His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1541 – 1542

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Chapter 1541 Between them, they don’t deserve to break up.

She smiled softly, so soft that the laughter seemed to disappear as soon as the wind blows.

She said, “Break up? That is only applicable to couples.

It is only applicable to you and Qiqi’s current state. Me and Hara Eldon?” No, that’s not a breakup. But just to sever the marriage.

They left each other, unexpectedly…

They didn’t even deserve the word breakup.

The words used to describe the emotional state have nothing to do with them.

Luo Youyou dragged his luggage and walked out, “I don’t know if he can come to you often after canceling the marriage contract with Yuan Eldon.

After all, if he lets me go, he will definitely let me get out of him with him. Circle.”

Alisha said unconvincingly beside Sherry Xu, “Who is his friend in his circle! I am your friend, not his friend!” When he heard Alisha speak to herself deliberately, Luo Youyou felt it somewhat. Warmth, “Thank you, Qiqi.”

You have always been so generous and dare to love and hate.

I really envy you.

If she could do it again, she would never use the excuse of family marriage to get close to Yuan Eldon.

She wanted to make Yuan Eldon see herself through her efforts.

It is not a marriage that is forcibly tied to each other, which is disgusted by both parties.

Listening to Luo Youyou’s tone, Alisha felt that this time was really over, and Luo Youyou might be really chilling.

How sad it should be to say and leave.

Alisha couldn’t say any comforting words anymore, because at this moment no amount of comforting words would have any effect, so pretty words would be avoided.

She cleared her throat and said to Luo Youyou, “Yoyou, I wanted to chase Sherry Xu and you supported me so much. Now if you do what you want to do, I must support you unconditionally!” Luo Youyou burst into laughter.

It’s nice to have you.”

“I will be a man in my next life, and I will marry you and Ameli Su as my wife!” Alisha shouted, “Don’t let the dog man ruin you two!” Sherry Xu became anxious when he heard it, “What are you talking about? What should I do then!” Luo Youyou knew that Alisha was making her laugh, sniffed, and said, “My taxi is here, let’s not talk about it, I am leaving for the airport.”

“Okay, I’m abroad.”

Tell me the address over there and I will fly over to find you.”

Alisha said boldly, “Fly out, fly far away, Luo Youyou, don’t look back!” Don’t look back.

The plane passed by in the sky, the huge roar of the machinery above the clear sky pushed it constantly. Fly to another country, Luo Youyou slept restlessly on the plane, and when he opened his eyes, he returned to the Sydney airport.

She rubbed her hand, turned on the phone and glanced at it when she landed.

There was a signal. When I opened Facebook, I saw that the original Heize’s Facebook dialog was on the top, and there were a dozen messages on the right. When did he pull her out of the dark room? At one o’clock, I saw the dense messages sent by Yuan Eldon, sentence after sentence.

It’s a pity that there is no good word. Are you sick! Have everything cleaned up at home? Where did you go? Really leave, are you a pig? If you scold you, then leave. Luo Youyou, you are playing hide-and-seek with Young Master, right? I have a bad temper, you’d better not show me a face. Do you think you are great? Are you really out of the country? Don’t come back if you have the ability! (Do you think you are great? Are you really out of the country? Don’t come back if you have the ability! (Do you think you are great? Are you really out of the country? Don’t come back if you have the ability!

Chapter 1542 Hold everything, don’t say it.

Luo Youyou didn’t expect that Yuan Heze would find himself at all. But what was even more unexpected was that he had sent so many messages, each of them seemed to save himself, and none of them really worried about her safety.

She has reached this point, what is she still thinking passionately? Luo Youyou smiled, shook his head and put the phone back, and got off the plane to wait for the luggage at the baggage carousel.

As a result, the phone rang again at this moment. Because she took the phone back into her pocket just now, she didn’t have time to look at the screen when she took it out this time.

As soon as she got on the phone, a furious voice came from the other side, “Why didn’t I send you a message?!” Luo Youyou was taken aback.


Is Hara Eldon? ! She was a little weird, but she pulled her thoughts back after a while.

Hara Eldon made this call, what else could he do besides accusing her? Is it to apologize to her? Luo Youyou took a deep breath, and then grabbed the phone and said to Yuan Heosawa, “I went abroad, what’s wrong.”

“Do you know the jet lag between yours and mine!” Yuan Heosawa was furious, and through the phone, Luo Youyou could Imagine he is out of control and mad now, “Do you know how long you have been walking? How long have you been on the plane? Did you fly to the North Pole on horseback? No news for so long!” North Pole? Luo Youyou wanted to laugh, “Why do I have to get your news back?” Yuan Eldon sneered, “Why, do you think you are qualified to resist me now? Luo Youyou, before the two families canceled our engagement , You’re still my fiancee, please be careful yourself!” “In that case!” Luo Youyou took the mobile phone and removed the turned luggage from the carousel, and then dragged the luggage and strode out. Please pay attention that I am your fiancee! What qualifications do you have to accuse me like this! No one between us is sorry for anyone, I sit on an equal footing with you, and you don’t need to see your face alive!” Luo Youyou said after saying this, “ Besides, didn’t someone say that, if you call me again, it’s a dog, Hara Eldon, are you happy to slap yourself in the face! Is this to make me misunderstand you that you can’t bear me?” I became more emotional, as if I heard some joke, and smirked, “What are you talking about? I can’t bear you? Luo Youyou, are you a dramatist? Where can I make up for it?” “There is no best!” Luo Youyou’s eyes reddened, and he shouted, “There is no best! By coincidence, neither did I!” Neither did I! I’m not forbidden to say it, those who are desperate… miss and care.

I have, Hara Eldon, my whole heart is filled with your existence, I have, but how do I admit it? Luo Youyou gritted his teeth, “Hang up, I hope that next time I hear you call me to tell me the news of the dissolution of the marriage contract, you don’t have to look for me specifically for anything else! Goodbye!” , It’s like being struggling with myself, trying to hold back the love that is about to blur out. Once I say it, I lose… No, don’t hear your voice anymore… Everything is going to drive me crazy.

Hara Eldon, because I fell in love with you, I hated myself.

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