His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1645 – 1646

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Chapter 1645 I regret it, can it?

Ameli Su’s heart was beating wildly.

She looked at Christian in front of her and couldn’t believe that these words came from his mouth. But it seemed that he was the only one who could say such things, carelessly and uncontrollably, she felt cold all over in the transparent and warm water, as if she was locked in by a beast hunting its prey, that feeling made her Feeling standing on the edge of a cliff, the next step is to step on the air.

Christian stood on the side and looked at Ameli Su’s stiff body. Upon closer inspection, you could even see that her thin shoulders were trembling faintly, like the pair of butterflies entangled in spider webs, with thin and feeble wings.

He glanced at the top of his head coldly, and then said, “Why are you stunned? Do you want me to wash it for you if you don’t wash it?” Ameli Su gritted her teeth, “Don’t push your nose on your face! I want to call the police—— “Don’t.”

Christian frowned, but said with an indifferent smile when he spoke, “Don’t catch me, I’ll be locked up for a few years, and I won’t see you for a long time.”

It’s crazy.”

The heart seemed to be touched by something.

Ameli Su knew that Christian was deliberately teasing about Yin and Yang, but he couldn’t look away from his face.

She hugged herself in the bathtub, staring at Christian and said, “You go out.”

“I don’t.”

Christian looked up and down Ameli Su, “It looks good.

I stand here and take a look.”

Shameless! ! ! ! ! ! Ameli Su’s voice was full of panic and fear, but she held it back. Faced with Christian’s unpredictable and parried battle, she said sarcastically, “Is that right, am I worthy of your eyes?” Who are you not worthy of?” Christian talked to herself and helped her to turn on some lights, “Hurry up, wash it out and take you out for dinner.”

“Did you take the wrong medicine?” Ameli Su pointed at him.

He said with his back, “I don’t need you to do this, and I have no right to let you treat me like this, Christian, you will only make me feel a lot of pressure.”

The person who used to swing the whip at you now looks like You stretched out your hand.

How dare she, how dare to take this step? “You don’t believe me?” “How do I believe?” Ameli Su’s voice was sharp, she hurt herself, and she was slapped over and over again and again and again, and she kept slapping her in the face, “I love you, I’m stubborn, I know, I know—I think about everything now, I’m I should stay far away from you.

I deserve everything I bear.

I understand, Christian, after so many years, I finally understand, but why I left…”

You have to hold me and give I… cruel hope… “I regret it.”

In just four words, Christian felt that his strength was hollowed out.

He heard the three words “I love you” from her mouth. , Should have been fortunate, but why he felt more heartbroken instead.

It’s like she used all her strength, crying, and desperately, but in the end, she can only pierce her chest with a knife and dig out her whole heart, which is enough to prove that she is so little-but it will not cause any Any mercy.

She was hollowing out herself, and the day she admitted to love, love finally disappeared.

At that moment, Christian felt an indescribable despair.

They had missed it all their lives.

It was already unclear whether the various reasons were love or hate. “I said I regret it!” From the throat, there was a suppressed cry, Christian turned his back to her, pulse beating wildly for some reason.

Chapter 1646 Warning in advance, don’t save face.

Ameli Su’s face turned pale.

After facing Christian’s roar, she seemed to have been pressed the pause button, and she seemed to have stopped breathing.

Hearing regret in his mouth was like a fantasy.

After saying this, Christian stopped uttering one more word, and then walked out of the bathroom silently, leaving the quiet room for Ameli Su alone.

Her thoughts wandered and wandered in the huge room, and couldn’t find one.

Stay here to calm yourself down.

And Christian, who walked out, changed into clean clothes and walked through the corridor outside the bedroom.

The sun shines through the floor-to-ceiling windows of the same height as the stairs, illuminating the entire room.

He squinted slightly and looked at.

In the distance, a black shadow flashed past the door.

Christian retracted his gaze blankly, turned back to the study, turned on the computer, entered a row of passwords, and a code interface popped out.

He tapped the keyboard a few times, as if thinking about something, then picked up the phone and dialed a call.

Accompanied by the radio wave, a man on the other side of the world pressed to answer. “Hello?” “Long time no see.”

Christian said indifferently, “Did you encounter something recently?” The man on the other end of the phone pinched his eyebrows, his delicate face was slightly exhausted, but he still couldn’t hide his feelings. Zhang white and protruding face.

Smiling, he said, “How did you guess it?” “Good mind.”

Christian grinned, smiling deeply, “Yuan Eldon, you can’t hide anything from me.”

“This is really… “Yuan Eldon leaned back and leaned his back on the chair.

Then he leaned his neck back, without squeezing his head, and then dropped his head, pulling out a crisp neck, and holding the phone with one hand on his ear. , The other hand fell from the side of the body without any resistance, obeying the pull of gravity.

The world turned upside down in his eyes in an instant.

He held the phone and kept this position and looked at the high ceiling directly above.

It seems that if you turn it around this way, you can see what mystery is hidden behind this world.

He said, “I can’t hide anything from you, are you Sherlock Holmes?” Christian smiled lowly, “Is the family rushed?” “Yes.

They urged me to get married.”

Yuan Eldon said irritably, “You How’s it going there?” Christian said without delay, “Just finished it.”

“You are a beast!” Yuan Heizawa gasped, “Ameli Su’s temper can let you touch it? Did you do something…”

“Are there any good things?” Christian suddenly felt angry and funny, “I’ll be with you first.

Say hello, Yuan Eldon, don’t be a monster to Young Master…”

“Don’t worry, I won’t interfere.”

Yuan Eldon seems to understand what Christian is saying, “You don’t need to save face, the original family just wants to It’s all about finding someone to pass on from generation to generation.”

It’s just that Luo Youyou is gone…

The original Eldon pondered, and the generation who passed the fart on the horse and passed on the fart! Did he go to mitosis? Unexpectedly, Christian said, “Then you go donate sperm, maybe your children and grandchildren will spread all over the world in the future.”

“Are you showing off to me now? Definitely showing off to me!” Yuan Eldon grabbed the phone.

I will return home in two days! Wash my neck clean!” Christian smiled, his eyes narrowed, his tone of voice was cheerful, as if Yuan Heize’s anger and depravity quite pleased him, “Okay, Alisha and Sherry Xu will come to pick you up. .”

It’s a fu(k!ng couple again. Change the way to stimulate him! Yuan Eldon was so angry that blood came out, “Thank you Ning, you are so polite!”

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