His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1539 – 1540

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Chapter 1539 Commemorative gifts are not necessary.

In the next second, Luo Youyou had already recruited the car, and went straight into the taxi without listening.

She wiped her tears and looked at Yuan Heize who was thrown behind her ass, gritted her teeth.

The driver was startled in front, “Little girl, what’s the matter?” “It’s okay…”

Luo Youyou wiped her tears and reported the address, “Excuse me, please take me there as soon as possible.”


The driver I saw a sports car on the side of the road from the rearview mirror and turned around, sighing. Just now I saw this girl come down from the sports car with her face covered, and she ran into the road like this, she seemed to be quarreling with her boyfriend. Young people now, alas, how can this boy let people come down directly on the road like this, regardless of his girlfriend’s personal safety.

He responded, and the driver didn’t know how to coax the passenger, so he shut up, only Luo Youyou’s sobbing silently remained in the carriage.

She felt that she was too stupid.

She was delighted by the phone call from the original Eldon.

She just bought a ticket and returned without hesitation. Who knew it was just a casual sentence in the eyes of others.

That being the case, why should she go to work in his company? It’s uncomfortable to see her anyway, it’s better to let her roll far away.

Luo Youyou gasped, trying to calm her mood.

As expected, the taxi driver drove very fast and arrived at the place where she and Hara Eldon lived together in twenty minutes.

After paying and getting off the car, Luo Youyou trot into the living room and began to pack his own things. While tidying up, his hands were shaking. Clothes, pants, cosmetics, as well as the souvenirs brought back to the former Hezette…

The box of souvenirs that was placed in the suitcase and never had a chance to take out was originally this time she hurriedly bought it on the way from abroad to the airport. Yes, but after returning to the country, he had been arguing with the original Eldon, and this memorial ceremony didn’t seem to be…

It was necessary to give it to him.

Luo Youyou felt that even if he gave it to him, it would only be exchanged for the ridicule of the original Eldon.

He wouldn’t care about this kind of stuff, and worse, he would turn down the gift she picked with disdain.

So she is so cautious and won’t get any response.

Looking at the beautifully packaged gift, Luo Youyou’s vision was once again blurred by tears.

She lowered her head and squatted on the ground, holding the gift in one hand and pressing the other hand against her forehead, choking out helplessly.

Sound. Don’t do this, don’t ruin her hopeless love like this…

In the dim eyes of her tears, Luo Youyou remembered the meeting with Yuan Eldon when she was young, and the family led them together, separated by one At the table, the two adults are discussing future marriages.

Their family background is extremely matched, like two dishes on the table, they are criticized by others, without dignity. But at that time, Luo Youyou didn’t feel humiliated.

Although it is quite a shame to be artificially controlled her life’s happiness in this way, when she knew that she would become Hara Eldon’s wife, the shame disappeared from her heart.

All that is left is anxiety and hope for the future.

Hara Eldon, do you know that I will become your wife in the future.

At that time, Hara Eldon sat upright, letting his elders make decisions and decides everything, and his eyes were dark and numb, as if this future wife didn’t care who it was.

Chapter 1540 choose to leave, is a new student.

Yes, he has always been indifferent.

If marriage is just a tool for profit, then it doesn’t matter who the person will spend a long life with in the future.

Luo Youyou finished thinking about it, wiping away tears and tidying up the suitcase, once again booked the ticket and took a taxi, planning to rush to the airport.

It just so happened that Alisha’s call came in.

As soon as Luo Youyou got through, Alisha said excitedly on the other side, “Youyou, are you free tomorrow!” Luo Youyou’s red eyes were taken aback, and then he adjusted his tone. “What’s the matter?” “I went out to play with Sherry Xu, thinking that you would be bored when you return to China, so I might as well call you and Yuan Heize.”

Alisha’s voice was filled with joy, and this joy from the heart made Luo Youyou sincerely envy.

It turns out that you can love someone without scruples and have such confidence from the heart.

Luo Youyou lowered his head, “Then I may not be able to be with you, I will leave later.”

Alisha was anxious when she heard it, “Why are you leaving? Where to go?” Luo Youyou didn’t say.

Alisha guessed it all at once, grabbed the phone and shouted, “You just returned to China, are you leaving now!” Luo Youyou mumbled.

Alisha thought for a while, knowing that there must be a problem between her and Yuan Eldon, and said categorically, “It must be Yuan Eldon that bullied you, right?” Not to mention this, it’s okay, and the emotions surged up again.

Luo Youyou covered her face and shook her head in a place where Alisha could not see, as if she was feeling helpless, “Forget it, he also explained to me today, we may not get married in the future. Now.” According to the degree that Hara Eldon hates her, it is estimated that the marriage contract will be terminated soon.

She had always dreamed of being the wife of the former Eldon, and now this dream should also wake up.

It’s time to let go of binding his future in a selfish name for so many years. “Why…”

Sherry Xu was still standing beside Alisha.

He winked at Alisha while listening.

Hearing the news at this moment, he had a general idea in his heart, so he interjected, “Is it Yuan Heize What did you say in your anger?” This meant that Luo Youyou didn’t care about what Hara Eldon said when he was angry. When he got angry, he jumped out of all the bastard words. Maybe he regretted it after he finished speaking. But Luo Youyou denied it, “No, I really talked to him.

He proposed it first, and asked me if I didn’t want to pass it…”

Where is Luo Youyou, such a beloved and cute fiancee? Find it! Alisha hated her teeth, and she hated that she was not a man now, or she would marry Luo Youyou and take it home in a matter of minutes, and she would be angry with the one who didn’t have long eyes in the original Heize! “Yoyou, you are so good, don’t worry about Yuan Eldon anymore.”

Alisha sighed, “I think you can find a better man.”

“Before I always felt that I would never meet him again. Yuan Eldon is still an attractive man.”

Luo Youyou twitched his mouth and smiled with a little self-deprecating smile, “Now I think, even if you can’t find it, it’s good to be alone.”

It’s better to be alone in the original. Eldon was tortured in front of him.

Since he despised her, she should not belittle herself anymore. “Then you two…”

Sherry Xu swallowed, took the phone, and continued, “Are you going to break up?” After breaking up these two words, Luo Yuyou’s eardrums hurt.

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