His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1565 – 1566

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Chapter 1565 She dare not ask for everything in the Luo family.

For no reason, I heard the bad word “other man” from Eldon’s mouth, causing Luo Youyou to frown on the side, “What are you thinking about all day?” “Then why can’t I go? Eldon was angry, and leaned against Luo Youyou, “Why don’t you let me go to your house? Who is hiding?” Luo Youyou pursed her lips and said nothing. “You!” Eldon grabbed the phone, “Luo Youyou, are you…

Are you really…”

Really outside with other men… Just thinking of the scene of her smiling and leaning in the arms of others, An unnamed fire broke out on Eldon, and the taxi reached out and pulled Luo Youyou over, and the distance between the two was suddenly pulled in.

Luo Youyou’s kawaii face just leaned in front of Eldon.

She looked like a little rabbit in a panic, Eldon felt like a beast, and swallowed subconsciously.

It seems that way, you can swallow all the thoughts that want to swallow her.

Luo Youyou’s face is a standard loli face.

The baby is fat, tender and cute.

Eldon ghost sent out a hand and squeezed it.

The touch was soft and delicate, and her skin was too smooth across her fingers. Good…soft. “You…”

Luo Youyou ran to the side, “What are you doing with Eldon!” After returning to her senses, Eldon once again held her down, “Run! Give it to others to touch, just give it to me Can’t touch it?” Then Gulliver Gu can still touch her head! Why can’t he touch it! “Can it be the same!” Luo Youyou was puffing her cheeks, obviously angry, but why is she so cute in Eldon? ! She said, “What did you want to do, do you want to hit me? Eldon, let me tell you, if you dare to do it–” Hit? He didn’t want to hit her just now.

He dragged her in front of him just now…

Eldon paused, and he didn’t even dare to think about it.

He dared not ask himself what he wanted to do just now.

I really want to scare her, or I want to… K!$$ her.

Eldon fell into silence, the sudden silence made Luo Yuyou a little surprised, and then no matter what Luo Yuyou said, he stopped talking, as if there was some impact on the values of life, and the whole person sat motionless like a statue. Without saying a word. Until the taxi drove downstairs to Luo Youyou’s house.

Eldon looked up and was shocked, “You live here?” Isn’t this the most ordinary residential area? Luo Youyou can still rent a house here? “What’s the matter?” Luo Youyou paid and got out of the car, and handed the invoice to Eldon, “reimbursement.”

After leading him to the elevator, Eldon followed with his luggage in disbelief.

Stopped to observe the surrounding environment, “Is this the place where you live?” “Yeah.”

Luo Youyou shrugged, “It’s right next to my company, convenient and lively, and there is a lot of food there.

The people in the community here are also enthusiastic.”

After speaking, she looked at Eldon, “What’s wrong?” Eldon felt that she couldn’t understand Luo Yuyou more and more. “If the Luo family knows, why I won’t let you live in such a bad street—” “I don’t need the Luo family to help.”

Luo Youyou seemed to be stimulated when he heard the words Luo Family, “No, unnecessary, this kind of place , I live well.”

She didn’t dare to ask for everything the Luo family gave.

Chapter 1566 Since you figured it out, don’t be moved.

Although Luo Youyou grew up in the Luo family’s favorites, but now, the Luo family’s favors will only become her burden.

Regarding the kidnapping of the original Eldon’s future marriage, she always felt guilty and shadowed.

I was afraid that I would say what I wanted next, so I grabbed what belonged to someone else.

So, why don’t you rely on yourself, take advantage of yourself, and at least rely less on the Luo family in the future…

Luo Youyou thinks this way, but Yuan Heizawa said to her, “Are you in the rebellious period? I want to prove myself in front of the Luo family, so I deliberately find this kind of place to live?” Luo Youyou opened the door with his cynicism, “What’s wrong with this place? You are just talking about it.”

“I really think…”

Yuan Hei Ze Kan she took out the key to open the door, then skillfully walked in to change slippers, Yuan Eldon twitched the corner of her mouth, “You don’t have to be like this, you want to prove that you don’t conflict with a good place, why bother to find such a small one.

Single apartment…”

Could it be that Luo Youyou has been squeezed in such a place by herself in the past few years abroad…

I don’t know why, a more uncomfortable feeling floated in his heart.

If he said that he was thinking about Luo Youyou and hiding a man just now, that feeling was angry, then now thinking of Luo Youyou alone in a small room in a foreign country, the feeling is deeper than anger, and even more irresistible.

It’s like…

It’s like not daring to admit that Luo Youyou was suffering from this hardship and lived like this.

It turned out that she was a small person in a foreign country and worked hard on her own. Yuan Eldon was shocked by his inexplicable emotion on his head.

He didn’t know what his emotion was called, but when he saw Luo Youyou’s back, the feeling rushed up.

Luo Youyou put down his luggage for him, then turned to the kitchen, “I know you will dislike it, so you see, it’s better not to follow me at that time, how comfortable it is to live in a five-star hotel, and treat you as a guest.”

Her kitchen She was all so small, just standing alone.

Luo Youyou took a pot of water and boiled it with such a skillful attitude, then wiped the dishes washed in the morning and put the dishes back, just like these days, these habits are all she herself has lived abroad.

All. “You are alone…”

Yuan Eldon’s throat moved up and down, “isn’t it uncomfortable?” Luo Youyou didn’t even think about it, “It would be a little uncomfortable at first, but now I’m used to it, and it’s good.

There are few people to serve, at least I’m comfortable.” The original Eldon seemed to have a thorn stuck in his throat. Pain, “That’s it for you at home? Don’t you go out on weekends?” “Sometimes I go out, sometimes I read books or work at home.”

Luo Youyou glanced at Yuan Heize and asked, “You really want to be here Live?” Seeing his disgusting expression, he knew that he would not choose to stay.

That’s just right, it’s not once or twice being disliked anyway, she is used to it. Yuan Heize’s neck stalked, “You are here, where else can I go?” Luo Youyou smiled, not knowing whether it was self-deprecating or mocking Yuan Heize, “I thought you didn’t bother living here.”

After all, he So arrogant, just wanting to swear sovereignty in front of Gu, this is a man’s possessiveness, it has nothing to do with whether she is Luo Youyou or not.

So, if you figure it out, don’t worry about it anymore.

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