His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1547 – 1548

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Chapter 1547 Young and ignorant, want to be together.

Sherry Xu was shocked, and he didn’t expect this at all. But…

At that time Luo Youyou was so small, how could he have to Eldon? Sherry Xu shook his head, “You must have remembered it wrong. You have been confused with something for so many years? How old is Luo Youyou, how could she have to marry you.”

“Really!” Eldon urgently Said, “You believe me! I didn’t know that I was going to get married at first, but later I knew…”

I was chilled when I knew it.

At the dinner table that day, the adults pointed to their two children’s future marriage, and decided everything without the consent of Eldon.

So from that time on, Eldon hated the little girl in front of him. Because of her, the Luo family wanted her to marry.

The Sakurahara family just caught the olive branch that he threw over and forced Eldon.

Locked with her. “How young was that time…”

Sherry Xu murmured, “How could it be…you now, it seems that you don’t have to get married, right?” “When she was young, the Luo family spoiled her, so In order to satisfy her, I mentioned a marriage with my family!” Eldon clenched her fingers, “She just said casually! So much so that now that she is older, she even starts to feel tired of marriage, don’t you think I am?” Sherry Xu stood there, feeling a little at a loss.

It turned out that at first…

It was Luo Youyou who acted like a baby on the side of the family when she was young. Who knows…

She is the most favored of the Luo family, so for her, Eldon was brought in. .

And Eldon has not suffered any affection in Sakurahara’s house, he is just a tool.

So when the Sakihara family heard about the marriage, they agreed without thinking about it. Because it is profitable for them without harm.

The young Eldon was ruined by her family’s future freedom in this way, because Luo Yuyou said casually… casually…

At the other end of the earth, Luo Yuyou fell asleep on the sofa and dreamed, in the dream she was still The young girl ran to her parents with a double ponytail, and was lifted high by her father who loved her. “Baba, I went to Sakurahara’s house today and saw the knife.”

“Little fool, it’s called Bamboo Sword.

It’s used by adults to practice kendo.”

“Sir? Why do I see a little brother who is about the same age as me is also training, he moves so fast, just like an adult.”

“His name is Eldon, he’s the only child of the Sakurahara family, how about it? Isn’t he great? You have to learn more from Sakurahara, he knows a lot.”

“Wow, really, then I I want to be with my little brother Sakahara!” When she said this, Luo Youyou didn’t notice the serious expressions on her parents’ faces, but only expressed her admiration for Eldon. “He is as old as I am. , But you can hold a bamboo sword! Ba Ba, he is so powerful, he will definitely be more powerful when he grows up. Yoyo wants to be with him and learn more from him!” Together… When I was young and ignorant, what is being together? What is it like to be together? Luo Youyou was awakened by the dream and found that she was crying. Yoyo wants to be with him! Together…

Luo Youyou firmly grasped the cushion of the sofa, not letting tears continue to flow. Just uncontrollably, the cry overflowed from his throat.

They… can’t be together anymore…


Luo Youyou firmly grasped the cushion of the sofa, not letting tears continue to flow. Just uncontrollably, the cry overflowed from his throat.

They… can’t be together anymore…


Luo Youyou firmly grasped the cushion of the sofa, not letting tears continue to flow. Just uncontrollably, the cry overflowed from his throat.

They… can’t be together anymore…

Chapter 1548 introduce myself, my name is Gulliver Gu.

She had been in this dream for long enough, and she should wake up too. . 90xs Luo Youyou lowered her head and looked at her palm. Crying and laughing.

Is this marriage good or bad? When I was young, I wanted to be together, but it became true.

Is this a dream come true? She remembered that she was shocked when she knew that her family was really trying to communicate with the Abyss Blackpool’s family that they wanted to get married. When she was young, she did not know that the two words “marriage” represented the trampling of human rights and the destruction of the future.

She just thought that she could be with Eldon forever, so she nodded without hesitation, her smile was sweet, and her eyes seemed to sparkle with stars in the sky – at that moment, Eldon desperately hated her. Young and old, he was treated as a robot by the family without feelings.

In his numb and ruthless heart, there were emotional ups and downs for the first time, and this emotion…

Is an emotion called hate.

That was the first time he noticed that there was blood surging in his chest, as if he wanted to break free or resist something desperately.

He has always only tolerated and forbeared, but this time, he wanted to overturn the table, yelled hard, and vented all his unwillingness. ——Seeing that little girl smiling brightly, he only felt ironic.

Let her own life happiness be tied up and sold like this, and she, and she can actually laugh! She ruined his future.

A thunder flashed outside the window, and Luo Youyou, who was shocked into the memory, shivered suddenly.

She forced her palms that had been spread out for a long time to close, and then panted up from the sofa, her thin back staggered towards her. bedroom.

She slept not long, but she slept deep enough that she had such a dream, as if she really went back in time.

If you go back in time, don’t say anything about wanting to be with Eldon, that is the beginning of an unhappy life…

Luo Youyou went back to the bedroom and lay down, looking at the window outside the window and wondering when it rained.

The rain went well and made her feel chilly, and she had to add a piece of clothing for herself tomorrow.

In the rain, she fell into a deep sleep tiredly again. When she woke up, it was already a new day.

This time she never dreamed of Eldon again.

She woke up blankly, opening her eyes is the dazzling sunlight outside. When she thinks of a new leader taking office, she feels that her head is big, and she rushes to the company with her usual makeup. When she comes to the company, she feels that the atmosphere of the company is completely different.


This new leader has come so soon? ! Sure enough, as soon as she arrived at her studio, the colleagues cast their expectant eyes on her.

Luo Youyou stiffly pulled out a smiling face and stammered, “What…what’s wrong?” “Yoyou, new leader… …Call you to go to the office…”

The colleague pointed to the direction of the direct boss’s office, “One, safe journey.”

Luo Youyou felt like a thunder on his forehead, so fast? ! All the way to the office with a cold back, knocked on the door twice, and a clear voice came from inside, “Please come in.”

Luo Youyou pushed the door in and put on a professional smile. Unexpectedly, the other side smiled happily, “Yo, Alisha told me that you are super cute, and you are actually more cute than the picture.”

Luo Youyou stopped smiling on his face, walked in and closed the door, and pointed to herself in disbelief, “You know me?” “Introduce yourself.”

“The man stood up, walked in front of Luo Youyou, stretched out his hand, and shook her, “My name is Gu Yao, Alisha’s former fiance.”

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