His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1929

Read Chapter 1929 of the novel His Vengeful Ex-Wife (Translated Version, Tang Jing Character) free.

Chapter 1929

Hearing Lu Fang’s reaction, Anz laughed and touched his chin, and said, “Luo Wu? Isn’t that Lu Fang’s ex-girlfriend.”

“Shit ex-girlfriend.”

Lu Fang was suddenly frustrated. Said, “Can I see her?!” I just don’t know why, when I said this, I was a little be careful.

Hua Zhi rubbed her hands, looking like a female gangster, “It’s okay, I am not a man and woman. If you don’t like it, Luo Wu give it to me, I like it, hehehehe…”

Lu Fang’s goose bumps are all up, he can I didn’t forget that Hua Zhi was not dying to Luo Wu, so he slapped the keyboard twice and said, “Dream you! Luo Wu is not gay, I can’t look down on you!”

Hua Zhi whistle, “It’s okay, I You can be the goddess’ licking dog, licking everything

you need at the end!” Lu Fang yelled, “Anci takes care of your family Huazhi, she is shameless!!!”

They got together to do a lot of preparations that night, among them Including the truth about Lisa Tang’s arrest a few decades ago, and Mi’s bizarre death, all the powerful evidences that could overthrow Jammy were collected. Perhaps Jammy himself did not know that these evidences were in Christian’s hands. , Because everything in the past was stored in his secret computer.

It’s just that Ace has silently let Christian and their hacking attack on Jammy’s computer long ago, and the information was taken away by Christian and others under Jammy’s nose.

“We need to buy the people from tomorrow’s meeting place and prepare our own people by the way.”

Christian frowned. “I called the people in the jungle to go in and lie in wait. If something happens, let them control the people below. Jammy and his security guards on the upper hand to us.”

“Jammy’s bodyguards must have been quite rigorously trained.”

Anz said on the side, “I guess we can’t easily beat them.”

“Indeed, leaders of that level are surrounded by particularly strong people.”

Lu Fang looked at his hands, and then imagined the bodyguards next to Jammy, “I think they can be compared to others. This kind of armed police’s combat effectiveness


“If you can’t fight, you have to fight. You must bring Jammy out of the encirclement.” “If we held Jammy, have you ever thought about the consequences?”

Lu Fang lifted his head from the computer. you know who you are kidnapped you? “

Christian startled mind, yes, this is horrible consequences and costs, is the wrong step into the abyss, but they kidnapped the world’s most distinguished man .

” To those The evidence was thrown on everyone’s face, letting everyone’s credibility for rights completely collapsed once.”

Lu Fang’s eyes were sharp, “At that time, trust was destroyed, and it would be difficult to reunite again. This may be why your parents did not There is no choice to make everything that Jammy has done.”

When credibility collapses, fear will spread rapidly in people’s hearts. Then various riots in the society will rise, and even affect public security and stability and cause division, so they If you want to expose Jammy, you must be very cautious. Jammy’s downfall represents the downfall of power. At the same time, they must immediately look for a new power representative who can trust and control these to stabilize the suppression. all.

“Do you really want Jammy to die?”

Hua Zhi asked, looking up at Christian, and seeing him smiling particularly lawless, as if the destruction of the world had nothing to do with him, he only wanted revenge, and only wanted to double the pain. “Yes, I want him to die.”

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