His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1916

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Chapter 1916

Christian couldn’t think of it, Ameli Su had so many in his mind.

He had always seen his plans clearly.

As a pitiful pawn, she has never said anything.

No matter what fate would tear and destroy her life, in the end she would still hold a mess to ask God, is such a gesture still a pass.

Shaking tremblingly, Christian said to Ameli Su, “You don’t need to sacrifice your life for anyone.”

“You can survive.” Ameli Su refused Christian’s relief. She just stared at him with those eyes. Staring until the world withered in her eyes, “Perhaps it was just to let me lose my life.” She, who had endured the sins of the previous generation, should be destroyed at an appropriate time.

When sin is gone, she has no meaning to exist.

That night, Christian didn’t know how he fell asleep. The next day there was news from Sakura Kurosawa, saying that he had asked. Sakurako Sakura was really brainwashed, and she has been eating all kinds of things recently. The medicine that made her mentally debilitating, this medicine is not in circulation on the market, looks more like a privately developed one, in order to be able to trick Sakurako into taking it! She also told her that Christian would like her after eating this, because it can keep her young.

It is reasonable to say that normal people would never believe these words! But Sakurako Sakura was brainwashed, and the ingredients of this medicine contained severe dependence, which would make people addicted quickly. As long as they didn’t eat it, they would feel uncomfortable and trance. After eating, the mood would be slightly relieved. At that time, it was essentially A more serious attack on her spirit.

Sakurako has already taken a lot of medicine, and no one around her knows she is taking it. Only her servants know about it, and she will remind Sakurako on time.

“As long as I forget to persuade the lady to take medicine, the lady will be angry and will lose her temper at me. I really dare not listen…” The fellow who went with me was caught by Kurosawa Sakahara on the day Confessed.

“But I think the young lady’s state is getting more and more weird, Master Kurosawa, as a servant, I really can only bet on this one. I will tell you everything I know. I can’t bear the young lady’s threats to me. I only have one request. I can relax… Xiaojie has actually done a lot of things all the time. Whenever I talk about you, she will tell me that you are not a brother at all, but a competitor. If I don’t help If you do bad things with her, when your superior inherits the family, you will take care of it with me…” The

servant snots and tears, “I have served the Sakakihara family since I was a child, and the young master also wants you to open up the Internet, I will take me I’ve said everything I know!”

Looking at the testimony sent by Sakura Kurosawa, Christian’s eyes narrowed vigorously. Ameli Su, who had just woke up, felt that some cold breath was slowly invading around her. There was a shiver in his sleep. When he woke up, it was Christian’s face, and he immediately followed it to see the situation, “I was so murderous early in the morning, did someone provoke you?”

“It’s Jammy.”

Christian said a word. “It turns out that Sakurako Sakahara has always felt that we don’t do anything to her because there is Jammy behind her. She has no brains. With drug control and mental brainwashing, she is especially suitable to be used as a tool for Jammy. The Sakurahara family carried…” At that moment, Christian murmured, “Jammy never wanted to let me go. It used to be aimed at a few of our wealthy families without Kurosawa, but he chose Sakurako Sakura. The moment I was a tool man, it meant that the Sakurahara family was going to be dragged into the water. I couldn’t think of the reason why Jammy started with the foreign Sakahara family.”

“Then there is only one possibility.” Ameli Su’s voice was suddenly cold, “because Sakurahara Kurosawa decided to help you, so Jammy also decided to deal with the Sakakihara family.”

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