His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1955

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Chapter 1955

Elbert Bo heard Lisa Tang say this on the side, and she felt very uncomfortable in her heart.

Ameli Su was the daughter he grew up watching, and he had indeed been a daughter under his knees for a while, but now she has this kind of ending…

Elbert Bo can’t imagine that they all regard Ameli Su as a part of their daily lives. Without Ameli Su, how should I continue to live this day…

Lisa Tang was still happily waiting for Ameli Su to give birth to a child to name it.

Sighing, Elbert Bo waited to hold back his emotions at this time, otherwise the family would collapse, and the scene would be worse. He comforted Lisa Tang inside, and Christian sat on the bench outside the ward.

He felt so cold, as if he was dead.

It seems that the nerve to perceive happiness has been cut off, and now it has become a corpse. I have been thinking about how to make up for Ameli Su after I and Ameli Su, how to coax her well, and coax her to marry home. , Now Ameli Su decided to leave, without giving him any room to think and choose, even Tonny Jiang and Erwin Yue felt powerless, what else could he do?

He was left behind.

Doing so much, saying so much…

“Also love me…”

Christian clenched his teeth, as if this could withstand his broken voice, he looked up at the ceiling at the upper end of the corridor, desperately desperate. And the irreversible sense of powerlessness forced his tears out. His current sadness is no longer as sharp and intense as before, but heavy and overwhelming, destroying all his power of action, and the tide generally destroys him. Swallowed.

“Why… leave me alone…”

Christian’s throat trembled, and he suddenly lost his guard, lowered his head and buried his face in his palm, sitting outside his mother’s ward, alone. The young master let out a mournful sob and wailing.

This voice was heard by Marven Su who rushed over, and he shouted at the end of the corridor, “Christian.”

Unlike Christian’s hysterical appearance, Marven Su was surprisingly calm, as if he had experienced too much despair. He had completely broken his defenses and had seen the end of death, so that now the grief of any others has not been infected. It’s him.

Marven Su’s expressionless face made Christiandu a little surprised. He raised his head to look at Marven Su, still panting, “Uncle Marven Su…”

“Needless to say, I know everything from Elbert Bo.”

Marven Su seemed to endure some emotion when he said this, “Yan Yan chose to stay away from jumping off the building because he was afraid that the bomb would hurt you. I am proud of her. She didn’t sacrifice any more people.” They all said that they killed others. , Killing and punishing the heart, but Marven Su’s words were even more damning, Christian’s heart was bleeding, his teary eyes were hazy and sad to the extreme, “What does she mean to leave me alone in the world like this!!!”

“Perhaps Ameli Su hopes that you will find a new meaning in life before you choose to quit.”

Perhaps Marven Su is the poorest one.

Those who were going to leave waved their hands and left with a smile. Those who were left behind had to endure thousands of times more pain and suffering.

He was about to be overwhelmed by these.

The two men who lost their daughter and lost their love looked at each other at this moment. Christian’s hands fell feebly, and he slumped, “I wish I would die too. Really, I can’t believe this is true until now. It’s true…”

Marven Su took a deep breath, didn’t speak, but his eyes were red. He is old and can’t vent his emotions like Christian. He always holds back as an elder, which is more sad than Christianlai.

“Alright, everything has stopped.” When he said something against his heart, there was a sharp pain in his heart. Marven Su knocked on the door with red eyes. This seemed to have more meaning in Christian’s ears. Christian’s eyes changed in an instant. .

He seemed to have thought of something.

However, I still want to ask, Marven Su has turned his head, and the man endured the pain and said, “I’ll go in… see your mother’s situation.”

In the early morning of the next day, Mo Zaixi got off the operating table. The operation took too long and everyone fainted. The people nearby immediately gave him a bag of glucose, which was awful but could quickly replenish energy.

After frowning and drinking, Mo Zaixi took a breath, looked at the sleeping woman on the operating table, grabbed a handful of hair, and said, “Do you think Christian has to treat me as a father in the future?”

Lu Fang glanced at Ameli Su’s face and was injured. It is estimated that it will take a long time to repair it, and it will take time. It’s a shame that such a beautiful face was injured by the explosion, but it’s a blessing in misfortune that life can be saved. It’s also because of this woman who dared to do it. If someone else dared to take risks like this…

“I never thought that Chi Xun would work with Ye Xiao to prepare this. There was no movement at all, and it was the last signal to me.” Lu Fang pinched Grinding his eyebrows, “Send her back to the ward for secret treatment. I don’t know why Christian is not aware of it. Is it Ameli Su’s idea?”

“If you ask about the anesthetic, you will know.” Mo Zaixi performed this emergency operation. Almost collapsed, looking at Ameli Su’s face, “Maybe she wants to give Christian a…a new start.”

Then it’s better to let her die in Christian’s world.

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