His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1924

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Chapter 1924

Yes, blood is drawn. At this time, blood is also very important.

Christian clutched Ameli Su with his left hand and Sakura Kurosawa with his right hand, “You have to go with us, I will see you off first.”

He wanted to follow Ameli Su again, and rushed to send Sakura Kurosawa to draw blood. Can’t wait to split up two people to facilitate separate actions.

Seeing this, Ameli Su waved Christian’s hand holding her, and said, “You want this and that, which one to choose?” After that, the brother and the woman were placed on a scale.

Hearing that Ameli Su said just now that he would go back with Luo Youyou first, and looking at the indifferent expression on her face, Christian was anxious. When he heard Ameli Su asking him to make a choice, he immediately grabbed Sakura Kurosawa’s hand away. Up.

The act of letting go was quite decisive, as if the sky was falling down, he would not regret this choice, and then said to Kurosawa Sakahara with a serious face, “Why don’t you go alone, anyway, you will recover.”

… Don’t be so fast!

Eldon Valles said bitterly, “No, brother, did you abandon me like this?”

Christian led Ameli Su forward without changing his face. He originally wanted to take Sakura Kurosawa to the hospital, and then directed at Sakura Kurosawa waved his hand, leaving a chic back, leaving Sakura Kurosawa alone in a daze.



Sakurahara Kurosawa chased for a few steps, but his feet were still a bit soft, and his body might not have fully recovered. He watched Luo Youyou follow Ameli Su, and Ameli Su was taken away by Christian again. Is he alone?


“Luo Youyou!”

Sakihara Kurosawa yelled at Luo Youyou. Sure enough, Luo Youyou paused, as if he heard Sakuhara Kurosawa’s yelling. This pause gave him a lot of courage. Maybe… Luo Youyou would turn his head. come back.

But no. After this pause, Luo Youyou did not look back, and still followed Ameli Su. This reaction extinguished the fire in Sakura Kurosawa’s heart. Suddenly he felt that he was pulling out the cold. The finale was still Before he started, he was already cold.

Christian dragged Ameli Su and led Luo Youyou away. He really ignored Sakura Kurosawa. He contacted the hospital by himself, and then he drew blood. He pressed his arm in the hospital with a bitter expression on his face.

Mo Zaixi, who came here specially for this matter, was a little dazed, and looked at Sakura Kurosawa, “How do you look like your wife and others ran away.”

Which pot is open or not!

Sakihara Kurosawa looked sick, watching Mo Zaishi shake the test tube in his hand, blood was slowly flowing in it, Sakihara Kurosawa lay on the chair and said, “It’s not running with people, it’s just…”

Mo In the laboratory of the hospital in Tinborrow, he put the test tube into the machine, and then began a series of inspections, and said to Kurosawa Sakurahara, “You are so cruel. In order to bring down Jammy, you tried the medicine yourself. If the willpower is weaker, what if you become addicted?”

” I’m addicted after this age.”

Eldon Valles showed a greasy expression, “The only thing I can’t quit is love!”

Mo Zaixi was experimenting. Suddenly vomited.

At this moment, Christian and the others just arrived at the airport and received a call from Mo Zaixi, telling him that if he rushes to work, there will be a result tonight, and then two copies of the result will be prepared, one will be handed over to the police and the other Used as evidence of their self-protection.

Christian nodded and just about to hang up, Luo Youyou suddenly asked, “Then Heize!”

Christian was surprised and did not hang up. Knowing that Luo Youyou said this to the person on the other end of the phone.

“Will Eldon Valles… be addicted?” Luo Youyou looked worried, “I mean, will he be affected in the future?”

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