His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1803 – 1804

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Chapter 1803

Tang Christian took the necklace from Cyril Cong, as if he had received the banner of an era. He took a deep look at his younger uncle and opened his mouth to say something, but Cyril Cong shook his head clearly.

“No need to say anything else. Just do what you want. Jungle will always be on your side. I will stand up when needed.” Cyril Cong touched Tang Christian’s head and said with satisfaction. , “You finally, grow up.”

The five-year-old child is now standing upright.

Cyril Cong didn’t say goodbye to Tang Christian when he left. Maybe they didn’t need to say goodbye. Seeing Cyril Cong’s back disappeared from the end of his sight, Tang Christian took a deep breath, sat down, and glanced at the group. record of.

Bryon Qi was eloquently expressing his retirement comments in the group: “I am finally an ordinary person now! Hahaha! I am going to sanction the plug-ins in those games and write a program specifically for the plug-ins!”

Someone on the side agreed: I have wanted to do this for a long time!

At first glance, it was Lu Fang.

Also, this guy is different from him and can take the game as his life.

Tang Christian looked at the chat log and smiled. He thought, the news will reach Jammy’s ears in a short time. At that moment, when he is really opposed to Jammy, he doesn’t know what attitude he will use. Come face the seven deadly sins that suddenly disbanded without saying hello, and this one who is going to fight him.

In the middle of the night, Jammy looked at the mailbox, his eyes gradually gloomy, and Ace next to him lowered his head and said, “Your Excellency, today is your birthday…”

Jammy sneered and pushed away the keyboard at hand, “Birthday? Tang Christian is really good. He specially picked the seven deadly sins on my birthday and brought it to me. What is this, showing off?”

This man is more lawless than his father Elbert Bo!

“Does he still hate me? Together with Elbert Bo’s part, hate me for letting his father go to jail instead?” Jammy’s eyes opened slightly, and he was in a high position. The man’s expression was erratic, “Elbert Bo really gave birth to a good son, now he can deal with me so hard.”

“In his eyes, perhaps you are also an enemy…” Ace was still with the look of bowing his head respectfully, facing his master, he stood silently for decades to accompany him.

That woman too.

Thinking of this, Ace looked outside. The weather was starting to get cold. He said, “Your Excellency, Miss Lu made dinner at home today and wants to join you…”

“Not interested in.”

Speaking of this, Jammy’s expression became even more numb. When talking about Elbert Bo and Tang Christian before, his faces had changed differently, but now they have become cold and numb again. It seems that Lu Yiting is in his heart. Can not stimulate any splashes.

But she was even more foolish than Ace, waiting for so many years.

She was looking forward to him every birthday.

“I have to deal with affairs today.” Jammy’s voice did not hesitate, “Let her not bother me.”

Ace hesitated for a moment, “Transfer the original words…?”

“Yes.” Jammy didn’t blink his eyes, “This is my greatest kindness to her.”

Your kindness is crueler than anyone else.

It rained heavily that night, and Ace conveyed the original words to Lu Yiting under the background of the noisy rain, telling her not to wait.

That day, the woman raised her hand, her eyes dark and muddy, and raised the steak-cutting knife on the dining table.

The rain kept falling, and the dark red flowed all over the place.

That day, in the torrential rain, Lemuel Chu knocked on Ameli Su’s door covered in blood.

Chapter 1804

Ameli Su never expected such an accident to happen. She was shocked when the door was knocked. After all, there was a heavy rain outside, and her father happened to go on a business trip temporarily a few hours ago. Ameli Su was still a little uneasy at home.

The knock on the door at this time made her more nervous. Across the door, Ameli Su turned on the intercom, “Who?”

Lemuel Chu’s voice floated from the intercom, “It’s me.”

Lemuel Chu?

Ameli Su opened the door without thinking about it, but was shocked by the Lemuel Chu in front of him!

He stood there covered in blood, his tall body standing stiff, but he was clearly stretched so hard, but it made people feel that he would collapse in the next second.

The blood was soaked by the heavy rain outside, diluted, and flowed drippingly all the way, his face was pale, and there was no careless smile on his handsome face toward the sunrise, and what was left was deathly despair.

At that moment, Ameli Su’s heart was tightened fiercely, and she yelled, “What’s wrong with you!”

Lemuel Chu stretched out his hand to her, his voice was dumb, the blood on his hand hadn’t dried yet, and it fell drop by drop. Ameli Su watched his eyes slowly turn red, and the man was fragile at this moment. A child, “Can I… hug you…”

Seeing the blood on his body, and the hand he stretched over to him, Ameli Su instinctively took a step back.

This blood doesn’t look like Lemuel Chu is injured. There is no wound on his body. Could it be that he…

At that moment, seeing Ameli Su’s dodge, Lemuel Chu’s eyes suddenly went out, like a flame that had been dying in the wind and rain. It was forced to burn to the end, and finally disappeared. He also retreated, laughing like crying. “Are you… afraid of me?”

Before he finished his words, Ameli Su was embracing him.

The real and powerful sense of impact suddenly smashed Lemuel Chu’s heart, and he seemed to be at the extreme, fragmented and hugged by Ameli Su.

Immediately afterwards, Ameli Su’s trembling voice heard in her ears, “Don’t be afraid…Don’t be afraid, tell me who you killed, I…I will face it together with you…”

Lemuel Chu wanted to cry and laugh, feeling the temperature passing from Ameli Su, “Do you think I killed someone?”

This blood is not because he killed someone, but…

“My mother committed suicide.”

At that moment, Ameli Su’s heart seemed to be pierced all at once.

She let go of Lemuel Chu and said in disbelief, “What did you say?”

“I don’t have a mother anymore.” Lemuel Chu’s eyes were finally completely red, and the tears mixed with a little blood on his face and fell turbidly. They were countless times hotter than the cold rain falling on his face. His voice was dumb. “Ameli Su, today is my father’s birthday, but my mother committed suicide.”

Lemuel Chu is the accident of Lu Yiting and Jammy.

Lu Yiting killed Jammy, but I don’t know how many children. Whenever she becomes pregnant, the answer is to kill.

Her body is getting weaker and weaker, and finally, when she was pregnant for the last time, the doctor told her that if this goes on, you may no longer be able to have a baby.

Lu Yiting finally hesitated, this child, she decided to hide it from Jammy. At that time, Jammy was busy dealing with affairs. When the belly was too big to hide, she confessed under Jammy’s compelling question that she was indeed pregnant and was his child.

Jammy was furious, pinched her neck and asked her, who allowed you to be pregnant with my child?

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