His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1707 – 1708

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Chapter 1707 She has always been, still alive.

Two completely different attitudes and expressions appeared on a person’s face at the same time.

Christian’s pupils shrank fiercely, and when he reacted, he pressed Ameli Su’s shoulder hard, “What’s the matter with you?” “I want to ask you this, right?” The memories of Christian’s house were chaotic and vague.

Ameli Su pinched her eyebrows, and Christian’s panic was reflected in her gray-green pupils.

She said, “Why am I here…”

At that moment, Christian was shocked. , As if finally figured out something, a thought that he had never dared to admit grew louder and louder in his mind.

He recalled Ameli Su’s various behaviors between him-obviously resisting, but forced to accept and enjoy So, he obviously wanted to shrink and escape, but his desire for him was always revealed in those eyes. Obviously he was scared, but he wanted to be cut and conquered to pieces in his hands-it was so thin, but he wanted to be stabbed through. Everything she likes and hates is contrary to everything.

Ameli Su, this is you…this is you…

How do you protect yourself? Christian’s throat was trembling.

He did not expect that he, in the name of hate, forced Ameli Su’s heart to be so vulnerable, but… but Ameli Su, why, why…

In the newly divided protective shell, she still chose to retain the soft memories and identity of the “five-year-old thin face”…

This shows that she still has a small, humble and naive desire for him in her heart.

It turns out that that thin face…

Has always been alive in your heart…

Christian red eyes, “Ameli Su, you, have you forgotten how to get here…”

He couldn’t go on, why didn’t he pay more attention at that time? ? Ameli Su’s fascinating and complicated contradictions, what kind of soul will be bred under the immersion of time… Maybe without Ameli Su herself knowing, her soul would have been split in two, maybe It’s impossible to know how it is divided into several parts. What you can know is that the one just now was a five-year-old thin face.

He would call him “little brother”, a thin face full of expectation and joy for him.

And now – Christian opened his mouth and said again, “Are you…

Ameli Su now?” “What are you talking about?” Ameli Su frowned, thinking about it, “I’m not Ameli Su, who else can I be? Besides, I’m going home.”

“You said you came back here with me. “Christian stopped Ameli Su’s movements, and the large bathtub next to him was almost full of water.

The motion he stopped made Ameli Su back a little bit, and his arm subconsciously climbed the edge of the bathtub and touched it.

That warm water. Water, Christian is giving her water? Ameli Su trembled again and again, he had reached this point.

She must have said that she would sleep here before, and Christian did these things, but… Why is that memory so vague? It’s like…

It’s like the light in that room was turned off, and everything recorded inside can’t be seen from the outside.

Ameli Su tried hard to remember something, but her turbid consciousness told her that all this was in vain.

Ameli Su herself might realize that she might have experienced some memory confusion just now.

She gritted her teeth and thought about finding it in two days. Erwin Yue and Uncle Tonny Jiang took a look.

Christian didn’t expect Christian to say directly, “If you feel unwell, you will rest here today.

I will take you to Uncle Tonny Jiang tomorrow, OK?”

Chapter 1708 I can’t beat you!


Ameli Su raised her head and glanced at Christian’s face.

She really did something abnormal just now, right? This caused Christian to perceive something sensitively, so he proposed to go see Tonny Jiang and Uncle Erwin Yue…

Ameli Su’s heart beat faster and faster, “Can you tell me just now, I all…”

What happened…

She was so afraid that she would make some behaviors and actions that weren’t her intention.

It’s a pity that Christian just stepped forward and hugged her gently, and then said, “No, you did a good job.”

Then he put Ameli Su into the bathtub and was wrapped in warm water for an instant.

The liquid penetrated her clothes, but what was rushing to her like a wave was exhaustion and ease, so it was soaked, like a lifeless corpse, slowly discharging all of her gas in the bathtub Ameli Su’s curled eyelashes trembled.

She said, “I don’t think this is good…”

“You can take a good soak in the bath and take a rest. Just take off your wet clothes and throw them out of the bathtub.”

Christian’s pupils were so dark in color, but he still stood up and said dumbly, “You have your clothes at home.”

Ameli Su sank her whole body under the bathtub, revealing only a small part of her face, grunting.

He exhaled and said, “Why do you have my clothes in your house?” Christianpi smiled and said without a smile, “I have a good plan.

I guessed that one day you would stay overnight at my house.

I bought it in advance, no?” Ameli Su simply closed her eyes and suffocated her breath, even the small half of her face plunged into the water. “Don’t suffocate yourself.”

Christian wanted to lift her out of the water.

The bathtub was so big and she was so thin, Christian felt that he could lift her up with one hand.

After thinking about it, he turned around and stepped on the water spray and walked out of the bathtub. When the sound of his footsteps disappeared completely, Ameli Su got out of the water and gasped for breath.

She looked at the sparkling water and couldn’t pour out her clear face.

All this made her feel too strange.

In her body, is there another devil that she doesn’t know lives? “No…”

Ameli Su smiled self-deprecatingly, reached out her hand to wet her face, and then began to take off the soaked clothes on her body one by one.

If there is a devil, it must be her at this moment.

She is like a fetus still in her mother’s womb.

The flowing water is the fetal fluid around her body, as if at this moment, she has not been born in this world.

Christian stared in the room for twenty minutes. Everyone was stupid.

He made the bed like a little daughter-in-law and put the quilt neatly.

Then he stared at the bed in a daze. When it’s over, Ameli Su didn’t seem to say no, that is, she agreed to be here today for the time being, and wanted to find Erwin Yue and Tonny Jiang tomorrow…

Christian’s eyes were dark, then how did she come in after the shower? What are you doing here? Why don’t you just go to bed? Decisively, Christian called Sherry Xu. Sherry Xu, who was still mopping the floor, heard the phone ring and cursed at who did this at night.

As soon as it was Christian, he immediately connected, and heard the opposite Christian panting and saying, “It’s over, Ameli Su tonight.

I want to sleep with me.”

Sherry Xu didn’t even think about it, “Dreaming about you, did Ameli Su go with Chi Li? When did you love to sleep with you.”

“I mean she will stay at my house tonight.”

Tang He only cursed, “My family, my real family, what do you say I want to do.”

“Do it!” Sherry Xu didn’t hear clearly, and said directly, “You two are not feelings, come on and do her! Wrong—— Then you think you will be beaten by Uncle Marven Su again the next day.

Turning back to say that I was instigated by me, we were beaten together, you can beat me, you can’t beat me! Just treat me like I didn’t say it, just look at it for yourself Let’s do it.”

……This is a bad friend!

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