His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1801 – 1802

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Chapter 1801

Tang Christian looked at the words Lu Fang typed on the public screen for a while, then smiled sharply.

This kid, with his mouth so hard now, I’m afraid I still have to be soft in the future.

When Luo Wu came over late at night, Lu Fang looked at her eyes, but they didn’t seem to have no emotion.

But who is clear about emotional matters.

After pulling Tod and Ventus into the group, Tang Christian pulled the remaining seven deadly sins into the group. These were all their seniors, and they could be regarded as the pioneers of the mountain in their field. Once he found Tang Christianla The big guy entered the group, and several juniors greeted one after another.

Bryon Qi looked at one of the id’s and said, “This code name is very powerful.”

This name is “bible”, and it is like no one has come before. It must be no ordinary person who can call his code name “Bible”.

Tang Christian said with a smile, “This is my little apprentice.”

It’s really the back wave of the Yangtze River and the front wave. Now Tang Christian also has an apprentice.

Bryon Qi looked at him with satisfaction, “Yes, let’s pass on what Master and Elbert Bo taught you!”

The current seven deadly sins belong to no one mentions and no one controls, but their resumes and personal information are still registered on it, sealed in secret files that cannot be touched by ordinary people, and seven deadly crimes. The six sinners wrote an email to the above organization, stating that they would withdraw from the seven deadly sins and would no longer be under the control and command of the above.

Remove the burden of this body, the seven deadly sins will come to an end.

They are no longer the seven deadly sins.

The last one sent was Cyril Cong. After he pressed the send button, all the members sat on the sofa and took a breath.

It was like waking up from a dream.

Bryon Qi smiled and covered his eyes, he said, “I really want to let Rongbei know that we are now…like resigning from the company. She has always hoped that we can live as stable as ordinary people in the end. Days, now… we finally did it.”

Hey, Rongbei, you will live forever in that year and will never be able to get out again, but we have gone forward.

We walked forward with your hopes.

Tang Christian said, “I hope to give the Seven Deadly Sins a relief. I also hope that more and more talents like the people in the Seven Deadly Sins will emerge. Therefore, Kurosawa and I created this organization, which is free, powerful, and omnipotent. Bound.”

This is the same as Tang Christian himself. Can’t be forever and rebellious.

Erwin Yue was the first one to stand up and walk. He seemed to be particularly free and easy. He shook his white hair and gave everyone a cool back, saying, “Then I will go first. I am no longer the seven deadly sins. I’m jealous, I have to go back and do the experiment, otherwise Tonny Jiang’s paper will overtake me.”

He took the lead to leave, and the second was Han Shen, who also stood up, calm and upright, “It is a great honor for so many years of wind and rain, and I will not forget it. I will go back to hug my little niece and hope your family will be happy.

Rusty followed Han Shen and waved vigorously, “Goodbye, arrogant, furious. Oh no, call your real names, Bryon Qi, Luo Fan, I’ll go find my Lisa Tang goddess.”

Bryon Qi’s nose was sore.

Everyone left one by one.

It seemed that the seven deadly sins were slowly falling apart, and they, because of Tang’s only call, ran over to meet their life and death comrades, and finally left one by one with a smile.

No one wants to leave last, because it is too uncomfortable to be alone.

Bryon Qi and Luo Fan stood up, one white and one black, standing in front of Tang Christian, one left and the other right.

Back in time, the world drew away behind them, returning to the first time I saw five-year-old Tang Christian, they just appeared in front of him in white and black.

Later, with countless ups and downs, they walked side by side.

But this time, they said, “Goodbye, call me if you have anything, Tang Christian.”

Tang Christian, goodbye, you are already an indomitable man.

Tang Christian watched the two masters go, and the last one left was his little uncle.

Cyril Cong.

Chapter 1802

All the people are leaving silently. When they were selected to participate in the Seven Deadly Sins, they had the idea of ​​going to death for this secret job in their hearts. They always knew that although their existence might be obliterated, but When I think of maybe sometime in the future, when life and death are on the line, people need them, and society needs them——

So no matter how much infamy, the seven deadly sins will stand up again, no matter where they are, a cloud-piercing arrow will come to meet each other.

So even if they hated it any more, they never proposed to leave the seven deadly sins and dissolve the seven deadly sins.

But now Tang Christian, from their shoulders, took this heavy burden personally, telling them-the next generation of successors have been found, and they are full of young impulse and resilience, strong and free, no need Fear that at a certain moment, people need the help of the seven deadly sins.

Cyril Cong saw everything in his eyes, Tang Christian did too much, took responsibility for them, returned to their normal lives, and brought together a new generation of talents. He spent no more effort than Jammy’s selection of seven schools. Sin comes less, this child has always been calm and gentle, showing no sadness at all, but can always do things perfectly secretly so that he can’t fault it.

Reaching out, Cyril Cong touched Tang Christian’s head, “Are you too tired?”

“I want to create a world where Ameli Su can cry casually without being pointed and pointed.” At that moment, Tang Christian’s eyes were rebellious, unreasonable, unparalleled, unprecedented, peaking, and he never cared about the world. He said, “It has nothing to do with me whether others are dead or alive, and the destruction of the world has nothing to do with me. I just don’t want her to cry openly.”

If the past is impossible to get rid of and is destined to shed tears, he is too lazy to explain and can’t make up for it. Then it is better to create a place where she can cry.

If this world does not allow–

It’s not a bad idea to turn the world upside down with his own strength.

Cyril Cong looked at Tang Christian, who had grown up, and seemed to have seen the five-year-old child in the past. At that time, he was covered with blood, but the five-year-old child treated his wounds cleanly and calmly looked at him and said , “Go further.”

Perhaps from that time on, this child was destined to be extraordinary in the future. The love-hate entanglement between Elbert Bo and Lisa Tang poured out Tang Christian’s selfish but dazzling soul. All derogatory words and praises are on him. All have lost the defining role of rules and regulations-Tang Christian has never been defined by anyone.

When you think he is a good man, he will be cruel and numb in the next second. When you think he is ruthless and unrighteous, he turns around to die for you calmly. Everything is just three words——

“My pleasure.”

At that second, Tang Christian smiled very happily, “She is my angel, and she can only be soiled by my own hands. I don’t allow anyone in this world to try to dye her a little bit of color.”

Cyril Cong stood in front of Tang Christian and handed the necklace he had previously brought from Lisa Tang to Tang Christian, like an important handover ceremony. He said, “Remember this necklace?”

“Well, I saw my mother wear it very early.”

“This is a token of the jungle. It was given by the great master of the jungle. The most important token.” Cyril Cong stared at Tang Christian’s eyes, “Have you heard? From this moment on, the jungle will be dispatched by you, and I, too It’s not the laziness of the seven deadly sins.”

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