His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1667 – 1668

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Chapter 1667 is broken, it’s over!

This sentence of Chi Xun made Marven Su’s eyes bright, and even made him think that he was hopeful, so he hurriedly asked, “So, Chi Xun, your idea is…”

“Me?” Chi Xun smiled, with a very casual posture. “My life has always been inattentive.

I didn’t think about getting married before that, but if Yan Yan needs someone to accompany me, I don’t mind working with her in the future.”

After all, this person likes Chi Yu.

There is no emotion, so his significant other can actually be anyone.

It would be even better if it was Ameli Su, at least he knew her, and the way they got along was easy and comfortable. When Marven Su heard this, his old father immediately held Chi Li with his eyes glowing, “Really! Are you willing — my girl is not very talkative, and her temper is usually dull. Cold, can you bear it? “Chi Xun is happy, “Don’t you endure this for so many years?” Marven Su can’t wait to jump up and applaud now. With Chi Xun’s words, he is relieved, not afraid that Yan Yan will suffer alone in the future. day.

He was afraid that Ameli Su would hang himself on Christian’s tree.

Although he also loved Christian, he still couldn’t bear that they would be smashed each other’s best age.

Ameli Su heard that the cooking became more and more irritating, shoveling the pot, wishing to shovel the bottom of the pot, and finally brought out the food and placed it on the table.

Marven Su said, “What are you doing, you have a temper?” Ameli Su’s mouth twitched.

How did her expression look like she had learned from Christian, and she got up with her family, “I don’t want you to interfere in my relationship affairs.”

How can I be called to intervene?” Marven Su helped her to divide the chopsticks, and at the same time temptation, “Father, this is to help you pave the way for the future, you will thank me…”

“I thank you now.”

Ameli Su stretched out and waved.

He waved, “Chi Yu is pretty good, if someone else meets true love in the future, why do you want me to bind him? It doesn’t matter who I marry, don’t worry.”

Chi Yu smiled on the side.

Looking at the Su family and the father and daughter bickering, they had a wonderful meal. When they went back, Chi Hao hiccuped and touched his stomach and got into the car. “It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten so full.”

Marven Su eagerly Said, “If you like it more.”

Chi Heng smiled from ear to ear and stepped on the gas pedal. “Goodbye uncle.”

Marven Su waited until Chi Yu’s car drove a long way, and still stood at the door looking out.

Ameli Su couldn’t stand it anymore, and she pulled him in the past, “Dad, don’t look at him, and Chi Yu won’t come next time.”

“What do you know.”

Marven Su glared at Ameli Su, “I know Christian Christian Christian, he would marry you if he really loves you.”

Ameli Su pierced her heart, pretending to smile indifferently, fingers But shaking tightly one by one. Yeah, what is she waiting for? Can they go back in time? Chi Li drove home here and found that the two fathers in the family happened to be at home today.

It seems that it is rare to have time to go home to rest.

He went over and said, “Have you two eaten?” Eugene and Chris Qiqi raised their heads, “Smelly boy, are you back? Haven’t eaten yet, have you eaten?” “Well, Yan Yan cooked for me. Chi Yu slumped on the sofa and told the two elders what Marven Su and him said today.

After hearing this, Chris jumped up from the dining table on the spot and took out his mobile phone – “Lisa! It’s over!” Marven Su asked my son to marry the future daughter-in-law whom your son likes!” Lisa was also anxious, jumped up from the piano at home, and dialed Elbert– “Husband, it’s broken, it’s broken, Chris son said to Marry Yan Yan!” Elbert was even more anxious, and he sprang up during the meeting, and said to Christian’s assistant—”The bastard, Ameli Su is going to marry someone and run away!” Shan Jian, an unreliable assistant Frightened all the way, he crashed and smashed the door of Christian’s office – “It’s dying, dying! President! Your wife and others got the certificate!”

Chapter 1668 You all want to be good people.

This was a thunderbolt for Christian, who was working overtime at night. Just after Ameli Su was picked up by Chi Xun in front of him, he went back to his company to work overtime alone, and news came immediately. — what? Ameli Su is getting married? Who are you marrying? Get a certificate? ! Christian clenched the pen in his hand almost instantly, so hard that it almost broke the barrel. Murderous intent flooded from the bottom of his eyes.

At that moment, the man raised his head, his eyes were like murderous knives, and he asked every word, “Who?” Shan Jian was frightened by the murderous intent on Christian’s body, and started to stammer. “No, it’s just that…

I received a call from Master Bo, saying that Miss Su’s family is going to marry…

Someone else.”

In short, your girlfriend may have to run away with someone.

Christian smirked, “Get the certificate? With whom?” Is it that bastard with Chi Xun! Christian wished to rush to Chi Xun’s home and ask what was going on, but he calmed down and thought about it.

If this matter could be spread out, if it was just Chi Xun’s idea, it would not be a major event.

It can reach his father’s ears… Mostly Ameli Su also has this idea.

His heartbeat speeded up suddenly for some reason, and Christian put down the pen in his hand and realized that his fingers were shaking.

Is he scared? I am afraid of Ameli Su…

Someday I will really marry someone else. Unimaginable, unacceptable, unallowable-he will never let this happen! Standing up, Christian walked straight out, Shan Jian followed and asked in a hurry, “Where are you going, Master——” “It doesn’t matter where I go, don’t follow.”


Shan Jian died in a hurry.

After Elbert finished talking about this, he then told him to be optimistic about Christian, otherwise according to Christian’s lawless character, he might do something rebellious, and he might even rush to the Su family to direct Ameli Su to his side.

Abducted and imprisoned…

The more Shan Jian thought about it, the more terrible she became, and she kept shouting from behind Christian’s ass, “President, where are you going? Master came to work overtime with you, so you won’t tell the master if you leave. “Anyone?” “What are you telling him?” Christian smiled scarletly, “Anyway, one by one persuaded me to give up, one by one, let Ameli Su and I get together and relax!” With these last words, he almost rolled out of his throat with hatred, even a little hysterical.

This state surprised Shan Jian, and the assistant stepped back, looking at his young boss in fear and worry.

Christian turned his head, his eyes were red, “I think I’m not a person, do you? I think my heart won’t hurt, right? Everyone is trying to persuade me to give up, and all the fu(k!ng want to be a good person, right? Bad guys–even if I’m a bad guy, the bad guys won’t hurt your heart!” Don’t ignore the pain of a…bad guy. No matter who it is, they are telling him that he should stop pestering Ameli Su.

They are already useless, and they have been polished to each other. No matter who it is, he can slap him in the face naked with reality, his heart is about to be riddled with holes, but how can he be willing! I met Ameli Su at the age of five, and it’s been more than 20 years since he was bloodied.

He died on her. Why—he understands all the principles, he understands, and now he understands everything, , He has a steelyard in his heart, so why– “Why do everyone write the ending for me! Why I understand clearly–but all of them…”

Christian’s throat thumped hard, and he clenched. Pointing his fingers, the words were shaking, as if they were desperately desperate, “Even a chance…

Refused to give me…”

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