His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1669 – 1670

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Chapter 1669 has lost that ability.

At this moment, Shan Jian looked at Christian in front of him.

He knew that his young president had always called for the wind and rain.

At this moment, he saw despair in his eyes.

It’s like a person who relied on his identity to harm those around him unscrupulously – in the end he was shocked that he shouldn’t be like this, and when he should stop, only to find that nothing can be undone.

It turns out that some damage…

Is completely irreversible.

It turns out that all the people in this world have no empathy and imagination for the harm suffered by others.

Shan Jian murmured, “President, I…

I support you.”

He doesn’t understand what happened before.

He only knows that his president has a woman who likes very much, and that may be his future president.

Lady. For Shan Jian, the president’s wife is so beautiful, tall and thin, and never pretending to be hypocritical. When she was young, she went abroad to study alone, independent and strong.

I heard that she is still the eldest lady of the Su family, where and where is the president of his family extremely compatible, how can there be a mismatch? But now it seems that he may be simple, and he has only heard some rumors.

However, the stories of the past years may be more painful than legends.

All he can do is stand behind Christian and say silently, President, I support you.

After Shan Jian said these words, Christian looked back at him.

The man’s delicate and deep facial features looked a little gloomy at this moment.

He spoke as if laughing, but there was no smile in his eyes, “It’s useless. , What shall I tell Ameli Su?” Do you really want to dig out your heart? Shan Jian frowned and stood aside, trying to speak boldly, “President, have you not told Miss Su’s feelings about your feelings?” Christian was startled, as if he was suddenly awakened. “President, you are a big man, so some situations may be unfamiliar.”

Shan Jian stretched out his hand and scratched the back of his head awkwardly. “The last time I went to the Su Group, when I stood next to you to help, I could vaguely feel it. , Ms.

Su’s family has feelings for you.”

And very deeply. Every time she looked up at Christian from the computer helplessly, there was despair and love in her eyes.

It is like a person in a desperate situation, who has long forgotten how to love someone correctly, so those love cannot be told correctly from the mouth and can only be locked in the eyes.

Christian’s shoulders trembled, “Really?” But no matter what he did, he couldn’t call Ameli Su’s touch. “Maybe it’s a bad thing she has experienced before.”

Shan Jian thought, trying to help Christian think about the problem, “Lost…

The ability to feel happiness? Or, she chose to close the door.”

Tang Only as if thinking of something, there was a trace of forbearance in his eyes. Yes, where did Ameli Su dare to show her heart, when she was naked in front of him like that before, what the end was ushering in, didn’t she see it long ago? She never concealed herself from the very beginning. When she met at the age of five, her heart was on the side of Lisa Christian.

Later, she was beaten and beaten by domestic violence without saying a word.

Later, she grew up and was misunderstood and insulted by him. Justified myself.

She was so awkwardly expressing her mind in her own way, and now she was destroyed so much that she had to be accused by Christian-why are you untouched, do you have a heart? ——The answer is, no more.

It’s all broken.

Chapter 1670 How Do You Reconcile With Dad?

Christian gasped. What can I use to get that Ameli Su back? Shaking his head in pain, Christian said, “I’ll go home first.”

Shan Jian was worried, and followed him all the way, until Christian waved his hand, “Don’t follow, I really am going home. “What if you drove the car and ran to Su’s house… But Jane didn’t dare to say this, just looked at Christian with his eyes, Christian noticed what he didn’t say, and gritted his teeth.”

I swear! I won’t be impulsive tonight! Don’t follow me!” Listen…

Then there is no guarantee tomorrow? But Shan Jian was not so bold enough to push his nose on the face, and could only say weakly, “Then…then you drive on the road and pay attention to safety.”

Tang was the only one who almost drove all the way back to his home, Lisa was waiting for Elbert Going home to make supper for him, he didn’t expect that his son came back first, and immediately greeted him, “But why did you come back to the old house today? Where is your father?” “Dad will probably have half an hour to finish the meeting. “Christian went up and hugged his mother, “Why don’t you sleep?” “Waiting for your dad’s return.”

Lisa smiled particularly virtuously and tenderly, “At this point, he is hungry when he comes back from a busy schedule.

I want to give He makes some supper.”

The relationship between parents is really good. Who can tell that they fought life and death? Christianru was in his throat, and finally just said, “Mommy, you and Dad…”

How did they reconcile? Lisa paused and looked up at his son.

After so many years, Christian has become more and more like that young Elbert, cynical and rebellious.

This world is just a plaything to him, and he can abandon it anytime, anywhere—including himself.

His life included.

It’s just that Christian hadn’t finished speaking.

An unknown object sprang out of the black shadow in the corner and threw on Christian with his saliva.

The big man staggered back and subconsciously reached out and hugged a certain furry.

Large species. Christian Ye is constantly wagging her tail in welcome.

Christian was delighted when he saw it, “Didn’t it live in grandma’s house a while ago? Why did it come back recently?” “Grandpa and grandma were too old to have inconvenience in legs and legs, so they took it back.”

Lisa had touched two small Elbert in the past, but after so long, Christian Ye should have become Elbert Ye.

The only thing that doesn’t change is its silly and stupid eyes, which makes people feel good looking at it.

Christian hugged the big dog and placed it heavily on the sofa, sitting alone and looking at each other like this.

Husky’s blue eyes were handsome and simple, and Lisa seemed to have seen the thin night in the past.

Thin, with a stiff leg bent, half of an ankle exposed under the suit pants, leaning lazily on the sofa.

Smiling and shook her head, she said, “I forgive your father, maybe it started when he showed up at my door one day holding a dog.”

Christian suddenly raised his head, “Then should I go…buy a dog? Lisale said, “Son, Yan Yan doesn’t necessarily like dogs.”

Christian frowned, “What else do girls like? I heard that the bastard Chi Xun wants to marry her.

I absolutely can’t let this Something happened.”

Lisa said helplessly, “But what if Yan Yan is willing?” “Then I will find someone to steal her account book.”

Christian gritted his teeth, “Burn it! Ashes poured into the toilet and rushed into the sewer.

See what she married!”

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