His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1926

Read Chapter 1926 of the novel His Vengeful Ex-Wife (Translated Version, Tang Jing Character) free.

Chapter 1926

Mo Zaixi looked at Sakura Kurosawa with foolish eyes here, wondering why a handsome guy who is very smart usually encounters such things as if his brain is not developed. of.

He stared at Eldon Valles’s face for a while and said, “I’m just afraid of your accident, and Luo Youyou didn’t let go. Don’t be too happy too soon.”

Mo Zaixi said so, Sakura Kurosawa’s face again When he collapsed, he actually knew that Luo Youyou had already expressed his attitude very clearly, but he was too unwilling to give up now. Hearing a little turbulence, his heart recovered.

This feeling that is out of his control is about to make him unable to sustain it.

“If you can’t hold it, you have to hold it.” Sakurahara Kurosawa smiled and spread his hands. “I can’t fall in love with others, so wouldn’t it be nice to work hard now to not regret it.”

Actually, I regret it a long time ago . After that, I regret to cancel the marriage contract with her.

Mo Zaixi Tsk sighed with emotion, then lowered his head and went to help Sakura Kurosawa for a blood test. It was at this time that Christian and the others got on the plane. The few people sitting in the first-class cabin led by the passengers who came to the economy class behind. Look frequently.

“Do you think there are a bunch of big stars on our plane.”

“I don’t know, so good-looking, where are you going to record the show?” The

passenger said this while looking at sitting in the first-class cabin. Ameli Su above, the woman is holding her chin high, her eyes are cold, her body is slim, and she sits next to a very cute girl with big eyes and small nose, pouting her face with aggrieved expression, as if boarding an airplane What happened before, this royal sister is coaxing this loli.

The people who passed by them were a little at a loss. Is Lily so beautiful these years!

So Christian, who was sitting on the other side of the aisle, had a pale face, and the eyes of the surrounding passengers were obviously looking at Ameli Su and Luo Youyou as a pair of cps, and they were all them not looking at him!

But I was so angry that he was not ugly in any way, and it was enough to pierce the crowd, but the pictures of Ameli Su and Luo Youyou were too eye-catching, which made Christian a foil.

Ameli Su is his person, why did he become the Luo Youyou CP in the eyes of others? !

So Christian tried to say, “Luo Youyou, or I’ll change your position.”

Luo Youyou refused without thinking, “I want to sit with Ameli Su. It’s good for you to be opposite.”

Christian cast his eyes at Ameli Su said, “I also think it’s better to sit with Yoyo, and to sit with Young Master Tang, for fear of ruining your reputation.”

Listening to her now, she is not smiling. child!

Christian would feel that it was cool, and for a while, he was itchy with hatred. Seeing that the plane got up, he stood up again to cause trouble for the stewardess, so he dispelled the idea, and then watched the plane slowly rise, and the people outside the window The scenery gradually turned into hazy clouds.

The temperature was a bit cold when they landed, and Ameli Su wrapped a windbreaker and got off the plane. What she didn’t know was that when passing by the baggage claim, someone secretly took photos of them all, and then Jammy received the photos.

“Sure enough, it’s a bit tight, so I’m catching up.”

Jammy’s eyes were particularly gloomy, as if there were many complicated emotions in it. Then he glanced at the man in front of him, grinned, “Lemuel Chu, you come back to me, why, do you want to avenge Ameli Su?”

Lemuel Chu stood motionless in front of Jammy. When father and son looked at each other, it was like a century of separation.

He said, “No, to witness the collapse of your tall building with your own eyes.”

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