His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1705 – 1706

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Chapter 1705 If you want to live, I will hate you.

Originally all this…

Ameli Su didn’t want Lisa to know.

Someone used to point fingers at their past.

Such unreasonable things did not want them to reach Lisa’s ears. For those who have experienced all this in the past, this is a repeated injury. But… But… Chi Xun actually mentioned this in front of Lisa! Ameli Su glanced at Chi Xun anxiously, and then unapologized to Shang Chi Xun’s eyes.

The man even shrugged his shoulders and put on a helpless expression at Ameli Su, making her bit her lip sadly. But it was Lisa who was more anxious.

She stepped forward and held Ameli Su’s shoulder, looked at Ameli Su gently and sadly, and said softly, “You want to keep it, don’t you?” Ameli Su didn’t speak.

She hasn’t been so close to Lisa for too long.

Those eyes didn’t seem to leave any traces of time, they were still so strong and gentle.

Christian’s mother is really a tough woman who is rare in the world.

Ameli Su opened her mouth, “I don’t want to…

Let you hear the rumors about the past again.”

“Good boy.”

As soon as the three words came out, Ameli Su’s tears unexpectedly fell, one by one.

Lisa gently hugged her into her arms, patted her on the shoulder with her hand, with a soft tone, but with a strong and reliable force, “I know, I have always known, you would stand when you were young.

I’m on my side, my dear boy, Yan Yan, I think of you, and I feel sorry for your suffering. For so many years, I’ve only caused you trouble, right?” At that moment, Ameli Su seemed to be exhausted by others.

Lisa was here, she wanted to squat on the ground when her feet were soft, squatted on the ground, kneeling, bowed down to Lisa, begging for mercy and admitting mistakes to the dark and desperate past.

She cried, her eyes filled with madness and collapse.

After so many years of disguise, she was said to be sorry for Lisa and Christian.

It was the culprit and the root of all evil.

However, being patted so lightly by Lisa-her soul was shattered, torn apart, and shattered like a handful of dust, “No trouble, not trouble, it is my biological mother’s fault, her fault!” Not allowed… …Do not allow kind people to take unnecessary responsibilities on themselves, and do not allow the light in her life-Lisa, mother and son have any apologies for her, Ameli Su cried like a child, “Don’t… don’t …”

Don’t be nice to me, don’t…

Stand on my side like this and forgive me, I…

I’m… “I’m a peaceful daughter!” She was shivering all the time, Christian looked at her heart.

Lisa let go of Ameli Su, and saw her crying hysterically, tears were broken, and she couldn’t stop falling down.

The words just seemed to have penetrated her soul, Christian shook her head Go up and hold her, “Ameli Su, Ameli Su—” She beat Christian’s chest, kept shaking her head, and kept denying herself, “I am the murderer’s daughter, why should I!” He De, how can I…”

She could no longer use her brain to think about what she said, trembling, as if the whole person was splitting and disappearing a little bit, “What am I going to do…

Is it okay to let out half of the blood, Christian, can you still hate me, do you still have the strength, can you continue to hate?” “Yes.”

At that moment, Christian’s voice pierced her fragility and not.

The trembling shell was nailed to the softest and worst part of her heart within seconds. “As long as you can exist and live with me, Ameli Su, can I hate you forever?”

Chapter 1706 The light went out, and the light turned on again.

At this moment, the heart counted down and the blood flowed back.

Ameli Su looked up at Christian’s eyes, feeling that light was gradually coming in from the crevices around her world.

Lisa looked at the two of them, but turned his head to one side. Chris knew that Lisa must have also remembered the past.

Those memories were torment for Lisa. But ah.

It’s time to open the wound and look at the sun.

Those dark past, why continue to pester the next generation and refuse to stop? Christian gently patted Ameli Su on the shoulder and said, “Would you like to go back with me?” Go back with you? Back to where? Ameli Su looked up in the chaos, looking blankly like a newborn child.

She couldn’t catch the sun with her hand.

She could only follow Christian’s eyes ignorantly.

The world kept swelling and twisting in the gray, she repeated.

Again, “Is it going home?” “Yeah.”

Christian’s voice was so firm and so cold, as if the tip of a knife was inserted into the sheath every second, and a sharp and crisp sound came to the end of the bloodless murder. “Go home.”

* That was the first time that Christian took Ameli Su back to Bo’s house so formally, and took her to Elbert and Lisa.

That was the first time Ameli Su did that. Good, good-looking, like a five-year-old kid back then.

Seeing Elbert’s face with fear and shyness, he should call his uncle obediently. Elbert and Lisa glanced at each other with relief, especially Lisa.

They couldn’t help feeling excited. Could it be that Ameli Su is willing to start again with Christian? This is really great, she can finally feel relieved, and the hatred of this generation is finally over…

So a certain strong woman who planned to upgrade to be a mother-in-law hummed a little song back to the bedroom, and Elbert followed closely to the space Give it to Ameli Su and Christian. When Christian went to release the water, he glanced at the little woman sitting by the French window.

At this moment, Ameli Su was bending, her hands wrapped around her legs, and she curled up in front of the French windows, her thin limbs softly wrapping herself, her face turned sideways, facing the night, her face was white and beautiful.

Christian tried to shout, “Ameli Su?” The little woman didn’t respond.

Christian was patient again, “Ameli Su.”

But there was still no response. Until Christian stepped forward and asked, “Ameli Su, what’s the matter?” At that moment, the woman who had been looking outside raised her head, pointed at herself facing Christian, and said, “Are you…calling me?” Christian was aware of something, frowned and said, “Yes. , What’s the matter with you…”

“But my name is Marriah Yan.”

At that moment, Christian’s heart seemed to be shattered suddenly.

The heart was pierced by someone with a sharp blade in an instant, and the pain began to spread wildly from the chest.

He took a step forward, held Ameli Su’s shoulder, and lost his voice, “What did you say?” “What’s wrong with you, brother?” Ameli Su blinked, innocent, “I’ve been calling another one since before.

The name of the person…”

Little brother…this name…and in her mouth, another…a person…

Christian trembled, “Yan Yan, do you remember who your father is?” I don’t know.”

Ameli Su frowned blankly and in pain, “I don’t know, my father…I know, no…I don’t know…”

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