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Chapter 856

What do you think? Policy.

“Nora Wan didn’t smile. She wanted to smile in her heart because she hadn’t seen Abe Zhang for a while. This is the first time Abe Zhang came to find herself! However, Tina Li is dead, how could she be at this time? Laugh? Abe Zhang came silently over! He did not bring anyone, Beatrice insisted to follow, Olena Jiang, Maya Tang, Abe Zhang did not let, he drove here by himself!!! The three hidden families, these three , Has the power to assassinate his own mother! Abe Zhang must find it out!! Abe Zhang glanced at Long Yi, his brow furrowed, this man’s smile was very weak, what new bodyguard is Nora Wan? Long Yi knows Zhang The policy is watching her. Strong psychological quality, Long Yi smiles and keeps it! She suddenly feels funny! She saw the offspring of a person she killed, and she still appeared in front of her. The key is that she didn’t know that she was killing her mother. This situation is particularly interesting. Abe Zhang didn’t look at her anymore. Long Yi was boring and didn’t feel at all? I have your mother on me.


“I know your mother passed away, sorry, I didn’t go there,” Nora Wan sighed, looking sad.

Abe Zhang stared at Nora Wan for a while, “I know the strength of my mother, she didn’t die by an accident!!” Long Yi smiled slightly, and he was discovered.

“Well, I think so too!” Nora Wan agreed.

“Then, did you do this?” Abe Zhang asked!

Nora Wan was stunned, “What did you say Abe Zhang? Why did I kill your mother? You came to me to ask about this?” “Yes!” “Oh, no! Why do I do this??” Nora Wan sighed and became lonely.

Abe Zhang himself feels that Nora Wan is very unlikely.

What is her motivation for doing this?


“Really” “You don’t believe me? Why should I kill her? I admire her, do you know??” “I will find this person and make her regret everything!” Abe Zhang said coldly .

“En!” Abe Zhang’s eyes shone, and he stared at Long Yi, “Who are you?” “My name is Long Yi!” Long Yi smiled slightly.

“Your smile, I hate it! I don’t know why!” Abe Zhang said bluntly.

This woman is so indifferent, this is an absolute top master, she can only have the aura!


“Okay,” Long Yi shrugged indifferently.

“My mother, have you seen it?” “Of course I have seen it. I said I have never seen it, and you don’t believe it.” Long Yi was still smiling, her mental quality was too strong.

Abe Zhang frowned, there was no trace of flaws, and he was silent for three seconds!

Abe Zhang turned and left!

The possibility of Nora Wan is still very low!

However, Abe Zhang remembered this Long Yi!

“Abe Zhang, I have asked someone to prepare something, you can eat something before leaving!” This is the first invitation to Nora Wan.

“No need!” Abe Zhang has already left!



Nora Wan grabbed something and smashed it until she smashed everything here and there were debris on the ground, and then she sat down.

A pair of beautiful eyes is terribly cold!


“Miss, Abe Zhang doesn’t know good or bad!” Long Yi said with a shrug.

“He is not ignorant of good and evil! He is very ignorant of good and evil! When did I live like this? Abe Zhang, don’t polish my patience. At that time, I will kill all the people around you, all of them!!! Leave you alone!!!” Nora Wan is terrible!

Long Yi smiled slightly, “Then it would be interesting. When his mother died, he was very spine. I don’t know if he will be like her mother…” She really wanted to see this day.

“Miss! I’ll solve Zhang Qingyang!” Long Yi asked.

“Go! Do it cleanly!” “Don’t worry, I’ve been found twice, I won’t let this happen!” Long Yi smiled slightly.

Go downstairs!


What did Nora Wan think of!

“Miss, what else can you tell me!” “Maya Tang, this woman, you also solved it for me!” “Okay!” “Abe Zhang should not doubt me that much. His goal should be to doubt You Shi. Wen, but, I don’t want him to doubt You Shiwen, it’s boring.” Nora Wan became lazy.

“Oh, I understand what the young lady meant. Do you want Abe Zhang to target Zhang’s family?” Long relied on his interest and walked back again.

Zhang Qingyang is a member of the Zhang family, and Abe Zhang is the son of Zhang Qingyang. Then Abe Zhang will be angry at the Zhang family, which is indeed much more interesting.

After all, Abe Zhang is also a member of the Zhang family!

Zhang’s people and Zhang’s family turned their faces?

Long Yiguang thought it was interesting.

“Yes, what do you think?” Nora Wan asked.

“Me? Yes and yes, no and no.” Nora Wan glanced at her beautifully and smiled, “Go, you will give me Zhang Qingyang first? No, kill Maya Tang for me before telling me. “Okay! Why did the young lady want to kill her by name?” “Because, I killed her once, fortune telling her! Not dead, now that Tina Li is dead, she will definitely think of me, but ah, she For Abe Zhang’s safety, he didn’t tell Abe Zhang that I might have done it.” Who is Nora Wan?

She will let this hidden danger persist?

Abe Zhang’s performance just now means that Maya Tang did not tell Abe Zhang.

At this point, Maya Tang is still a smart woman, knowing it, tell Abe Zhang what the consequences are.

“Okay, then I will solve Maya Tang first, then kill Zhang Qingyang, and then come back?” “Go!” “Okay!” Long Yi shook his long legs and left.

“Have you seen it! Long Yi’s mind is fine, but you have been with me for so many years.” Nora Wan became lazy.

Her bodyguard bowed her head and dared not speak.

“Where are you going?” Abe Zhang has been in the parking lot.

He found Long Yi downstairs.

“Go play, relax, do you want to go?” For her, hunting and designing death is a relaxing thing.

Abe Zhang stared at her for three seconds and drove away!

“Tina Li, your so-called son is so stupid? Now in front of him, I don’t even know that I did it, hehe, so stupid and cute.” Long Yi smiled slightly.

“If it wasn’t for the young lady, I really wanted to see how well you were just now, and I wanted to send you to your mother to reunite. It’s a pity, young lady has fallen in love with you, and I can’t help it! Little guy, lucky you Oh!” Long Yi shook his long legs and drove out.

The first target is Maya Tang?

Then go to Maya Tang!


… Maya Tang is in the room, her beautiful eyes have been keeping calm!

After she heard that Tina Li was assassinated,

She already thought of who did it.

Nora Wan!

She is 90% sure that it is Nora Wan!

She wanted to tell Abe Zhang very much, especially when Abe Zhang said he was going to see Nora Wan.

However, she knew that Nora Wan’s character, told Abe Zhang, Abe Zhang and Nora Wan would definitely turn their faces in public.

Nora Wan has the ability to kill Tina Li, but Abe Zhang can’t help it!

Abe Zhang will die!

She dare not do this.

“Aunt Tina, you just left, leaving no clues, no last words,” Maya Tang wept when she remembered.

She has today, and it is also the cultivation and support of Tina Li.

She had a decision in her heart, “Aunt Tina, I think I will come down to find you soon,” she went to find Olena Jiang.

Olena Jiang stunned Maya Tang to find herself.

“Do you still hate her now?” “I don’t know, I have worked hard till now, just to kill her! However, she is dead.” Olena Jiang muttered to himself, there is no goal.

“Oh! I tell you, I want to go out! You take good care of Abe, after he has improved his strength to the top, I will tell you what to do next.” Maya Tang is already ready for her last words.

She knew that Nora Wan would send someone over to kill herself.

She is enlightened!

However, this last word must be Abe Zhang’s ability to fight against Nora Wan. If he doesn’t have it for a lifetime, then this last word should not be seen by Abe Zhang for the rest of his life!


“Where are you going?” Olena Jiang asked.

“Oh, go to a place, Olena Jiang, you have to be careful too!!” Maya Tang knew that after Nora Wan had killed Tina Li, her desire to control had completely manifested!

She cannot escape, and Olena Jiang will also die!


Olena Jiang heard the words of Maya Tang in the last part of

Chapter 857

“Aunt Tang, what do you mean?” “Be careful! Be careful!” Maya Tang decided, she was leaving!

Nora Wan will never let her go!


Tina Li was murdered and died, Maya Tang knew her own strength, and it was even more impossible to resist!

“Auntie Tang, do you know what? Who was the one who assassinated Tina Li? The Secret Family’s Youjia?” Olena Jiang took Maya Tang and did not let go.

With Maya Tang’s expression, Olena Jiang felt that after this meeting, Yin and Yang were the same!

The first thing she suspected was You Shiwen!


Because at this juncture, Tina Li’s sudden death was motivated by You Shiwen!

You Shiwen wants to retaliate against Abe Zhang, so first find someone to assassinate Tina Li. Can this be a step in revenge?


“I can’t say now, be careful!” Maya Tang shook her head.

Having said that, Abe Zhang would be very dangerous!


At this time, Abe Zhang didn’t have the strength to fight against Nora Wan!

“You’re wrong? Zhang’s family? Or Nora Wan?” Jiang

Olena asked.

“Be careful, I’m leaving.” Maya Tang broke free.

Olena Jiang didn’t let go, “Aunt Tang, don’t leave, let Abe Zhang know, he will be sad!” Abe Zhang is so sticky to Maya Tang, what Olena Jiang feels.

Isn’t it Abe Zhang who also has feelings for Maya Tang?


“At this time, I want to leave for Abe!” Maya Tang said firmly.

Tina Li was suddenly assassinated, disrupting all her plans!

All plans!

She was still thinking, when will she look for opportunities to speak her heart to Abe Zhang!

I also confessed to Abe Zhang that he was not dreaming when he was drunk that night at Du Pei’s house.

I did something between husband and wife.

Maya Tang still remembered that night!

However, Abe Zhang still thinks it is a dream.

Maya Tang feels sad sometimes.

can not say!

Having said that, how did Abe Zhanghui react?


There was nothing in Maya Tang’s heart.

After Abe Zhanghui is shocked, hate yourself!

Because Abe Zhang has never been tempted by himself.

Under this situation, Abe Zhang would collapse if something like that happened!

“Aunt Tang, make it clear!” “Now. Aunt Tina has passed away, do you want Abe to be assassinated too?” Maya Tang’s eyes were wet.

Olena Jiang was stunned.

Maya Tang left!

She is looking for a place where there is no one.

However, she wanted to take a look at Abe Zhang one last time.

This, the man who first moved her heart!

She was waiting in one place, waiting… The car, coming from a distance!

This is Abe Zhang’s car!

Maya Tang felt relieved, Nora Wan hadn’t acted on Abe Zhang yet!

However, the premise is that Abe Zhang will never know that Tina Li was killed by Nora Wan!


“Cer, I’m leaving, you have to take good care of yourself, and survival is the most important thing… After you have your mother’s strength, then consider dealing with Nora Wan,” Maya Tang muttered to herself.

Abe Zhangche whizzed past!

How could you find that somewhere, there is a pair of beautiful eyes facing him!


It’s been a long time since Abe Zhang drove away, and Maya Tang was still watching.

no way!

She was reluctant, because this was the last look!


She left, walked on, to the place where Tina Li was assassinated, she wept.

Can’t help crying!

The river below is terribly fast!

Tina Li died inside, and his body has not fallen yet!

Maya Tang felt sorry for Tina Li!

Let Tina Li stay in this kind of river water, there will never be a day.

She took a breath and waiting to die is not something she likes to do!


We also need to see if we can kill the man who assassinated Tina Li!


However, what Maya Tang didn’t notice, someone didn’t know when she had already appeared behind her………… Abe Zhang

drive home!

There is no big problem with Nora Wan, so is Yu Shiwen?


I can’t see Nora Wan, go to You Shiwen!

Because the two people have turned their faces.

See you, the possibility of coming back is too low, because the person who can assassinate his mother is by your side in all likelihood!


Abe Zhang is self-aware, and his current strength, even when he was in Wumen, has improved too much.

However, there are still some gaps with my mother!


I can’t help but avenge my mom!


Keep this fate!

So, how to ask You Shiwen, then you must be careful!


“Husband, did you see Aunt Tang?” Olena Jiang rushed out.

She just recovered from the sluggishness.

When I woke up, I found out that Maya Tang didn’t know where to go.

She has searched many places.

The phone was also called and turned off, obviously.

Maya Tang wanted to die alone!


“No, isn’t Aunt Tang at home?” Abe Zhang was shocked!

What do you mean?


Olena Jiang looked anxious, why should he do this?


“I was there just now, and now she is out. She seemed to be saying a last word to me just now. I was afraid that she was being targeted. Someone wanted her to die…” Olena Jiang felt regretful?


He didn’t stop Maya Tang!


“What! Aunt Tang is going to die?” Abe Zhang’s eyes were dull…

Chapter 858

I want her to die!

how can that be?

Why did Maya Tang want to go out?

Who is going to kill her?


“Olena Jiang, what is going on?” Abe Zhang was really anxious.

There have been too many things recently. Last time I went back to China, I didn’t have a good chat with Maya Tang. This time my mother was scammed, and Maya Tang rushed back from outside.

Abe Zhang wanted to find Nora Wan because he was anxious, and he wanted to take over everything from his mother!

So, it was just a simple meeting, and nothing said!

However, the gentle Maya Tang suddenly left this time, knowing that she was going to die?


Abe Zhang can’t accept it!

Absolutely can’t accept it!


He still had a lot of things to say to Maya Tang, even if he said three days and three nights, he couldn’t finish it!

“Aunt Tang suddenly told me that she was leaving and she made me young…” Olena Jiang stopped.

At this juncture, I can’t tell Abe Zhang this!

“What else do you want?” “No, I feel that something will happen to Aunt Tang, I have already looked for it, but I haven’t found her…” Olena Jiang was also very anxious.

She blamed herself!

Why did Maya Tang leave Maya Tang in that situation?


“I see!” Abe Zhang called Maya Tang!

Unfortunately, it has been turned off!


Abe Zhang has a bad notice, who is going to kill Maya Tang?

Was it the one who ordered the assassination of Mom?


Abe Zhang immediately called Beatrice, “Sister Li, Aunt Tang, are gone, I want you to send someone to find her immediately!!” “Wait a minute, less


“Beatrice, go to deal with it right away! She could hear how anxious Abe Zhang is! Abe Zhang went out to look for it, and Maya Tang absolutely couldn’t do anything! Olena Jiang followed quietly. “Sister, help me find someone!”

“Abe Zhang was too worried about Maya Tang and called the boss behind the killer organization to talk about this. There are too many killers in the killer organization. There are many in the country, and even in the world. With more eyeliners, the chance of finding Maya Tang is still much higher!” Who is it!

“Maya Tang!”

“Well, I’ll let someone find it for you!”

…Abe Zhang, the sorrows and sorrows have changed!

“The boss behind the scenes has always wanted to come over. From the moment Abe Zhang returned to Miguo, she wanted to come over. However, she was afraid to disturb Abe Zhang! “Thank you!”

Abe Zhang was silent for three seconds. “Come and find me when you have time, me.”


Miss you.

” “Yep.

“Abe Zhang hung up the phone and began to find out what he felt! Maya Tang’s character, where would she go?? Abe Zhang thought of the natural surprise when he first met Maya Tang in Beijing! In one year, I have experienced too much!!! I have a lot of memories! Maya Tang has already died once, and Abe Zhang doesn’t want her to die a second time!! Maya Tang, Aunt Tang, where are you?? Abe Zhang is heartbroken My mother was assassinated. If Maya Tang died somewhere, Abe Zhang would collapse!! Abe Zhang drove madly looking for it! “Husband, Aunt Tang must be fine!

“Olena Jiang said comfortingly. “Well,” Abe Zhang stepped on the accelerator frantically! I hope that Maya Tang will be seen in the next second! However, in countless seconds, Maya Tang did not appear! Abe Zhang is extremely tight! He is afraid When I found Maya Tang, it was an icy corpse!!! Don’t be like this! “Husband, did Aunt Tang tell you anything?


“Olena Jiang thought. Abe Zhang was rescued by Maya Tang in Amazon. When she went to find Maya Tang, she found that Maya Tang was kissing Abe Zhang. Isn’t Abe Zhang even aware of this matter?” “No, this time I will return.” Miguo, I regret not talking to her!

“Abe Zhang regrets it! I didn’t know when my mother was assassinated. Abe Zhang didn’t say too much in the previous phone call from my mother! Everything was so normal, but my mother was assassinated so suddenly! Olena wanted to say it, because Maya Tang was dying this time! However, Maya Tang didn’t say how did Olena Jiang open this mouth? “Wife, what do you want to say?


Abe Zhang asked. “No.

“Chuff, puff! Abe Zhang slammed the brakes!! He felt bad. “Husband, what’s wrong with you?”

“I suspect that Aunt Tang has been targeted. That person can even assassinate my mother. Aunt Tang can’t handle it at all. I think Aunt Tang is going to die.

Now, she wants to…no, I definitely can’t let this happen!

“Abe Zhang is holding his cell phone, he wants to make a call! That’s right!!! You Shiwen! You Shiwen, you are only dealing with me, why do you want to kill my mother and do something to Maya Tang? You are planning to let me Did the people around you die one by one? Abe Zhang suspected that it was what You Shiwen meant! This call went out! More than ten seconds, connect! “You Shiwen, You Shiwen!


“Abe Zhang roared! “You sent someone to assassinate my mother, I will definitely find you!”

But, now you let Maya Tang take a horse, she has done nothing, she is innocent!

Let her go!


Count me please, your grievances with me, don’t involve other people!

You Shiwen, speak up!

“Abe Zhang is roaring! “What do you want me to say?”

“This is You Shiwen’s cold voice! “Let Maya Tang go, I’ll see you!”


“I am not, she is innocent?”

I don’t think, I want her to die!


“You Shiwen said coldly.

Chapter 859

will let you die at last! You Jia! You Shiwen’s sudden voice is cold! The people of You Shiwen looked at each other! Just now, they were reporting you to You Shiwen. The situation at home. However, You Shiwen’s phone rang suddenly. You Shiwen didn’t plan to pick it up! The phone kept ringing, and finally You Shiwen took a look, and Meimu immediately became cold! He also answered the call! “Why is the owner angry? Ah, whose phone is this?


“I don’t know, I rarely see Patriarch like this!”

There must be something big.

“No, the current situation of You Jia is very good!”

The people of the You family don’t understand the meaning of You Shiwen’s sudden anger. They are quiet, and don’t dare to interrupt at this time! “You Shiwen, then you admit that you have found someone to assassinate my mother!”


At this moment, Abe Zhang’s anger has reached its extreme! “Yes, I asked someone to do it!”

You don’t think so!

“You Shiwen said coldly. “Don’t lie to me, you are not the same you were before!”

“Abe Zhang knew that You Shiwen didn’t take any action against Huaxia’s self. However, on Miguo’s side, she had already let the Youjia completely suppress most of his mother’s previous industry! This has already begun to deal with herself! She has changed! It’s useless to explain it myself!! “It was you who changed first. From the moment you shot me, you changed and forced me to change!

“You Shiwen said coldly! “If you want to deal with me, you just rush to me. Why do you need someone to assassinate my mother?”



“Abe Zhang roared madly! Without his mother, he would not have himself! Abe Zhang has already reached his limit in this matter!! “I do!”

Not only do I want people to kill Tina Li and Maya Tang, but also everything around you!

You said so, then I will start to do it!


“You Shiwen was horrified in an instant! “I’ll say it again, let Maya Tang go, what’s coming at me!”

“Abe Zhang roared!! “No, I have to kill all of you, and then finally kill you!”

You forced me to do this!

“Let her go, let go…” “Don’t let go, don’t let go, you are going to collect her body!”


“Peng! In You Shiwen’s anger, the phone fell to the ground! The call ended! No one from the You family dared to speak, everyone could tell, You Shiwen was in a rage! Whose phone call is this!” They are so curious. How can you provoke You Shiwen into this way! “Patriarch, are you all right!”

“Someone asked cautiously. “It’s okay!”

From now on, check for me, check!

“You Shiwen was angry. “What are you looking for?”


“They were all at a loss, unable to understand what You Shiwen meant. “Someone is setting me up!”

What I didn’t do, others framed me!

“Lu Youwen was frightened, “Wait, starting from today, pay close attention to all the trends of Wanjia Nora!”


” “Yes!


“The owner of the house, where is the Zhang family?”

They haven’t shown up all the time,” “The Zhang family wants too, I feel that the three big families that have been silent for so many years are about to turn their faces!

“You Shiwen feels this way. She is naturally not the murderer who killed Tina Li, so who? The Zhang family is hard to say. But the possibility of Nora Wan is very great! This Nora Wan is instigating things, you are not Like Abe Zhang? Why kill Tina Li? I can’t understand! “Yes!

Patriarch rest assured!

We will arrange it soon!

“You Shiwen’s beautiful eyes are cold! Nora Wan, Nora Wan!!! … Abe Zhang grabbed the phone and didn’t need to continue probing. You Shiwen admitted it! She sent someone to assassinate his mother! “Husband.

“For the first time, Olena Jiang felt the horror of Abe Zhang! Abe Zhang was really going crazy during the call! “The one who killed my mother was Yu Shiwen!”

“Abe Zhang’s eyes are blood red, You Shiwen, my mother is innocent, why don’t you target me?? At this moment, Abe Zhang is full of guilt! Sorry mom! “Husband, it’s her!”

“Olena Jiang was angry, her eyes chilled! Before she had a duel with Tina Li, You Shiwen actually assassinated Tina Li! This hatred can’t be broken! “Yes!”

is her!

“Abe Zhang only wants to know the whereabouts of Maya Tang at this moment! Maya Tang is also innocent!! “Husband, your phone rang!”

“Olena Jiang said. Abe Zhang hurriedly answered, and the boss behind the scenes called. “Abe Zhang, I am a killer who has seen Maya Tang’s whereabouts.”

” “what?

Send it to me immediately!

” “it is good!

“The phone just hung up here. Boom!

A plane in the sky flew over!

This is Beatrice!

The boss behind the scenes was found.

Beatrice also found Maya Tang through her method!

“Master, come up, I found Maya Tang’s trail,” Beatrice called from the plane.

Abe Zhang, Olena Jiang got off the car and went up the rope ladder!

“Maya Tang is over there, she showed up an hour ago!” Beatrice pointed to a place, just like the boss behind the scenes said!

“Hurry up!!” Abe Zhang roared!

Beatrice speeds up the plane!

“Husband, Aunt Tang will be fine, she will definitely!” Olena Jiang said comfortingly.

“Yes, she is my Aunt Tang, I will definitely not let her die!” Abe Zhang blinked!


Chapter 860


In a deep forest!

Maya Tang is walking inside alone!

She is going to design a trap here!

After that person comes, it is best to die with this person!


At least, to avenge Tina Li, she can also leave with peace of mind.

Suddenly, there was movement behind him!

She instantly pointed her gun at this moving place!

The moment she pulled the trigger, she stopped, “Why are you?” A woman in black appeared, with a perfect body, and it was the black rose that was the number one killer!

She accidentally discovered Maya Tang, so she followed along!

Maybe, after hearing that Tina Li was dead, she also came out from where she retired!

Take a look and see if Abe Zhang can help!

She didn’t want to see Abe Zhang, so she turned around and happened to see Maya Tang.

“It’s me, someone is going to kill you?” Black Rose asked.

The surroundings were terribly quiet, and there was a feeling of a beast coming.

“En!” Maya Tang stared beautifully!

“Uh, do you suspect that I am going to kill you?” Black Rose asked.

A little speechless!


“The one who wants to kill me is from Nora Wan!” Maya Tang said bluntly.

“Wanjia? Why do you want to kill you?” Black Rose was particularly surprised!

Wanjia, but a hidden family!

“Because, I know, it was Nora Wan who made the assassination of Aunt Tina!” Hei Rose was shocked. When she came, she also analyzed, who has this ability!

She has fought against Tina Li, and she knows Tina Li’s strength in particular. How can ordinary people assassinate Tina Li?


Anyone with a little ability will point the finger of assassinating Tina Li at the three hidden families!


It is the first family of Wanjia, Black Rose did not expect it!

“I don’t know this, you doubt me, I have to have this strength, I can assassinate you, maybe, but assassin Tina Li, do you think I can?” Black Rose smiled bitterly.

Maya Tang thought for three seconds, and took the pistol!

Yes, Black Rose is not Tina Li’s opponent at all. What’s more, Black Rose has assassinated Tina Li several times without success, this time it is impossible!


Therefore, she decided that it was not Black Rose.

She came here just by chance.

“So, you mean, this person who assassinated Tina Li will come to you?” Black Rose asked.

“Yes, I feel it. The more dangerous the situation, the calmer my heart is!” Maya Tang said.

This is a feeling!

Sixth sense!

“So you leave here quickly,” Maya Tang continued to arrange her trap!

“Forget it, it’s boring to leave, I’ll help you!” Black Rose went to help.

Maya Tang shook her head, “So tell you that two people can’t assassinate Aunt Tina Li together, but that person can. Explain…” “Nine dead for a lifetime, right? I know.” How could Black Rose not know?

Before she retired, she was also the number one killer!

“It’s not nine deaths, but ten deaths without life. I don’t want to hurt you, so you can leave.” Maya Tang is cautious!

She is ready to die here!

But even if she died, she wanted to pull that person back!

At least it can reduce Abe Zhang’s burden!

Black Rose was silent for three seconds, “I also know that when I see you now, that person will find me through clues, and will kill me, so why should we be defeated one by one by her? Together? Even if this opportunity is very small…” Maya Tang helplessly, “I will die.” “I know, since the day I became a killer, I have been mentally prepared to die at any time!” Hei Rose shook her head.

Maya Tang stared, “Well, it will really die!!” “I know, do you have any last words?” Black Rose looked calm.

This reminded Maya Tang. She turned on her phone and called her own person, “Tomorrow, transfer all the things, money, and company under my name to one person, Abe Zhang! Yes… you can come over tomorrow. Miguo is looking for him!” The phone hangs up!

Maya Tang still has something to say, but there are some things, let’s talk about it in the next life!


The beautiful eyes of the black rose were astonished, and they were all given to Abe Zhang?

“You, you have no last words?” Maya Tang asked.

“I… No, no one, no.” Black Rose looked calm.

Died once, everything looks right.

If Abe Zhang didn’t let himself go at that time, then the money he saved as a killer for so many years could be given to him.

According to the price of Black Rose, the money in this card is also an amazing number!

Because Black Rose has no desires and desires, and only a small amount of the money earned is saved.

However, Abe Zhang sent him away, which meant he didn’t want it.

“Okay!” Maya Tang knew that when she died, she would buy time for Black Rose.

How could she hurt Black Rose?


The two of them worked together to set up traps!

Started the first cooperation!

Because the strength of the two is similar,

There is also a lot of tacit understanding in cooperation.

“Okay, the arrangement is finished. I feel that this person is coming soon, because my heart is very calm, very calm…” Yes, Maya Tang knew that she was going to die, so she was calm.

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