His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1563 – 1564

Read Chapter 1563 – 1564 of the novel His Vengeful Ex-Wife (Translated Version, Tang Jing Character) free.

Chapter 1563 continues to be stiff, she is gone.

“I didn’t sleep with you before, now I can’t sleep with you?” Eldon grabbed Luo Youyou, not letting her run, clasping her shoulders with his big hands, “There is no such reason, I will tell you Luo Youyou, I Just to live in your home, and it is right!” It is right! When he said the word, he made a loud noise, as if no one could stop him.

Luo Youyou was halfway through crying, her eyes were still red, and now she was angry again, and she wished to wrestle with Eldon-why this man is so shameless, I didn’t say it before, but chose to pick it up when the boss above her head was there.

Say this! But her urgency seemed to be concealed in Eldon’s eyes.

Sure enough, what is the relationship between this boss and Luo Youyou that can’t be said directly, hehe, want to cuckold him? Eldon grinned his teeth, and that handsome face looked like a devil now, “What, do you have an opinion? Fiancee?” The three words of fiancee made Luo Youyou not wake up all at once, and she just recovered.

Said, “Do you usually treat me as your fiancee!” Don’t do this…

She doesn’t want to fight in front of Gulliver Gu, she doesn’t want to sweep the floor with dignity, but…

Eldon poked desperately as if he had taken the wrong medicine.

Her pain, desperately to make her ashamed in front of her boss.

He must have done it deliberately… “If you did it deliberately.”

Luo Youyou’s voice trembled, “Then you succeeded.”

Eldon had a meal. “Okay, then I broke the can, too.”

Luo Youyou said to Gulliver Gu, “Thank you, Mr. Gu, for sending me here today.

It will be fine for me and Eldon to go back alone in a while.”

Gulliver Gu naturally understood.

The meaning behind her words was just nodding, and then said, “Well, I will go back next time, do I need me to call you a car?” Tsk tsk, take a look at this doglike attitude.

Eldon grinds his teeth, “No, my fiancee and I are fine, don’t worry about it.”

Oh? Don’t worry about it? Gulliver Gu was happy, “Eldon, what do you take me for? I sent Luo Youyou over today, are you jealous?” The word jealous is like a thunder from the sky, Eldon buzzes in his ears, and for a while, he can’t say a word to refute Gulliver Gu. “When we were in China before, your attitude towards Luo Youyou was obviously dismissive.”

Gu Ye put his hands in his pockets and looked like he was about to leave, “I was really accidentally transferred to Luo Youyou this time. Just go up, you are so nervous, do you care about Luo Youyou?” Luo Youyou couldn’t believe her ears, what was Gu Ye talking about? He…

The two of them, met in China before? That’s right.

They are all Alisha’s friends.

It is possible that the two of them have known each other before, so…


Eldon sneered and said, “I still thought of you before.

I’m pretty good, so I’m interested in someone else’s fiancée?” “I think it’s fun for you to be like this.”

Gu Ye took out the car key, “The baby I don’t cherish will naturally be cherished for you. Even if this person is not me now, he will be someone else in the future.

Eldon, your view of love is different from mine, so I won’t fight with you. But to remind you, I found that Luo Yuyou is very popular in the company.

If you continue this stiff attitude, be careful of her being snatched away in the future.”

Chapter 1564 Why is your house, I can’t go?

Eldon didn’t expect Gulliver Gu to say this to him at all, and he also had a tone of “I’m good for you”.

In contrast, Gu Ye’s knowledge and his violent temper formed a sharp contrast, just like Gu Ye is a mature adult, and he is still a naive child.

I don’t know why Eldon started to be anxious, so he could only say, “Don’t mix things up with Luo Youyou.

Alisha is afraid that you are idle, but you are really full yourself. You have nothing to do. “Gulliver Gu raised his eyebrows, but wasn’t angry. “You look like you are afraid of Luo Youyou being snatched away.”

“Nonsense!!” Eldon firmly grasped Luo Youyou’s hand and deliberately attacked Gulliver Gu. Go on, “Who would be happy that his fiancée wears a green hat for himself?” After speaking, he turned to look at Luo Youyou, every word, “You be careful for me!” Then he dragged Luo Youyou and strode past Gulliver Gu. “My fiancée and I went back, please drive back by yourself, please!” Although…

Although he knows that Gu Ye is really good, if there are no other external factors, he will even recognize Gu Ye very much. But now, Gu Ye seemed to see through everything, and he was standing on the opposite side of him. No…

If Gulliver Gu is so good, Luo Youyou will surely find that if one day Luo Youyou starts to appreciate Gulliver Gu, wouldn’t it be for him…

The more Eldon thinks, the more angry he gets, and the more Luo Youyou moves.

As he stepped forward, Luo Youyou didn’t say goodbye to Gulliver Gu, so he was taken outside and got into a taxi.

Eldon said, “Look, what do you look back? Go back?” “Why are you so hostile to him?” Luo Youyou glanced up and down at Eldon, “Didn’t you two know each other before?” Knowing is knowing. Who knew that Gulliver Gu would…become Luo Youyou’s boss! Eldon looked at Luo Youyou’s face, “Do you think Gulliver Gu is handsome?” Luo Youyou felt ridiculous, did not speak, and turned his head away.

However, this reaction was an acquiescence in the eyes of Eldon, and the man sneered, “Don’t dream, you will be my fiancee in this life, and don’t think you can have other happiness, are you worthy?” ? These three words can be said to be incomparable to Luo Youyou, but she has to bear it, and smiles at Eldon, “Since you hate me so much, don’t you keep saying that you want to dissolve the marriage contract? Why do you start to care about me now? Who are you close to?” Eldon Valles’s voice was extremely indifferent, as if he slapped Luo Youyou soberly, “What do you think? This marriage contract was because of you at the beginning, and I was tied up. Now you Said to be relieved? Luo Youyou, where is such a beautiful thing that ruined the freedom of others in the first place.

After a few years, I feel bored and want to withdraw.

Are you dreaming?” Luo Youyou clenched his fingers, “Then you It’s not necessary, why do I have to go to my house at night?” Look, look! When Eldon saw her resisting appearance, he was so angry that his voice became bold, “I can’t go on horseback at your house?! Luo Youyou, are you hiding a man at home, huh? You are abroad? Have a little white face, right? Are you loving him every day——” The thought of Luo Youyou’s small body and other men in bed…

Eldon’s anger suddenly burst, “Dare you let me Try another man touch you!”

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