His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1930

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Chapter 1930

Anz blew his whistle, and then walked to Lu Fang. At this moment, the man was marking the surveillance video spot along the way where Jammy would appear tomorrow. Hearing Christian doing this, Lu Fang looked up. He glanced at him, “Boldly spoil the people, you are going to rebel.”

“Rebellion means rebellion.”

Christian grinned lightly, as if the two words rebellion were made for him, born rebellious, rebellious and sincere. He said, “Anyway, I am definitely not the first to want to rebel, and I certainly won’t be the last. Time may not be recorded. The wheel of history is rolling forward, and we are just a small bond. Or a node.”

From the micro to the macro, Christian sees it thoroughly.

“I have done what I need tomorrow. Besides…”

Lu Fang pointed to Anz, “Hey, her nephew Sarah An over there, can you handle tomorrow’s media reporter?”

The name Sarah An her nephew makes Anz slightly

She frowned uncomfortably, “Why mention the dead? How unlucky.” “Ameli Su is still in the dark, thinking that she is the last in the world, except for Marven Su, she has no other relatives of the same age.”

Hua Zhi Ants use prodding his elbow in the chest, “Why do not you tell Ameli Su, to see her struggling with a man like those poor.” “told why.”

Ants Tut a cry, irritably scratched himself He rarely showed such an expression in his hair, “I told her that I was Sarah An’s nephew, maybe she was more sad.” Sarah An is a sinner, so that Ameli Su has been insulted to this day, and Anz doesn’t want to appear again. It caused Ameli Su to think of something bad, so she stood in the distance and looked at her sister she had never known each other.

“Why don’t I know that you still have such an affectionate side?”

Hua Zhi felt the sun coming out from the west, “That’s why you dragged me to join this battle? In order to fight for herself and Ameli Su.”

“Struggling? Why should I be striving? I’m the offspring of a sinner. I’m not struggling. I spread my hands together–“

After Anz , I really spread my hands together, “What’s the matter with love, it doesn’t seem to atone for me? It’s like death, eh~ I won’t atone for it, Christian hasn’t pursued it yet. If I’m not angry, I won’t. “

Look at Anz!

He was born from an unexpected pregnancy in Bialla An. Because Bialla An was two sisters in An’s family and could not have the black spots of an illegitimate child, he was sent to an orphanage when he was born, and later grew up in an orphanage. I became a local ruffian, and read books with the sponsorship of kind people. I slowly gained a strong knowledge level and connections on my own. In the vernacular, Anci is now a cultured and shameless – a local snake.

Christian also decided to re-examine the year a while ago, only to discover that Bialla An actually had an illegitimate child. Bialla An Sarah An is not a good thing, but Anz looked like a chaotic neutral person, holding the test. The attitude of a try Christian meets him, and in the end the hero cherishes the hero. When Tang only asks for an invitation, Anz says, do it, do it!

Christian said, did you achieve any purpose? revenge?

Antz said, whether revenge is not revenge, my parents do not know whether they are alive or not, but mainly I like to do this kind of rebellious things!

Three light bulbs in Christian’s mind lit up on the spot, indicating that he had found the same kind.

Eldon Valles who was looking for Anz on the side also said: An idea, Yo Sai, my own!

So Anz joined the current team.

“I know the entertainment of tomorrow.”

Anci poked Hua Zhi and said with a smile, “She has all kinds of information here, which is called the walking database, but she has never shown her face before. I suggest that we keep quiet tomorrow , Let Hua Zhi appear first.”

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