abe Zhang didn’t know what excuse he would use to get Maya Tang to stay. After he said, is it a bit selfish?

“Auntie Tang, will you stay a few more days?” Abe Zhang sighed.

“I have something to go back,” Maya Tang kept smiling, but she was also sad and sad, but there was no way.

She must leave now.

I can’t stay there anymore, I promised Olena Jiang, how could I not do it?

Faced with Maya Tang’s gentle smile, Abe Zhang became quiet. He sighed and opened the car door, thinking of Maya Tang’s kindness to him. He was sad, moved, unable to speak.

Don’t you like her at all?

Do you only have respect for her now?

Abe Zhang couldn’t think of it himself, he didn’t know what he thought.

From the initial fantasy, to respect, to the current entanglement, Abe Zhang’s psychology has changed a lot, the only thing that has not changed is Maya Tang’s smile from beginning to end.

Regardless of

Whenever, she is smiling.

Abe Zhang was infected with this smile.

Let Abe Zhang indulge, but Abe Zhang asked Maya Tang before, and Maya Tang said that she already has someone she likes.

In other words, Maya Tang’s gentleness to herself before was the doting and care of an elder to the younger generation, nothing more than that.

“Be obedient, I’m leaving, just call me anytime or late. As long as you want to call, I’ll pick it up.” Maya Tang felt that if she didn’t leave, she would not be able to leave and she didn’t want to leave. I want to stay here anymore.

If Abe Zhang likes herself, then Maya Tang will give up everything and stay, silently guarding him, but.


Maya Tang was sad.

He doesn’t like himself, if he likes a little bit, it’s fine.

The more she thought about it, the more sad Maya Tang was.

“Aunt Tang,” Abe Zhang sighed, and was even more reluctant. He wanted to hug Aunt Tang. He didn’t do anything, just wanted to hug her.

Maya Tang’s cleanliness and her gentleness made Abe Zhang free of evil thoughts. She just wanted to stay with her and do nothing.

“En,” “I… Can I hug you?” Abe Zhang sighed.

“Okay,” Maya Tang smiled slightly, Abe Zhang’s innocent eyes made her warm and sad.

Warm Abe Zhang’s little attachment to himself, but sadly Abe Zhang’s feelings for himself are limited, not even a little overstepped.

Abe Zhang hugged her.

Maya Tang closed her beautiful eyes. She didn’t know when Abe Zhang would go back. She just felt that she might be separated this time for a long, long time, like years of life… She was very sad and wanted to express the feeling in her heart. Not to mention, she really felt that she couldn’t bear it anymore, she leaned on Abe Zhang’s shoulder, “Cer,…” “Aunt Tang,” “I ask you, if I have someone I like, what would you do? “Maya Tang asked. If he likes himself a little bit, then his reaction will definitely be sad. Did Abe Zhanggo like him a little bit?

Chapter 604

You are a spare tire, Maya Tang said before, Abe Zhang knows, what can you do?

Abe Zhang didn’t know how to answer this question, he didn’t even know what he thought.

Maya Tang has someone she likes, so she should bless her.

But Abe Zhang felt that he had only one idea, so he was reluctant, especially Maya Tang.

This feeling is that I can no longer sleep on Maya Tang’s lap, hug her, or be alone again.

“Aunt Tang, who do you like?” Abe Zhang sighed.

“I have someone I like,” Maya Tang said, leaning on Abe Zhang’s shoulder, whispering softly.

My heart was lost, and Abe Zhang really didn’t like him at all!


Ji… “Then Aunt Tang, you have someone you like, so can I still sleep on Aunt Tang’s lap in the future?” Abe Zhang asked this question.

“Of course,” Maya Tang smiled softly, feeling sad in her heart.

This feeling is beyond description.

“Anytime.” Maya Tang left Abe Zhang’s shoulder and said softly.

Abe Zhang was moved, but he couldn’t tell, “Aunt Tang, I have something to tell you.” “What?” “Are you angry?” Abe Zhang tried to say it, really tangled, he I don’t know what’s wrong today. I want to tell how I feel about Maya Tang’s first meeting. It’s just what I imagined about Maya Tang at that time. Frankly.

Abe Zhang feels that Maya Tang is so kind. He still feels guilty because of this imaginary thing, because it is disrespectful.

Speaking out is equivalent to telling the secret buried in your heart.

This requires courage.

“No, I won’t be angry at anything you say, just say it,” Maya Tang smiled slightly, showing her tenderness.

“I, I…” Abe Zhang suddenly found it difficult to speak, unable to speak at all.

Maya Tang would definitely be angry if she said this secret by herself.

Or…Don’t say it, I can’t say it. Could you tell Maya Tang, I thought about you?

That is not only embarrassing, but also makes her stay away from herself. One sentence can say:

Maya Tang treats herself as a treasure and spoils herself, so she actually has thoughts about her?

This is not as good as a beast!


Fortunately, I have changed it now. Since I respected Maya Tang in my heart, I have never dreamed of her anymore.

Even if it is a dream, it is a normal dream. For example, Maya Tang teaches Abe Zhang to fight, or in a dream, Abe Zhang lies on Maya Tang’s lap, everything is normal.

“Why didn’t you say Abe? Whatever you say, I won’t be angry, really,” Maya Tang was curious.

What exactly is Abe Zhang hesitating to say?


It seems to be a little different today?


“Don’t say anything, anyway, Aunt Tang, I’m sorry to tell you, I will never again,” Abe Zhang said seriously.

“Why do you want to say sorry to me?” Maya Tang was surprised, why?


She didn’t understand, and even found it inexplicable.

In Maya Tang’s mind, Abe Zhang has always been a simple child, and Maya Tang still thinks so.

“Um, Aunt Tang. Let’s not say anything,” Abe Zhang shook his head, even more difficult to speak.

He, he doesn’t want to talk to himself?

Drive yourself away?


Maya Tang was disappointed, “Well, then I’ll go back and call me as long as I have something to do.” “En,” Abe Zhang sighed, and reluctantly gave Maya Tang a hug again. In fact, Abe Zhang saw her whiteness He wanted to tap his cheek, but.


Forget it, don’t mess up the relationship with Maya Tang.

At least Maya Tang agreed, even if she had a boyfriend, she would let herself sleep on her legs, so…oh, is that enough?


Abe Zhang was in a daze.

I don’t know what Maya Tang said in the next time. Abe Zhang just saw Maya Tang wave to him and walked in… “Ah,” Abe Zhang turned sadly and left. When he got into the car, he was absent-minded. Up.

He looked in the rearview mirror and saw the black rose following him. Abe Zhang took out his phone and suddenly wanted to get drunk.

Very empty, Maya Tang left.

Abe Zhang felt that if he took his own soul, Maya Tang might have to leave and take away his soul… Is he suffering from lovesickness?


“Something?” Black Rose answered the call.

“Will you accompany me for a drink?” “Thirsty? Your mother Tina Li didn’t let me drink with you, I only secretly protect you.” Black Rose immediately refused.

“I asked my mother to give you another money, can this work?” Abe Zhang just wanted to drink.

“No! Don’t call me if it’s okay.” Black Rose was about to hang up.

“Don’t hang up, I’m in a bad mood, can’t drink with me?” Abe Zhang was helpless.

In fact, Abe Zhang didn’t regard Black Rose as a bodyguard that could be ordered.

That’s why at this time, I invite Black Rose


“I said no, I’m drinking, who will protect you!” Black Rose was annoyed.

She would never make this kind of mistake again.

“Then I’m going to drink, you have to follow?” Abe Zhang asked.

“Follow, I follow you wherever you go, but don’t expect me to drink, it’s impossible!!” Hei Rose was vaccinated.

To be honest, after the last time Abe Zhang was caught under her own nose, Black Rose can now say that she would watch Abe Zhang when going to the bathroom, and she would never allow that to happen again!

She will never make the same mistake again!

Abe Zhang didn’t say much, hung up the phone, and asked the nearest bar to drink.

Black Rose followed, her brows frowned, “It looks like you are really going to a bar?! Maya Tang is gone, are you in such a bad mood?” She is actually a bit like Maya Tang, some aspects of her thinking are so pure, she doesn’t think about it. It can be said that she simply thinks that Maya Tang has taken Abe Zhang as a child… She didn’t think much about it, and followed Abe Zhang to the bar far away… On the plane, the private jet had already flown.

Maya Tang sat by the window, looking at the scenery, her eyes were gloomy.

She was actually thinking, if Abe Zhang Qiang stayed just now, would she stay?

She could not refuse any request of Abe Zhang, she could not refuse any.

Maybe stay.

“Hey.” Maya Tang sighed.

Suddenly, she frowned, because in her private plane, a man walked out of the front.

Maya Tang calmly said, “Who are you?” “Your plane is a bit rubbish, did you buy it at a discount?” the man said sarcastically.

Maya Tang would definitely not talk about this kind of topic. She was surprised and said, “Are you?! Are you a member of the hidden family?” It is obvious that you can say that your customized private jet is rubbish, then the world How many people like this?


What’s more, Maya Tang is also a master of fighting, and she noticed at a glance, this man is definitely not an ordinary person, he walks lightly, but will instantly attack and defend anytime and anywhere!


How could such a person not be a master?

“It’s quite knowledgeable. Come here. My lady is on your plane. This is your honor. Normally, you are not qualified to see my lady. But this time, you are lucky. My lady rewards you with this opportunity! !” The man waved to Maya Tang, mockingly said.

Turn around and go to the front sitting area.

Maya Tang was quiet for three seconds, stood up and went to the rest area.

She saw a superb beauty who was comparable to Olena Jiang, indifferent, lazy, and feeling in control of the world, this is the hidden family of Wanjia?


To be honest, Maya Tang saw this woman and felt her aura.

Suspicious, not a member of a hidden family, few people have this kind of aura.

But to tell the truth, Maya Tang hates this woman. Although she has never seen her, she knows that she wants Abe Zhang to join her surname Wan!

This alone was enough to make Maya Tang angry.

“You come here to find me…” Maya Tang asked. Of course she had nothing to fear, everyone was on the plane.

“Shhh, it’s no rules, don’t forget your identity, you are not qualified to speak in front of my lady, can you hear it clearly?!” The man was indifferent.

Maya Tang frowned.

“What a beautiful spare tire, you are the spare tire Tina Li found for Abe Zhang? It’s not bad.” The woman looked at Maya Tang lazily, her eyes calm, as if Maya Tang was an ant that could be trampled to death at any time in her eyes. !

Chapter 605

“You are not angry when you say you have a spare tire? You are really a spare tire.” The woman was lazy with a little sarcasm.

“Come here and tell me this?” Why is Maya Tang angry?

She doesn’t think about it just because of a few words from this woman.

In fact, she also thanked Tina Li. There was no Tina Li and Maya Tang who did not have her today. Before, she matched herself with Abe Zhang, but she didn’t seize the opportunity.

Blame yourself.

“Yes, I came here just to tell you that you are a spare tire!” the woman said lazily.

“Okay, I already know, what else do you want to do?” Maya Tang asked.

“It deserves to be the spare tire that Tina Li cultivated for Abe Zhang. I actually saw me. It’s quite calm. Okay, I will give you a chance now. I will accept you as my personal maid. Forget it, I can give you one. Chance to serve me,” the woman said.

Maya Tang understood why Tina Li had a weird expression when she came back after seeing her last time.

“Thanks, I don’t like to serve others,” Maya Tang shook her head and refused indifferently.

Even thought it was ridiculous.

The hidden family Maya Tang knows. Knowing that this family is strong, she certainly can’t match it, but is it appropriate to let Maya Tang be a maid?

“You don’t like to serve others, so you still obey Abe Zhangyan? You do what he asks you to do. You are doing a good job with the spare tire!!” There was a cold light in the woman’s beautiful eyes.

She didn’t want to come, but the person who monitored Abe Zhang said that Maya Tang actually let Abe Zhang sleep on her leg and kissed Abe Zhang.

You know, Abe Zhang has taken a fancy to herself, and her domineering psychology absolutely does not allow this to happen!

So she came here today!


“That’s it? Between me and him, there is no way to follow.” Maya Tang shook her head.

“Not yet? Hahaha, I checked your information. I’m thirty years old. I don’t even have a boyfriend. I don’t have any men. In your case, Abe Zhang can sleep on your legs. He wants

Are you mentioning something else, don’t you immediately agree?


“The woman narrowed her beautiful eyes. Maya Tang silently did not answer this question. She once thought, if Abe Zhang raises other requirements, what else should she do?! Rejected?! Maya Tang felt that she could not do it. But Yes? Maya Tang thinks it’s not easy to do. This Maya Tang’s own answer is that when Abe Zhangti is really Abe Zhang, she knows how she will react, at least now Abe Zhang can’t mention it, because Abe Zhang doesn’t like herself, so what? Will mention other things?! “Can’t answer?

Do you still say that you are not obedient to what he says?


It really is a spare tire!

I hate spare tires the most, so I want to remove your spare tire!


“The woman’s voice was cold. Maya Tang didn’t change her expression, “Unload me in this sky?”


The woman became lazy and looked at Maya Tang lightly, as if she was about to see a toy destroyed. “Is the spare tire safe?”

I really can’t stand you, so I got rid of her.

“The woman said lazily, “Oh, by the way, you said I unloaded you, will you know next?

“Maya Tang’s beautiful eyes flickered. “You have to be dismissed, you have to be obedient, otherwise, I will ruin everything about Tina Li, don’t you?


“The woman smiled lazily, as if she was discussing with Maya Tang. Maya Tang was silent. “Don’t worry, if you have an accident, I will arrange everything with you. It’s a normal airplane accident. How am I to you?”


“The woman chuckled lazily. Maya Tang narrowed her eyes! The man walked out, “It seems that you are very confident in your strength. My lady said that she wants to unload the tire, but it’s not impossible.

“Maya Tang took a breath and put down the things in her hands. These were some things she looked at when she was about to rest. She remembered what Tina Li said, facing this person, she must find a way to leave. But this is on the plane, why? What about leaving? Maya Tang didn’t panic. She was also someone who didn’t panic, and there was nothing to be afraid of. The man laughed mockingly and attacked all of a sudden!! This punch, with strength, no one has caught this strength yet , This time to deal with a woman, his only idea is to kill Maya Tang in seconds. Don’t waste any time. Because the time of his own lady is precious!! The fist came, Maya Tang felt the power, this punch She didn’t think about it. She avoided the punch with clever attacking skills. The man sneered and kicked her legs out. Maya Tang resisted!! The woman sitting on the sofa, lazily watching all this, she There is such a pity, what is the pity? She really wanted Maya Tang to be her own personal maid just now, but she didn’t agree, so she died. Not bad, she was able to withstand so many attacks from her own bodyguard, that’s fine. Suddenly, boom



Maya Tang took the man’s punch forcibly, she backed away, a trace of paleness appeared on her pretty face, the force of the punch was too great.

“Huh, it’s okay, but you know? I only have one-third of my strength now. You can’t handle it. Then, it’s not necessary, you can die!” The man laughed and threw a punch. !

When he has this fighting strength, he doesn’t need fancy fighting skills, just fight directly!


The fist is hard enough and the attack is direct, no one can resist!


This punch came, Maya Tang could only resist, but there was a gap in strength, she was beaten back again, and when she stopped, she already coughed out a bit of blood.

Her beautiful face turned pale, she tried hard, but there was a feeling of tumbling in her body.

“Wow!!” Maya Tang vomited blood again, her expression wilted, her beautiful face was covered with beads of sweat, making her face paler.

There was no fear in her beautiful eyes, she stood still.

“You’re really rubbish, this situation is now, and you still plan to stay out of life? Don’t worry, how could I give you this opportunity?! Die!” The man smiled grimly, his fist was like a hammer, and he smashed over!


To Maya Tang, this is to punch Maya Tang to death!


Maya Tang is calm, she has been mentally prepared for so long since she has been out, but is it today?

I’m dying?


However, Maya Tang felt regretful, she liked him, and finally she didn’t say it!

“Dead!” The man blasted with his fist, terrified, and hit Maya Tang’s temple with a fist close at hand!

… Abe Zhang drank in the bar, drinking glass by glass, and the bad mood in his heart did not improve.

Sad, regret it!

Why didn’t you force Maya Tang to stay?

She is so understanding, she will definitely stay.

Black Rose was in the corner, watching Abe Zhang’s every move.

However, many men nearby were looking at her, and Black Rose frowned. She didn’t like to be in such a place.

Don’t like being imagined by men.

This is also excusable. Today, Black Rose does not wear leather clothes, but she wears jeans and a white T-shirt on it. This is the most common dress for American women, but wearing Black Rose is the ultimate Feel like it.

It is normal to be watched, she is the focus of the bar!

Seeing that many people came over to strike up a conversation with herself, Black Rose was annoyed. She felt that she could not go on like this. She walked over to Abe Zhang and said, “Is it enough?” Chinese people?!” “Envy, beautiful women have unique tastes!” In the bar, the men who have been watching the black rose saw the black rose unexpectedly

To talk to Abe Zhang, who is drunk, they can only envy and hate!

There is no way to understand!



“I want to drink a little bit.” Abe Zhang shook his head, feeling emotional, no matter how he drinks it.

“Can I go back and drink?” Black Rose was annoyed, but Tina Li had hidden a lot of good wine, how much did he drink?

“Drink with me a little, just a little.” Abe Zhang poured a cup of black roses.

“No! No!” Black Rose refused directly.

“After drinking, I’ll leave, can’t you?” Abe Zhang sighed.

“Okay, you said,” Black Rose took the full glass and drank it in one go.

“Can you go?” Black Rose was expressionless.

She was really bored by the nearby men looking on her.

“One more drink.” Abe Zhang fell back.


Black Rose was annoyed, “Are you playing with me? Believe it or not, I’ll leave right away?” What is the requirement of

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