His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1915

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Chapter 1915

“The torture is right.”

Ameli Su’s voice was very soft, as if it was smudged by the water in the bathtub. She said, “We tortured each other. Make everything look balanced, so that love and hate will not erode each other in the right position, but if you give up, everything is wasted.”

Christian retracted his hand into the bathtub and stood up from the side. At the time, his body was already wet, and the white shirt became translucent. With his top-notch looks, it looked too enchanting.

Ameli Su squinted her eyes slightly and heard Christian say, “Hurry up, I’ll wait for you outside.” When

Ameli Su came out of the bath, she saw Christian sitting on the sofa outside, leaning on her knees. With a computer, I think that the waiter brought the luggage from their original room just now. The man was typing on the screen with thin-rimmed glasses. When he looked up at Ameli Su, Christian’s eyes darkened, “Wearing Clothes.”

“Have you seen anything underneath me?”

Ameli Su walked out like this while wiping herself with a bath towel. Her body was so beautiful, Christian’s hand paused on the laptop keyboard for a few seconds. , When he spoke again, his voice was already hoarse, “You seduce me?”


Ameli Su walked up to him, glanced at the computer screen, and found that he was in a software called the Macho League Chat with others inside.

It turned out to be such a confidential matter.

“How did you know these things?”

Ameli Su pointed to Sarah An’s death, “If I remember correctly, her body was also blown up.”


However, it was written on the document, planning all this. It is Jammy.

“The body is gone, there is no evidence of the death, and An’s home has been copied. My so-called grandpa was even more condemned because of the supermarket hijacking Lisa Tang that he planned at the beginning. It was equivalent to saying that the only person who had something to do with Sarah An was me.” Ameli Su pointed to himself again, “I am the only continuation of sin in this world.” I

don’t know why, listening to this, Christian’s heart is not very comfortable, “You are not a continuation of sin, I was wrong at the beginning. “

Have you ever thought about something, Christian.” At

that moment, Ameli Su looked at Christian with a pair of green eyes, as if he had touched something suddenly, a crazy idea came into his mind…

“Why is I only alive?”

Ameli Su’s voice was faint, as if it was penetrating Christian’s brain.

The man shook his head, grabbed Ameli Su’s hand, and clasped her ten fingers firmly, then Christian touched Ameli Su’s face as if he would not be able to touch Ameli Su in the next second, “It’s impossible… he doesn’t It may be calculated to this point…”

“We are chess pieces from beginning to end. My mother was back then, Aunt Lisa Tang was, and so is Sakurako Sakahara now.”

Me too.

Christian. Naked me, too.

Ameli Su looked at Christian, and suddenly smiled, “If the chess piece wants to resist, it must be destroyed. Christian, I have known it a long time ago, so I will only hate it more than you. This is also the first approach to Rong. Chu and the reason for letting Lemuel Chu be my boyfriend.”

It turns out that she always knew everything… Christian’s throat moved up and down, “Don’t doubt yourself, you must have other meanings in this world, such as with me”

“What if even the encounter with you is manipulation?”

Ameli Su lowered her head, and at that moment, a flash in her eyes, it was the five-year-old little girl.

Christian was shocked, he murmured, “Yan Yan…”

Is she willing to take risks with her body and do so many things for him, is it for this day?

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