His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1679 – 1680

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Chapter 1679 Powerful Assists, Come In Exchange!

Eldon and Sherry Xu, who overheard their chat, opened their mouths.

Christian’s style of behavior hasn’t changed at all.

Eldon wiped cold sweat, lowered his voice and said to Christian, “We are here today.

Here, Lao Xu, it’s an anniversary.”

“Have an ass an anniversary.”

Christian didn’t even think about it, turned his face and refused to admit someone, “He and Alisha are not in love with me, they are in love on the anniversary. Why are the two getting together?” Damn, you didn’t say that at the beginning. Sherry Xu, who vowed to come and play together at the beginning, coughed with anger, “Dreaming you and I are willing to fall in love with you, I don’t want to make myself suffer” Christian turned around He walked out, and Eldon stopped him, “You really left, Qiqi hasn’t come yet.”

“Then tell me, I wish her a happy day.”

Christian’s tone was flat. , As if the big things in his eyes are nothing, “Anyway, if a few old friends are here, you won’t be bored.”

“You are using the anniversary of Alisha and me as a tool.”

Sherry Xu is heartbroken. , “I made friends accidentally, why I made you such a shameless friend” However, before the voice fell, Alisha came outside the door, and behind him was a little girl, youthful and beautiful, with a youthful atmosphere that came to her face.

Christian frowned, “Why did you bring Sister Jia Qi’s daughter?” Han Qingyan looked at Christian with a smile, “I came to play with Sister Qiqi.

This is not a holiday.

How come you are here, I I thought you would be with Sister Ameli Su.”

“Which pot does not open and which pot Christian grinds his teeth, “Go to her now, you have fun.”

“Don’t you, I think it was not easy for you to find her in the past. Yes, twists and turns.”

Han Qingyan snapped, “It’s not easy to see Sister Ameli Su.

I will take you to meet someone.

She can reach Sister Ameli Su every day.”

Christian’s eyes turned slightly.

He gave Han Qingyan a glimpse.

Han Qingyan smiled very happily, “As you two CP fans, rest assured that I will never cheat you.

I hope you two will sprinkle dog food every day.

Here, let me give you a list of phone numbers.”

Prepared, took out a postcard from his pocket with personal introduction and contact information written on it, although Christian, who was not Han Qingyan himself, took the card, “Why do you have a postcard from Aunt Estella?” “Oh Huo” Han Qingyan stretched out both hands and turned around, “My ancient style Hanfu asked Aunt Lisa and Aunt Estelle to help me design a piece, as well as handsome Aunt Rusty. Unexpectedly, I will have an independent ancient style brand in the future.

The strong man came to see Qiqijie today and also wanted to find you guys to get me some investment and sponsorship so that I can start the project.

Hehehe” This is a university, and I have already thought about so much.

I am worthy of being Jia Qi’s child, as always. Dare to try.

Christian held Estelle’s personal postcard, “She is Ameli Su’s” “Auntie dear” Han Qingyan looked at Christian sly, with a particularly clever and cute expression, “How about a very powerful assist for Ameli Su? Aunt Estelle can help you talk to Ameli Su, and help you say something nice.

Since I have found such a good helper for you, it’s better to” Christianlimara sneered, “I will help you with another semester of college homework.”

Han Cigarette nodded, “Deal.”

“Don’t do it.”

Christian handed the postcard back, but didn’t smile. “No one but Ameli Su wants to call me.”

Chapter 1680 So many years, as yesterday.

The triumphant smile on Han Qingyan’s face froze all of a sudden, thinking that he would never lose money, who would have expected Christian to veto it.

Estelle, Ameli Su’s relatives, and Uncle Marven Su’s sister, eh, she came up with such a good solution, Christian actually didn’t want to help her at all, Han Qingyan was anxious, “Why does Aunt Estella like me? I can help you and her.”

Christian sneered and narrowed his eyes and said, “Of course I know what your idea is.

I will do all the homework for you.

Han Qingyan, your university is not a burden.

I don’t know you.

I’m studying in another major, I want to follow in the footsteps of Gu He, the second young master of Gu’s family.”

Han Qingyan, who was dismantled, turned white with embarrassment written on her delicate face, she poked two fingers quickly It seemed that she was thinking of an excuse to confuse the past, but Christian’s eyes were so sharp and piercing, she had nowhere to hide, she could only stammer and admit, “So what?” Christian held her hands in her arms. Before his chest, “Give up, Gu He is incomparable with his elder brother.

If you have time to chase Gu He, it is better to think of a way to chase Gu He, which is more practical.

Anyway, Gu He is much more successful than Gu He.”

Hei Ze opened his mouth wide, “Gu He, the second oldest member of the Gu family, turned out to be Gu Ye’s younger brother.”

Han Qingyan’s face turned pale and red when he heard that, and she could only say bluntly, “Why don’t you think about yourself when you say me? Brother Gu He is kind to me. What you don’t understand, the whole world says he’s not good, but as long as he treats me well, I have to recognize him as good.

Have you done it, even if the whole world says that Sister Ameli Su is not Well, as long as she treats you nicely, you can’t bully her.” Eldon said that he wanted to wipe his cold sweat.

The words are a bit vulgar, and it makes sense to listen carefully.

At the beginning, Christian and Ameli Su lived. When we were together, Ameli Su was always the one who was busy before and after serving Christian at home, and never said a word of complaint.

After so many years, even a stone should be covered in heat.

Christiantong shrank, as if thinking of Ameli Su and himself in the past.

How presumptuous he was at that time, unscrupulously releasing all the offensiveness and malice in himself, and steadily letting go little by little.

Ameli Su was forced to a dead end.

He never thought that one day, this dead end would become his way home.

Christian’s voice lowered, “Everyone should take care of their own affairs. You don’t need to take care of my affairs.

I will tell you in advance because of your care. Gu He is not a good person.

If you are happy, just continue. Go on, I’ll go first.”

Sherry Xu frowned, “I really want to go, Christian, where’s Eldon.”

Eldon felt that he didn’t have the courage of Christian to go out.

He drew back to the side, the luxurious and bright suit made his face like white jade.

Looking at Christian, Eldon said, “You said I want to find Luo Youyou too.”

Sherry Xu simply sat down on the sofa, grinned and said, “Then I and Qiqi are just an anniversary today. , Just leave home and wait for the good news for you two.”

So Yi Eldon brushed his sleeves nervously, and just after taking a deep breath, a familiar voice came from the door, and he was jumping for joy, “I said.

Today’s July 7th and Lao Xu anniversary, it’s definitely lively.” Everyone looked up and saw Luo Youyou hopped and pulled Gu Yao to the gate with a smile on his face. Before he could take it back, he saw standing inside. Of Eldon.

So tall and thin, so many years, like yesterday.

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