His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1663 – 1664

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Chapter 1663 She wants to get married, just marry me.

As soon as Yuan Yingzi left here, Christian received a call from the Bo family there.

He glanced at it, and it was his mother.

Christian softened his expression a little, and then answered, “Hey, Mom.”

“Hey, hey!” However, there was a male voice on the opposite side of the phone, “You want to piss me off!” How is his father? Christian said suddenly, “Why are you using my mom’s phone to call me?” Look, this attitude compares! The tone is different! Elbert was so angry that he couldn’t speak, “Is there any difference between your mother’s phone and mine! By the way, I heard that you have been annoying Marven Su these days.”

Christian paused, “I’m annoying.

I’m also helping Ameli Su to deal with things.”

“You don’t want to deal with Ameli Su’s business, where is the help from you? Ameli Su’s brain is not bad, this kid has been able to get through since he was a little kid.”

Listen, he is a good one. Dad also praised someone else’s daughter.

Christian hummed, “I can still take advantage of their company?” “Whoever steps on a horse is afraid that you will take advantage of the company? The Su family’s big business is still scared. Your mouthful is cheap?” Elbert simply and neatly, “I’m afraid you will take advantage of your daughter.”

Christian’s expression changed, and then he looked out the window, “How can it be called taking advantage, I’m rarely too late.”

“… “When Elbert heard Christian’s tone, he knew that he had done bad things. “But Wei, I also know that you like beauty, but Marven Su has lived for most of his life, and the adopted son can finally be raised.

Inheriting the family business, it’s gone.

There is only a daughter like Ameli Su left.

He never married a wife anymore.

He was so harassed when he became a father halfway. Can you stop ruining people’s family?” Christian shrank. For a moment.

He admits that his childhood was a lack of paternal love caused by Elbert’s mistakes. What about Ameli Su? Ameli Su’s childhood…had you ever had a better time? At the time Elbert knew that Ameli Su was not his daughter, and allowed Ameli Su to follow his “Bo” family name, let her ignorantly regard him as her father, and let Christian hate her and not drive her away, maybe some In this sense… because from Ameli Su, I saw the tragic shadow of Christian’s childhood. From Christian, Elbert learned how to be a father and love child, and learned empathy and compassion, so Elbert chose to keep Ameli Su by her side. When everything came to light and she could finally no longer be displaced, Tell her the truth and send her to the real father. “Even if you can’t pity Ameli Su, are you pitiful and uncle Marven Su?” Elbert’s tone was very flat, but Christian felt desperate. “He has been alone for so long, and he will still live like this when he grows old. .

He is Ameli Su a daughter.” At the beginning, he desperately saved Christian, protected him, and exhausted everything to take care of their mother and son.

This is the main reason why Elbert can value Marven Su.

Although he began to carelessly, he even thought about moving.

His hands and feet occupied Lisas, but in the end he chose to be upright and upright.

He was worthy of the word “man”. But why is it that a good person who is lost and knows how to return always…

Has no good end? Elbert sighed, “Christian, Yan Yan should find a good family to marry.

Marven Su can be completely relieved if someone takes good care of her. You, don’t go to other companies all the time…”

“She wants to get married? At that moment, his fingers tightened the phone unconsciously, as if he was making a decision.

Christian’s voice was even cold and stiff.

It didn’t seem to be mechanically speaking from his mouth, “I should get married too, she If you want to get married, just marry me.”

Chapter 1664 accepts everything and does not refute it.

Christian didn’t know how much effort he took when he said this, and even the opposite Elbert was startled.

In the past, Christian never had the concept of marriage, because his parents were not a perfect marriage.

In the past, Christian actually resisted the word “marriage”, so he was a little older. Elbert never urged him. What the couple think is that their children are happy, and they don’t want to make their children and grandchildren full, as if they will not be happy except for this choice.

It’s just that now Christian took the initiative to mention marriage… When Elbert’s phone was turned on, the Lisa on the side heard it too.

She grabbed the phone in a hurry and said to Christian, “Wei? You really think so.

Is it? Or it’s just a person who is bored and wants to find someone to partner with…”

She was afraid that Christian was just thinking about being casual, after all, he would not lack a partner, but Christian said, “I can never get married forever, mother.”

As long as Ameli Su refuses, he will not marry forever.

It’s just that if Ameli Su wants to get married – then this object can only be him.

After Christian lowered his eyes, his eyes flashed deep, thinking of Ameli Su sitting in the Chi Xun car and being taken away by him, his heart seemed to be tightened by a thorny shackle, he had to admit that he Jealous.

The dirty, the despicable, and the crazily spreading in his heart is jealousy.

After he said something casually, he hung up the phone, and sat down on the sofa in the living room, vaguely as if he saw another thin figure busy in the kitchen.

Rubbing his eyes, Christian knew that he had hallucinations.

How long has passed, he will still remember the scene of living together with Ameli Su.

He felt that Ameli Su was too powerful. Everyone felt that it was the most hurtful state to stay away from each other, or to meet you to death, but Ameli Su never did.

She was still the same, fair, pure, seductive, and even able to accept Christian’s turning around in her world, as if no contradiction had ever happened – without giving a glimmer of hope.

Absolutely gentle and absolutely cruel.

He couldn’t even say what he wanted to accuse, because she faithfully accepted everything he gave, even if it was negative emotions.

Christian was able to respond to everything he wanted-but because of this, nothing was received.


He hated it, even if Ameli Su scolded him or beat him, but she didn’t, she didn’t even vent, so that Christian felt like a dog in his throat.

He did everything, why is Ameli Su at the other extreme, doing nothing, facing all kinds of rumors, or punching and kicking, without fighting back, it’s like…

It’s like a heartbreak same.

So come and go, no matter what he does, she doesn’t care. Clenching his fingers, Christian felt that his heart was beating fast, and everything he was sure of was now collapsing little by little before his eyes, so he was left alone, what else could he… do? Chi Yu sent Ameli Su home. When he reached the door of the house, he stuck in his pocket and leaned on the car and said, “Don’t ask me to go for tea?” Ameli Su was happy, “You may not be there yet. Favorite tea.”

“I don’t believe it, entertain me with the most expensive tea that your dad hid.”

Chi Yu threw the car key in his hand up and down, and fell from the air for an instant and was grasped neatly by his palm. , With a snap, he raised his eyebrows, “After all, I am going to be your driver for a while, so I have to pay me a salary.”

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