His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1545 – 1546

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Chapter 1545 I like her, how is it possible?

That night, Luo Youyou was forced to leave work with a dazed expression.

The whole person was still immersed in the terrible mission atmosphere of being sent to be familiar with the new leader. When she was off work, she was surrounded by colleagues and sent out. When she was home, she was completely deaf calm down.

Lying on the sofa in the living room of the rented private apartment, she curled herself up, with a small body lying in the center of the large sofa, with a strong contrast.

Luo Youyou turned on the phone and found that Eldon had never sent a message to her again. With a self-deprecating laugh, she put the phone away again.

Also, what is she thinking about deceiving herself? Do you think Eldon is really looking for her in a hurry? No, Eldon Sakura was just afraid that she was embarrassing him by Luo Youyou.

Luo Youyou turned over, and then put the phone on the side.

The succession of events consumed her too much energy, so she closed her eyes tiredly and fell asleep without even realizing it.

At this time, the phone rang.

However, because she was too tired, Luo Youyou didn’t hear the phone ringing at all, so she just put it on the side and let the ringtone go from beginning to end.

Afterwards, the second call continued to come in—— “Damn!” Eldon called the second one, and hung up halfway through the call. Sherry Xu on the other side laughed so hard that he yelled, “What are you laughing at? Laugh!” “Laugh at you in a hurry.”

Sherry Xu pointed to his mobile phone and said, “How does it feel like Luo Youyou won’t answer your call?” Eldon couldn’t hold on to his face, causing his tone to become anxious.”

It’s up to you!” “I don’t know who came to see me, I want to ask me about Luo Youyou.”

Sherry Xu spread his hands together, “Hurry up, hurry up after asking, I’ll sleep with my baby in a hurry.”

“You Mom, are you a human Sherry Xu!” Eldon now wished to strangle Sherry Xu, “Did I not help you when you chased Alisha?” Sherry Xu was overjoyed, “You also said that I wanted to chase him.

Alisha, that’s why you helped me. What about now? Are you going to chase Luo Youyou? If yes, I’ll tell you what she did before.”

Eldon was silent.

Seeing him deflated, Sherry Xu squinted his eyes and smiled unpredictably, “Five seconds for you to think about it.

If you don’t chase her, I won’t get mixed up. Maybe people don’t want you to chase him, then I won’t It’s troublesome for Luo Youyou.” As soon as he said this, he saw Eldon Sakurahara as if he had eaten dynamite, cursing and saying, “Fart! What trouble! Are you blind! How could I chase Luo Youyou!” Sherry Xu prolonged the tone and deliberately said, “Oh…? Really? Then you just don’t like her?” “How could I like her!” Eldon said this in a very anxious voice, as if deliberately The retort was the same, and the emotions were more agitated than before, “I’m just here to ask you where my fiancee is, do I have no right to know this!” Sherry Xu spread his hands together, “Yes, there are! Come on, you Do you tell me this reason?” Eldon did not speak. Sherry Xu sighed, “Okay, let me tell you, Luo Youyou is back to Sydney.”

Hearing this, Eldon frowned, “What is she going to do?” Sherry Xu said in a high voice, “Work! Alisha told me. Yes, I know that her foreign work location is in Sydney, don’t you know?!”

Chapter 1546 Locked Freedom, It Was She.

  Sherry Xu’s retort made Eldon extremely embarrassed.

After a while, he could only say, “What? I didn’t pay attention to it before, so…that’s why I…”

She didn’t know, she was originally from abroad.

The place of work has always been in…Sydney…

He thought it was Nikkei…

Seeing Eldon’s hesitation, he knew how much he didn’t care about Luo Yuyou. Sherry Xu patted Eldon on the shoulder and said, “Brother, it’s actually unnecessary, do you think Luo Youyou looks ugly?” Not ugly. Even if Eldon hates her again, he still has to admit that Luo Youyou’s face is of the kind that is popular, cute and cute, like a loli, going to the two-dimensional circle to play cosy is estimated to be a reward A lot of fans. Sherry Xu knew Eldon’s answer, and then asked, “Is Luo Yuyou poor?” Poor? Just kidding, where can a family that can marry Eldon be poor? Luo Youyou is the daughter of the Luo family, and there is no such thing as being poor. Jinyiyushi is raised just like them.

He knew both of these answers in Eldon’s mind, but he didn’t want to say them.

So Sherry Xu asked, “Is Luo Youyou enough IQ?” How can I go to Sydney alone and mix so well? Luo Youyou is the most proud daughter of the Luo family, so she is qualified to marry Eldon.

This is the icing on the cake for the two families, so there is no such thing as a dumb brain in Luo Youyou.

This… Sherry Xu looked at the ceiling, “To sum it up, Luo Youyou is cute, has good family conditions, and is an independent woman with a brain. You say you don’t look down on her. People will be rejected by you. “” Eldon Valles buzzed in his ear. “Furthermore, Luo Youyou’s conditions are so good. People can find another after they leave you.

I guess with her condition, no one cares about who she had a marriage contract with before.

Luo Youyou is enough to have a little white face. Ben, what do you think?” Sherry Xu smirked and stabs Luyuan Heize’s chest with an elbow, “Don’t you think Luo Youyou is excellent?” “This…”

Eldon Valles thought for a long time, then suffocated a word from his mouth, “It’s really delicious to cook…”

He was still worried about the taste of the pasta that was thrown by her that day.

It’s been a long time. Sherry Xu was stunned. …Eldon, remember to eat when you step on the horse! “You really belong to a dog!” Sherry Xu was so angry that he was so angry, “I said so much, mainly to remind you, don’t always feel that Luo Youyou is annoying, the marriage is decided by your family, not Luo.

It was decided by Yoyo, she might also be a victim. Don’t hold on to others every day.

I really don’t like to have a showdown directly with your family so that you are both free.”

Eldon heard, how can this work? She shook her head desperately, “No, no, she’s not, Sherry Xu, you think of her too innocent!” “Ah?” Sherry Xu didn’t expect Eldon to say this, is there a hidden secret behind him, “Then tell me what happened… …” “The marriage was not settled at the beginning.”

Eldon seemed to be lost in memories. “At first I only knew that our family and the Luo family had a good relationship.

I might become a family in the future, but Luo Youyou suddenly Appeared…”

Eldon looked up, “The three daughters of the Luo family, but Luo Youyou appointed me to marry me.

She has locked my freedom from that time!”

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