His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1954

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Chapter 1954

Christian didn’t know how he returned to the ground that day. The picture on the rooftop seemed to be still in front of him. He closed his eyes and it was the picture of Ameli Su jumping. At that time, she If you want to stay away from them with a bomb, you will choose this self-destructive ending.

But it was self-destructive, but she smiled at him.

It didn’t seem to be dying at all, but it seemed to be fulfilled with satisfaction.

Christian felt suffocated, was escorted land release, and while the Sakakibara Blackpool also feel stretched emotional response, he stumbled and almost knelt in front of Christian, “all my fault, all my fault did not deal with the bomb!”

He The friendship with Christian was a lifelong friendship, this kind of result can’t be accepted by anyone. Seeing Sakura Kurosawa blame himself, Luo Youyou on the side looked uncomfortable, although she and him are still in a stalemate. But now it is time to stand up and comfort Sakura Kurosawa. Everyone sees the way he desperately disarms the bomb. At that time, he was the first one to stand up and approach the bomb. If you were someone else, who would dare to have such courage? To touch a bomb that will explode at any time?

Luo Youyou swallowed, and went up and pulled Sakura Kurosawa’s clothes and said, “Don’t blame yourself…”

“Blame me, if I go faster…”

Sakura Kurosawa’s hands trembled, “both It’s the accident that I didn’t plan in my plan. I thought that when Jammy fell, everything would be over…”

“This is not something you can predict.”

Lu Zifang didn’t know how to describe his feelings, Tang But now it’s like the sky is falling. He succeeded, he did it, he won–but Ameli Su is no longer there. What’s the point of all this?

He wanted to create a world that favored Ameli Su, but Ameli Su dug out his heart without looking back!

When Lisa Tang and Elbert Bo came to the scene, they heard about the whole process. Even though Elbert Bo had gone through the wind and waves, they all stood on their backs. They couldn’t believe that their son and their generation had changed their lives so much. thing!

Lisa Tang is the one who cares about Ameli Su the most, grabbing Christian and asking, “What about Yan Yan! What about Yan Yan!”

“I found it! Quickly lift it up! It’s on a stretcher!”

“Did not breathe…” The

middle-aged Tang poetry was also elegant. Generous, but unable to maintain the image of a lady at this time, he rushed to the side of the ambulance and cried out, “My daughter! My stupid daughter…”

The shout was even hard to bear when people around him heard it. She was in tears, saying that she was married into her husband’s family, but this was not married yet, Lisa Tang had regarded Ameli Su as her little daughter in love early in the morning.

This daughter-in-law is the one she loves most and wants to protect the most. Since she was a child, she is sensible and tolerant. She was beaten by An Mi and unconditionally stood by Christian’s side, silently supporting them, grown up and excellent and beautiful, complementary and tacit understanding with Christian. , As far as the script is concerned, isn’t this the perfect match for childhood sweethearts!

Who else can match? !

Lisa Tang really wanted Ameli Su to marry, so she could just call her mother.

But now, but now…Looking at the person who was placed on the stretcher covered with white cloth, Lisa Tang was so painful that he passed out on the spot, and the sound of the ambulance was frightened again. Elbert Bo put Lisa Tang in his arms, even Christian himself. I was so flustered that I didn’t know what to do.

The hands and feet were so weak that they were almost untenable.

He seemed to faint with a black eye.

The whole thing ended with Sakurahara Kurosawa and Lu Fang helping Christian to finish. Christian was already stupid. Ameli Su’s jump emptied his soul. He sat blankly in the corridor of the hospital, watching With the doctor shaking his head helplessly, Christian was trembling, as if he was going to the extreme right away.


Jiang Lingbaiyue came to help, but his face was ashamed. After Lisa Tang awoke from the hospital, she lay on the bed and cried while hanging water, crying constantly, “How can I explain to Marven Su? Tell Marven Su, he is just such a daughter!”

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