His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1927

Read Chapter 1927 of the novel His Vengeful Ex-Wife (Translated Version, Tang Jing Character) free.

Chapter 1927

When Lemuel Chu said this, Jammy was only amused. He looked at his son’s face and said word by word, “If you could bring me down, then Elbert Bo and Lisa Tang would be enough to bring down me. a. ” ” in the past they thought you were a conscience. “

Rongchu Li engraved the south wing, then interrupted, cold eyes, this should not be a son to face his father’s eyes, the fate of the pair of father and son became so tortured.

Lemuel Chu stared into Jammy’s eyes, trying to see a little regret in his eyes, but unfortunately no, “They made a mistake in their judgment back then and thought you would stop there, but what you didn’t expect is that you never stopped. It was the surface calm and calm. My mother died, and the only person who could control your sanity also left. Rongnan, compared to me, you are now pitiful. You can’t do all this because there is no one. I will care about you again.”

“I don’t have anyone cares?”

Jammy’s breathing speeded up, “The whole world cares about me—”

“Do you think you can fool yourself into being loved by many people like this?”

Lemuel Chu laughed sarcastically. He was turned into a copy of another person by his own father. Jammy not only didn’t let Christian Suyan let go, but he didn’t let him go.

“I won’t believe you anymore, Jammy, you don’t know how to repent, you should be punished.”

Lemuel Chu stepped forward and got close to Jammy, looking at his father’s aging face. At this moment, he was only Feel desolate.

“This is my declaration of war against you. I have already made my consciousness.”

Even if the person opposite is his own father.

Ameli Su was able to cut off from his birth mother when he was five years old. Why didn’t he have the courage to declare war with his father.

“I look forward to what surprises you kids will prepare something that surprises me.” Jammy looked like a joke, “I will be on stage tomorrow, and you will stay here for me. I will put everything under house arrest, Lemuel Chu, please know one thing clearly. I gave you all your money, and I can take it all back.”

Lemuel Chu gritted his teeth and looked at his father without speaking. Jammy said nothing. With a wave, Lemuel Chu was led away by Ace. When he walked outside, Ace suddenly said, “Master, why are you doing this?”

“Your arms can’t twist your thighs.” He sighed, “It’s been so many years…”

“My mother Lu Yiting is dead, don’t you hate it?”

Lemuel Chu suddenly spoke. He suddenly looked up at Ace, this loyal and faithful following Jammy countless The housekeeper and assistant of Nian shared Jammy’s countless secrets, as did the former Lu Yiting, but with her death, the sins shared for Jammy were wiped out with her.

“Ace, I don’t want you to be the next…”

Lemuel Chu glanced at no one around him, then stuffed a small thing into Ace’s hand, then whispered in his ear, “Tomorrow at seven o’clock in the morning. Before Jammy is ready to go to the press conference, you can come and pick me up.”

Ace was shocked, he had actually shaken before, and even let Christian and the others attack Jammy’s computer firewall, just facing Lemuel Chu like this for the first time. Frankly, he didn’t know what to say, and looked down at the small object that Lemuel Chu stuffed into his hand.

That is a pair of ear bone clips.

Lu Yiting doesn’t have pierced ears, and she likes to dress beautifully when she is not on duty, but Jammy gave her earrings.

She can’t wear it, and she doesn’t deserve it.

Lu Yiting doesn’t have pierced ears. Ace gave it. They don’t need pierced ears… ear clips.

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