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Chapter 866

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon! “People?

what kind of person?


“Nora Wan’s laziness faded, a bit solemn!! Her bodyguard was stunned, so what about someone? Hasn’t Long Yi suffered yet?! “I didn’t see clearly, this person suddenly when I was about to kill Maya Tang Appeared… I took a stone and hit it!


When I smashed the stone with one punch, Maya Tang was gone!

“Long Yi said. Her beautiful eyes are cold! When she killed Maya Tang and Black Rose, someone suddenly appeared! Otherwise, Maya Tang’s state at the time would definitely die!! “You didn’t see it clearly?”

“Nora Wan is indifferent! “Well, I didn’t see it clearly!”

It can also be said that when this stone is hit, it will be soon!

“Long Yi said. Yes! Suddenly smashed it over! When Long Yi smashed the stone, there was only one shadow! Take Maya Tang, the shadow that Black Rose left. She chased it! I can’t chase it at all! The pair said to Long Yi, It’s never happened before! Nora Wan became cold! “Maya Tang, she didn’t die twice after that?


“Nora Wan’s beautiful eyes are cold, her eyes turned, her face gloomy, “Long Yi, this seems to be the first time you have missed your hand, and the first time that I have let me down!”

“Miss, sorry!”

“Long Yi bowed her head! This is the confident, she bowed her head in front of Nora Wan for the first time. “The first time I heard you say these two words to me, remember, I don’t want to hear these two words!”


“Nora Wan said coldly. Her voice, like ice cubes, penetrated Long Yi’s heart! Long Yi nodded!! “Yes, miss!

“Who was the one who took Maya Tang away?”

Can you take people away in your hands, under your nose, can do this, there is still in the world?


“Nora Wan said coldly. Wanjia is the first family! Then Wanjia’s bodyguard is also the strongest person in the world!! This is absolutely absolute! However! At this moment, there are people who are under Wanjia’s strongest bodyguard. , Took away people! What is this? Beyond the strength of Long Yi?? “This?

“Long Yi is also strange! She didn’t even see the back of that person! She just saw, Maya Tang, Black Rose was helped to leave! “The only person in this world who can compete with you is Tina Li. She is dead… …At this moment, there is still a second Tina Li appearing?

“Nora Wan said coldly. “Maybe, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon!”

“Long Yi’s answer. Boom!! Nora Wan broke a cup! “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon?”

What dragon, what tiger, can lie down in front of my first hidden family?



“Yes, if we talk about hiding, who can hide?”

Hidden family?

For thousands of years, there have been too few people who have known secret families. Such a big family is hidden in the world.

This is the real hiding!

As the first family, Wanjia owns one third of the earth. What does Wanjia not know?


What is not clear?

There is a dragon, there is a tiger, will her Wanjia not know?


“Yes! I was careless!” Long Yi admitted wrong?

“It’s definitely your carelessness, Long Yi, find this person and kill it! I don’t want a second Tina Li to appear, this will make me very unhappy!!” Nora Wan is indifferent!

“Yes, don’t worry, miss! I’m also very interested. I will meet someone like this again!” Long Yi smiled again, “By the way, Maya Tang has only one last breath. Even if he is rescued, it won’t be months or even a year. I can’t wake up!” “This barely makes me happy a little bit! Long Yi, go!” Nora Wan regained his laziness.

“By the way, who do you suspect?” Nora Wan asked.

Long Yi was silent for three seconds, “It should be said that there is no more, but it appeared again, it is very strange!” “Okay, go and deal with it! Solve this person, solve Maya Tang, solve Zhang Qingyang!!! Then, catch Olena Jiang for me!! “Yes, don’t worry, miss!” Long Yi smiled slightly.

Nora Wan suddenly thought of something, “Wait a minute!!” “Miss, there are other orders?” “Are you sure, Tina Li is dead?” Nora Wan asked word by word!

Long Yi smiled slightly, “OK!” “Then how should the person who rescued Maya Tang explain?” “Someone else!” “Are you so sure?” “Yes! Tina Li has only been dead for less than ten days. Even if she is not dead, do you think she can take Maya Tang away in my hands when she is seriously injured??” Long Yi kept smiling!

Nora Wan was indifferent for three seconds, “Yes, it may be that I have been thinking too much, Tina Li must be dead…I have been thinking too much.” “Well, then I will go!” “Long Yi, don’t let me down Now, I will inherit the position of Patriarch of the Wan family soon, don’t make me unhappy!” Wan Zi’s text meant something!

“Relax!” Long Yi left!


“You said, could it be Tina Li?” Nora Wan asked again.

“Miss, you have been worrying too much, how could it be her? Long Yi also said just now that when Tina Li is seriously injured, it is impossible to take people away under her eyes.” Nora Wan’s bodyguard shook his head resolutely.

He denied Nora Wan’s cranky thinking!

“Well, Tina Li is dead. This time there is a second Tina Li. I hope Long Yi won’t let me down!” Nora Wan lazily closed her beautiful eyes, as if she woke up after sleeping. The good news is the same.

Chapter 867

Replaces the chess piece “Master, there is already news from the Zhang family!!” Beatrice ran over to find Abe Zhang!

How many in a row she

The sky is using everything to look for, and finally using clues to discover some of the Zhang family’s industries.

“Then, go right now!” Abe Zhang can’t wait!

Maya Tang’s death has completely put Abe Zhang on the verge of madness!

After several days of suffering, Abe Zhang dreamed of Maya Tang every night.

Maya Tang’s hatred, mother’s hatred, and Black Rose’s hatred, Abe Zhang must repay!


“Yes! I have arranged the car!” Beatrice knew Abe Zhang was impatient, and everything was ready.

“Well, you go to the car and wait for me, I’ll call Olena Jiang!” Abe Zhang said.

Beatrice went to the car and waited for Abe Zhang.

“Wife, wife.” Abe Zhang ran to find Olena Jiang.

“Husband, I’m not going,” Olena Jiang decided!

The person who assassinated Maya Tang, that is, You Shiwen, would find someone to assassinate Maya Tang, assassin her!

Olena Jiang knows!

Therefore, she decided, like Maya Tang, to leave silently!

Don’t hurt Abe Zhang!

“What do you want to do?” Abe Zhang understood!

“I don’t want to do anything, I have my own business.” Olena Jiang shook his head, unable to look directly at Abe Zhang.

Abe Zhang’s eyes could see through her mind.

Abe Zhang didn’t say a word and kissed her.

Olena Jiang was stunned!

for a long time!

Abe Zhang let go, “Will you leave?” “I…” Olena Jiang complained, Abe Zhang did this, she was caught off guard!

“Besides, I will kiss again, until you know that you have difficulty breathing, do you want?” “No!” “Then go!” Abe Zhang brought Olena Jiang out.

Olena Jiang sighed.


Beatrice drive!

This process is fast!

“Master, this hotel should belong to the Zhang family! You can go in and contact!” Beatrice said.

Abe Zhang held Olena Jiang tightly, “Don’t run!” “I can’t run,” Olena Jiang sighed sweetly.

The three enter the hotel… soon!

Zhang family!

“Master, Abe Zhang, please!” someone came over and said respectfully.

“Abe Zhang?? Oh, that’s interesting, what does he want to see me for?” In the darkness, the Zhang Family Patriarch, his cloudy eyes, revealed a joke!


“He didn’t say, but he said, you will never regret it when you see him!” “I am quite confident and I will never regret it! As everyone knows, you are just my replacement pawn, you are replacing your mother Tina Li!” Zhang Patriarch, chuckled.

fling in teeth!

“So, what do you mean?” “What about Qingyang! I asked Qingyang to find Abe Zhang, and let Abe Zhang develop according to my intentions! Abe Zhang is still squinting now? What is Qingyang doing?” “Not quite Clearly, Master is missing!” “a*shole! How many times have I told him that Tina Li is just a pawn, don’t care about a pawn or a dead pawn, he won’t listen?” Zhang Patriarch, angry

Got to cough!


From the moment Zhang Qingyang came out of the Zhang family, she was the heir to the Zhang family by default!

However, after twenty years, the lofty ambition who just went out has a deep heart!

Not only has it not grown up until now, it has also become what it is now!

Give up for a dead woman?


Patriarch Zhang is very disappointed!

“Young Master’s character, you should know, he…” “Of course I know, he doesn’t know how much I expect from him, how long can I live?? Zhang family will be his sooner or later, he is still not up to date. “Then I contact the young master?” “No, I will decide for him some things, otherwise he will never grow up! Go, let Abe Zhang come to see me!!! Let him come alone!” Zhang Family Patriarch ordered!

“Yes! Patriarch wait a minute!” “Abe Zhang, Abe Zhang, originally you were not qualified to enter my Zhang family’s door, because of what? Because you shouldn’t have been born, your mother Tina Li is one of my chess pieces, you Chess pieces are not counted! However. Now it’s different. Tina Li, whom I value most, is dead. If you take the initiative, then I won’t let you down!” “As Qingyang’s son, use you to make Qingyang wake up. , I think you shouldn’t mind!!” In the darkness, a pair of teeth were bared, and he was smiling coldly!

All wrinkled faces, with horror!

“Patriarch, Abe Zhang has been brought here by me!” “Let him in! Only one person!” “Yes, Beatrice, who is with Abe Zhang, Olena Jiang must come up. I didn’t let them. What qualifications does this have to come up?” “Good job! Let him in!” “Yes!” “Fire Dragon!” said Zhang Family Patriarch.

Behind him, a man appeared, in his thirties, with a cold face!

He is the number one master of the Zhang family, Fire Dragon!


“What is the command of the Patriarch?” Fire Dragon asked.

“Wait, Abe Zhang is here, you give me a try! I want to know how far he is and how far away is from her mother!” “Yes! Patriarch rest assured! However, I don’t know if he should be It should be said!” “Let’s talk about it, your Huo family has been following my Zhang family for so many years, and you have contributed a lot!” said Zhang Family Patriarch.

“Abe Zhang is the son of the young master. If we treat Abe Zhang like this, the young master will know about it?” “If you know, you will know. Even if I kill Abe Zhang in front of Qing Yang, what can Qing Yang do to me? “” Zhang Family Patriarch sneered!


Chapter 868

You are not good at it!

“That is, the young master is a member of the Zhang family, and you raised it yourself! How did the young master treat you?” Fire Dragon smiled slightly.

He thought it was a little ridiculous to ask him this question.

“Just know it!” Zhang Family Patriarch sneered, “By the way, I don’t want to hurt Abe Zhang for the time being, because I still need to use

He, you can just try it!

“Patriarch rest assured!”

“Fire Dragon said confidently. At this moment! The door opened, and Abe Zhang squinted in! This room is very big, why didn’t the lights turn on? Abe Zhang confused! He let Beatrice and Olena Jiang wait in the hotel! Abe Zhang Come here by plane with the people of the Zhang family! There is no doubt that the Zhang family, like the You family, “lives in seclusion” in the mountains!!! Ordinary people, if they can’t climb the mountain, naturally they won’t be able to discover the existence of the Zhang family! Abe Zhang I have been to Youjia! At this moment, I feel that Zhang’s family is more secretive! The moment I entered, here, there is a conspiracy and a deep taste of the city! Abe Zhang is uncomfortable! Maybe it is out of place! It just feels uncomfortable! Feeling! “Patriarch Zhang?

In the darkness, Abe Zhang already saw a pair of muddy eyes! It was terribly cold! “Yes, it’s me!”

You said that seeing you will not let me down?

To tell you the truth, I am disappointed now!

“The Zhang Family Patriarch said. “Oh, is it why I came empty-handed?”

Abe Zhang asked. “No, I was only on you. I saw Tina Li’s shadow. Do you know why the shadow is a shadow?”

“I know, because there is a righteous master!”

“You still know!”

Now you, to be honest, are really not qualified to talk to me, your mother Tina Li is still a little qualified, you?


Just a shadow of Tina Li!

It’s the kind of shadow to be stepped on.

“The Zhang Family Patriarch said coldly. “I am a piece of meat that fell from my mother. I was originally her shadow. I don’t think there is anything in her new life.”

Abe Zhang disagrees with this statement. “Huh!

Don’t talk nonsense, let me see you, now you have a successful husband with your mother!

Fire dragon!

“It’s the Patriarch!”

The fire dragon stepped forward! He approached Abe Zhang step by step! Abe Zhang didn’t move, his eyes were watching. Pop! The fire dragon dropped something as big as a fist, slammed it, slammed it on the ground, and the floor burst! “I won’t hit you either. There is no need to test you in other ways. This thing weighs two hundred kilograms, grab it and let me see!

one hand!

“This is a way to not hurt Abe Zhang! Abe Zhang looked down. This special metal similar to the mother technology company is small, but very heavy! Abe Zhang squatted down to grab! Just grab it, it’s a bit hard to grab with one hand! Disdain, “Forget it if you can’t catch it, let it go!

“It’s not that I can’t catch it, but.


“Abe Zhang still has two hundred and fifty kilograms of things on his body! Each hand is 75 kilograms! Originally there are two hundred and fifty kilograms, so carry it with you! Abe Zhang never took it off. If it was taken off, Grabbing this two hundred kilograms is easy! “Let go!

No more excuses!


Only your mother, Tina Li, is less than one-third of the truth


“The fire dragon made a judgment! Abe Zhang, no! Abe Zhang put down, didn’t say much. “Patriarch, this Abe Zhang can’t do it!”

“The fire dragon returned to the Patriarch of the Zhang Family! The Patriarch of the Zhang Family was disappointed, just a replacement pawn. This is for a reason! He can’t, this is the biggest reason!! “Abe Zhang, you let me down even more, you know?


” “Perhaps!

I came here today to negotiate cooperation!

“Abe Zhang doesn’t care about the fire dragon’s evaluation! Abe Zhang just wants to add another fifty kilograms when he goes back! In this way, Abe Zhang is exercising his body all the time! Strengthen muscles! Strength! Only by forcing yourself to do this can you be the fastest In the time, improve your strength! “Cooperation?

Are you qualified to talk about cooperation with me?

“The Zhang Family Patriarch chuckled, a pair of teeth, very obvious in the dark! This is a mockery! “Yes, don’t say anything else, I have inherited everything from my mother, I have the strength to cooperate with you!”

“Let’s talk about it first, what do you want to cooperate with?”

“Zhang Family Patriarch knows. Abe Zhang’s thoughts! “I will cooperate with you to deal with You Shiwen!”


” “she was?

I have no conflict with her, why should I cooperate with you?

Break the peace between you and me?

The Patriarch of the Zhang family wanted to laugh. He took the Zhang family and hid all the time. Just in order not to move a single soldier, let Tina Li deal with the You family and the Wan family! He Zhang family finally came out to clean up the mess!!! To be a chess player and control the chess pieces! How can you go on the court and fight?

Listen to me!


Cooperate with me to deal with You Shiwen, as long as I travel Shiwen people, I will give you everything else!


“Abe Zhang said! “Haha!”

Give it all to me?

Abe Zhang, you let me down!

“Zhang Family Patriarch laughed loudly! “You can leave now!”

You did not satisfy me!

“”What if I know what your Zhang family handles?”

“Abe Zhang said suddenly! Handle?? Zhang Family Patriarch’s eyes were sinister, “What do you know?”


Chapter 868

is threatening and temptation! “So, your Zhang family hasn’t been silent all the time?”


“Abe Zhang said weirdly. “Patriarch, he actually does your routine?”


“Huolong is angry! Patriarch Zhang’s eyes are sinister, “I can let you die here!”


“Then you have lost a good opportunity to rise!”

“Abe Zhang shrugged! “Cooperating with you, can my Zhang family rise?”

You value yourself too much!

“I know myself, but you don’t seem to!”

“Abe Zhang smiled slightly. Patriarch Zhang’s eyes were sinister to the extreme, “What are you talking about?”


“At this moment, he wanted to kill Abe Zhang who shouldn’t have been born! “I know that after I accept my mother’s property, there is still a big gap with the hidden family, because you are hidden.

The secret family has been passed down for thousands of years, and my mother has only been 20 years, this is what I know!

But you don’t know how dangerous your Zhang family is!

” “Danger?

Are you kidding?

“The Zhang Family Patriarch sneered. “Yes, your Zhang Family has been hiding behind and did nothing, but Nora Wan’s character, you should know that she is about to take over Wan Family, you know?


Abe Zhang asked. “I know!”

“The Patriarch of the Zhang family knows! His third secret family does not know this kind of thing? The secret family can keep everything secret! But only in the case of the Patriarch, the three secret families are open to each other! Even! You can invite two of them to participate in the inheritance ceremony! “Just as you know, what kind of gift Nora Wan’s powerful desire to control will prepare for herself on this day?

I think it should be her to deal with your Zhang family. Before inheriting the Wan family, we must inspire the Wan family and give her one of the best gifts for herself!

“Abe Zhang said with a shrug. Fire Dragon’s eyes narrowed! The Zhang Family Patriarch sneered, “Nora Wan, I know her character, but she won’t do anything to my Zhang Family at this time!”

“Oh, what you mean is, you knew it a long time ago, she would still do it to you?”

“Abe Zhang smiled slightly! The Patriarch of the Zhang family got stuck in his throat, and his face was ugly! Abe Zhang has this kind of resilience, and he underestimated Abe Zhang! The quick response, in this respect, he has inherited Tina Li almost! how about it?

What if I don’t know?

This is not your reason to convince me!

“I think you made a mistake. I came here to cooperate with you and came prepared!”

Do you think I came here in a vacuum?

“Abe Zhang smiled slightly! The smile was indifferent! This smile is really annoying! The Patriarch of the Zhang family disgusted, a hairy boy who laughed so much in front of him?” “Say, what did you bring?”

“My wedding invitation!”

” “you?


Huh, your marriage has something to do with persuading me?

“The Zhang Family Patriarch said coldly! “Yes, you don’t want to know, who do I marry?”


“Abe Zhang still smiled. The Zhang Family Patriarch snorted coldly, “If you come here to say such unmarginal words.”

Then you can go!


“Hehe, I am married to Nora Wan, understand?”

“Abe Zhang said. Zhang Family Patriarch he stagnates! Fire Dragon stagnates too! “What are you talking about?”

Are you married to Nora Wan?


“The Zhang Family Patriarch blurted out and asked. “Yes!”

As the head of the Zhang family, you are not well informed. I wonder if Nora Wan went out once before and met me?

Then it’s interesting to me?


“Abe Zhang said. The Zhang Family Patriarch’s face became cold, “Fire Dragon, what happened?”


“I’ll ask,” Fire Dragon went out to ask. Abe Zhang waited quietly! For a minute, Fire Dragon came in again, low

The head said, “With this incident, when You Tianle got married, Abe Zhang from Nora Wan went to Youjia…Also, when Abe Zhang’s Miguo Casino opened, Nora Wan gave a lot of gold. The gold shopped on the casino floor was also given by Nora Wan…” The Zhang Family Patriarch couldn’t believe it.

“This kid?” “I wonder, how could Nora Wan like him? But the facts show that Abe Zhang didn’t lie!?” Huolong said.

The Patriarch of the Zhang family began to look at Abe Zhang again.

“You marry Nora Wan, you would really embarrass your mother, you won’t be called by this name if you enter the Wan family!” “It doesn’t matter! I want to know, the first thing I do after we get married with Nora Wan What are you going to do?” Abe Zhang kept smiling.

Patriarch Zhang’s face is cold!


“I hate others for rejecting me, so I have this strength. For example, after hooking up with Nora Wan, I will let Nora Wan deal with this person who rejects me immediately. I think it should be very interesting… “Abe Zhang grinned!



Patriarch Zhang is shooting the table!

The fire dragon is cold, ready to shoot!

“You little bastard, threatening me at all?” Zhang Family Patriarch is angry!

After so many years, anyone dares to speak to themselves like this?


This is a situation that has not been encountered in many years!


He can kill Abe Zhang if he wants!

That’s it!


“If you want to talk about threats, just threaten. Anyway, the first family, dealing with your third family, it’s not easy, it doesn’t seem to be too difficult, Zhang Family Patriarch, do you think it is?” Abe Zhang smiled slightly.

Chapter 870

This is the confidence that Abe Zhang came to talk about.


How ambitious is Nora Wan?

How much control is it?

Zhang Family Patriarch is very clear about his situation!

Abe Zhang felt that from the day Nora Wan inherited the Wan family, he would do something against the Zhang family!

That said, Abe Zhang felt that Nora Wan was the ancient emperor!

Want to control everything!


The second hidden family?

The third hidden family?

Nora Wan doesn’t need it, she will be eradicated one by one, she needs to be the only one!


After Abe Zhang finished speaking, he was content!

“Patriarch, Abe Zhang said, it’s possible! The woman Nora Wan, you don’t know, it’s possible, she already knows your deployment!!” Huolong reminded in a low voice.

Patriarch Zhang’s eyes were cloudy and cold, “Huh! What does she know? I’m still afraid that she won’t make it?” He is not afraid, everyone is a secret family!

The only difference is in strength!

He admitted that the overall strength of the Zhang family is not as good as that of the Wan family!

Because one is the first and the other is the third, the gap is obvious!

“But, Nora Wan… You’ve seen Nora Wan, and I’ve seen it too, this woman, it feels terrifying to me… No one can do anything in front of her…

…” Huolong was worried. He was fortunate enough to see Nora Wan before! Nora Wan’s calm, lazy, and controlling feeling is so terrifying! “I see!

But let me cooperate with Abe Zhang, he is also worthy?


He is just my replacement pawn!


Patriarch Zhang sneered! “Cooperation is cooperation, but the identity of a chess piece will not change. Let’s put it another way.” Patriarch Zhang was reminded. He was mad at Abe Zhang, because no one had ever threatened him like this. Him! “How is it, Patriarch Zhang?

Abe Zhang shrugged. “How do you want to cooperate?”


“Patriarch Zhang’s pair of cold eyes stared at Abe Zhang scorchingly! It seems that Abe Zhang will be determined! “I just said, I will deal with You Jia together with you.”

I only need to travel Shiwen, and all the others will be given to you. After you have eaten Youjia, you still can’t fight against Nora?


I am also doing this for you!

“Good for me?”

Why do you have to say such deceptive things in front of me?

Hairy boy!

Come on, what are you going to do?

Speaking of cooperation, do you always have ideas?

Can’t you just kill Youjia?

If it is so simple, then I still have to wait so long?

“This is the truth! The three hidden families have been passed down for thousands of years! They have always been in peace, but it is. This is a superficial phenomenon! There have been conflicts for many years, and countless! If there is any It’s that simple, he Zhang Family, there is no need to lay out for so many years! It is difficult! What’s more, what? What’s more, after You Shiwen took over You Jia, the improvement is obvious! He was worried in his heart and gave You Shiwen With enough time, is it possible to be on the same level as the Wan family? By then, the Zhang family will be more isolated? “Or you are just a stunned young man with no ideas, just come over and talk to me about cooperation?

“The Zhang Family Patriarch smiled, and when he grinned, there was sarcasm. Abe Zhang naturally had an idea! “The most common way is to turn your face with You Jia, but I don’t think you would do this, so it’s more The direct way, you!

Find a way to invite You Shiwen out!

Please travel home!

When the time comes, she will give it to me!

I will solve her!

She died as the Patriarch, and the group of dragons has no leader. Could you easily invade Youjia?


“Abe Zhang shrugged and said. This is the most direct way! You Shiwen is out of Youjia! Abe Zhang will lay out the best way, catch her, then kill her, revenge his mother, Maya Tang, Black Rose!!! Abe Zhang doesn’t want Nora Wan to help, only the Zhang family has the ability to invite you to travel to Shiwen! What’s more, if the Zhang family follows this method, it also explains that they will turn their faces with the You family, and will work hard for it. Layout! Because, I’ve turned my face, not yet

Try hard to kill you?


Then, with the help of the hidden family Zhang Family, Abe Zhang is more likely to seize You Shiwen!


The Zhang Family Patriarch’s murky eyes were bright, “This method is feasible?” He whispered the opinions of the first master of the family, Fire Dragon.

“Feasible! This is indeed the most straightforward way to draw out You Shiwen, but it is so easy to draw You Shiwen? What reason!” Huolong couldn’t explain why.

At least he couldn’t find any reason.

What is the strength and mind when people control the Youjia?

Top notch, right?


Will be easily led out?

The Zhang Family Patriarch agrees with Abe Zhang’s most direct method!

“Okay, this method is fine, but ah, what method can be used to lead her out! How sure are you that you can catch her?” “You ask me, isn’t it good? You and I are a cooperative relationship, don’t you Want to watch me perform? You watch the show? What kind of partnership is that? If you think, this is a partnership, then OK, I will hold a chair and watch your performance,” Abe Zhang said politely.

Patriarch Zhang is angry!


I was completely ironiced by this kid!

Really sharp teeth!


“You have to work hard, you agree or disagree! Say it!” Abe Zhang said coldly.

Patriarch Zhang is mad!

This kid is also the grandson of his own grandson!

Talk like that!

“Okay, I agree with your cooperation!” “Okay, you start to prepare, and in three days, I will contact you!” Abe Zhang left after speaking, without stopping for a minute!

“Wait, what method are you going to use to quote You Shiwen!” Zhang Family Patriarch did not understand what Abe Zhang was thinking!

But ah, Abe Zhang, he saw a shadow of Tina Li!


Passive, unconsciously becomes active!

Abe Zhang has gone out!

The Patriarch Zhang was extremely angry, “Why, I really want to chop him up!!” “Patriarch, don’t be angry, Abe Zhang, this person is not good at fighting. I can’t hold two hundred kilograms just now. If I have a low IQ One point, it’s really useless! I think Abe Zhang already has an idea in his mind!” Huolong said.

“Thinking? This kid has a f*cking character, this is the character I hate the most! However, Tina Li is dead, you should fight for your breath, it’s good for me… Okay, you start the layout! Design it, How to get You Shiwen to stay!” said Zhang Family Patriarch.

“Yes! Patriarch! Suddenly, I don’t know if I should say something!” Huolong thought.

“What?” “Actually, Abe Zhang is also the young master’s biological son, or else, give Abe Zhang a name and let Abe Zhang join the Zhang family’s genealogy? What do you think of the Patriarch?” “Into the genealogy? He? Qualified? The f*ck is me

It’s a piece of chess, he will never be possible!


“The Patriarch of the Zhang Family is welcome!

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