His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1647 – 1648

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Chapter 1647 never considers whether it hurts.

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Christian presumed that he could not hear the anger behind Kawara Eldon’s voice, and said with a smile, “I have known each other for so long, what are you polite, Watson.”

The two words of Watson seemed to drag Kawara Eldon in at once.

In the past memories.

It was two genius teenagers who had joined hands to face danger together.

It was a wonderful moment in their magnificent life.

It was the only time he felt that his heart was beating for himself, and he was living for himself. Not as the heir of the Kawara family, but as himself, together with the child named Christian whose biological father is Elbert, in an unattended foreign country, he rides the blade-like wind to experience wantonly adventure.

In retrospect, it is one of the few and memorable experiences in his life.

Later, they said goodbye and returned to Eldon in their own country.

They were once again forced to wear a mask and became a ruthless tool.

To this day, he still hasn’t lived out himself. Kawara Eldon took a slow breath, and then said, “You said, I am not married and infertile, will I be regarded as an unfilial son by my family?” “According to tradition, it should be.”

Christian did not have anything on his face.

The expression and words were cold, “But you are living your own life.”

“Some people can say frankly, I want to live for myself, I was not born to help you pass on the line, I just live for myself This time, “Kawahara Eldon’s Adam’s apple moved up and down,” and I am not.

I was born with no other meaning.

I was used to pass on the ancestry.

I envy people who can say that.

Like I envy Luo Youyou.

Her parents are different from mine.

Her parents tried everything to satisfy the children they brought into the world, and my parents tried everything to ask me for it.”

“It’s so simple. “Christian has always been rebellious, and he never considers any human sophistication when he speaks and does things. Even when others feel that he is a selfish and fearless existence, “You can just let your parents call your father. Just wait. You are their father, so you have to raise them and satisfy them all.”

“Impossible, the children around the Kawara family are all tools.”

Kawara Eldon propped up his body, changed his posture, clamped the phone between his face and shoulders, stretched out his hands and tapped on the keyboard for a while, a row of records appeared on the computer screen, and he dragged it down , Saw a certain i address, frowned. “I want to ask you too, so I called you.”

Christian sneered, “It wasn’t you who revealed it.”

“I’m kidding, I would do this kind of thing,” Kawahara Eldon said, “You don’t believe me too much. “I’m here.”

“I’m here to confirm with you.”

Christian was holding the phone, his fair face had dark eyes, and any emotions were engulfed in his black hole. “As for believe it or not, I didn’t believe anyone. , Including my dad, did not really trust you, so I asked you to confirm that it was just my routine.”

Even if this person is a young “comrade in arms”, even if he has given his life.

He won’t hurt anyway. Kahara Eldon clutched his chest and said, “You are too ruthless. No wonder Yan Yan is going to run.”

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Chapter 1648 Don’t move, I’ll drive.

Christian sneered at this, “Run? She can’t run.”

After speaking, he called up the surveillance at the door of his house and saw a slender shadow standing at the gate outside the garden for a long time. Because he hadn’t looked up, he also There was no way to see the face, but the black shadow stayed at the door for too long, long enough to make Christian frown. “I won’t tell you, I should buy the ticket back.”

Yuan Eldon glanced at the date in the lower right corner of the computer, paused after saying this, and then he said, “You…”

Living. Obviously I wanted to ask something, but couldn’t ask. Opening his mouth, Yuan Eldon tried again, “Um, Yuu” before he finished speaking, he swallowed the next words again.

Christian was amused by him, “What do you want to ask Luo Youyou?” Yuan Heizawa’s face was red and he grabbed his mobile phone and changed his mouth on the spot, “You…Is anyone coming to pick up my phone! It won’t really be Sherry Xu and Lan? Seven or seven!” In fact, if…

If the little hamster comes to pick it up, then…

It’s not impossible. Unexpectedly, Christian said blankly, “If you like it, you can call Gu to pick him up.

He is a male Bodhisattva and he is willing to help whatever he does.”

Didn’t this make it clear to him! Yuan Eldon beat his chest and said to Christian, “Wait! Wait for me to be the first one to clean up you!” Christian just wanted to hang up, when he heard him cursing at the other end, “Then go and clean up!” The man laughed.

He laughed and hung up the call despite the fact that Eldon was still cursing, and then stared at the surveillance video pause interface on the computer, and fell into a long thought.

Ameli Su got up half an hour later, when she came out of the bathroom, she found a set of brand-new clothes with the brand removed outside, and the brands were the ones she bought most often.

She pursed her lips, thinking that she did not have any new clothes to wear here.

She gritted her teeth and accepted the new clothes Christian gave her.

After putting them on, she gently slipped through the corridor and just stepped on the first step.

A ghostly voice sounded behind the stairs down, “Where to go?” Ameli Su’s movements became stiff, and she turned to look at Christian.

She realized that she shouldn’t be so nervous, even if she was in front of Christian.

She left the house without a guilty conscience.

She said to Christian, “I want to go home.”

“Don’t go.”

Christian stood there, did not step forward, but looked at Ameli Su with a very sad look, “This house will be empty after you leave.”

Just like her memories of the years when she left him The same, cold and empty, he is the only one left.

Ameli Su couldn’t see the look in Christian’s eyes.

She was used to seeing him being rebellious and free from secular rules, but now Christian is more like a flesh and blood person, alive, and stretched out her hand to her.

Ameli Su took a step back, “Don’t…”

It moved my heart.

Christian frowned and said, “Do you have to go?” It was as if she had left this time and would never come back.

Ameli Su turned her face away, “Is it bad for your reputation to stay by your side like this? Dad’s company is still very busy, so I’ll go over and see if I can help…”

“In that case.”

Christian stood up straight, “Then I will send you.

I will send you to Uncle Marven Su’s company.”

Ameli Su immediately shook her head, “I can go back by myself!” Don’t move, I’ll drive.”

Ameli Su was stunned.

Christian murmured, “Don’t move, really, I’m going to drive, I don’t want to turn around…

I will see you disappear again.”

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