His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1956

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Chapter 1956

Hearing this, Lu Fang sighed.

Both Christian and Ameli Su thought about each other too much and never considered themselves.

One is thinking of creating a world that can make Ameli Su feel at ease and pushing it all over again; the other thinking that because he has sinned, it is better to leave Christian and let her have a new start.

They are too cruel to themselves.

After Mo Zaixi drank the glucose in his hand, he said to

Lu Fang , “Leave the rest to my assistant. We have to go and talk to Chi Yu outside.” Lu Fang glanced at the man lying on the operating table. Ameli Su was pushed out slowly and nodded.

Walking out, Chi Yu was sitting outside. He glanced at Mo Zaixi, then stretched out his hand at Mo Zaixi, “Thank you for your help…”

“It should be.” Mo Zaixi said there was nothing, let alone Christian They are still their good friends. They should stand up at this time, “Does Christian know about this?”

Chi Yu shook his head, “I didn’t talk to Christian. Actually… outsiders think Christian should find a gentle and sunny person. girl, survive this pain later on when there is not, start a new normal life, so families live, no longer saw Ameli Su Ameli Su felt so dazzling …… will choose to do so. “

Since then pain All will no longer exist, and the twinkle of thousands of stars will accompany you.

Lu Fang’s vision dimmed. For a while, he didn’t know how to evaluate Ameli Su’s actions. Perhaps to some extent, he agreed with Ameli Su’s actions and disagreed with Ameli Su’s actions. After all, this was Christian. With her, only the two sides can open each other’s knots.

“Ameli Su will be sent abroad secretly afterwards, and his face will be repaired…”

“It will take about half a year, and it will be repaired in half a year.”

Mo Zaixi tilted his head and said, “Maybe Ameli Su hates her face and hurts her face. Only then will I be so reluctant to turn back.”

How long has the green tea bitter white lotus been scolded by someone pointing his nose? How many times have you been cast aside for death and shamelessness? Can you be forgiven if you shed this flesh and blood and come back with a new blood?

Mo Zaixi and Chi Xun turned their heads to look at the end of the corridor, the black hole usually swallowed them.

If he really did this, Christian… his heart would be dying.

Lemuel Chu took over everything about Jammy and resolved all the instability gently and frankly. He seemed more suitable to sit in this position than Jammy, and he was slowly accepted by everyone.

Lu Fang seems to have set up the club, Sakura Kurosawa is busy chasing Luo Youyou and rolling her eyes with Gulliver Gu, occasionally seeing Gulliver Gu and Chi Yan driving out for a late night snack, Alisha Lan is suddenly pregnant, causing Lan Mingcuo. Unprepared, he threatened to kill Sherry Xu, the bastard, but when facing outsiders, Lan Ming would laugh so badly that he said, “I am going to be a grandpa.”

Sakurako Sakurahara was locked up in a place specializing in the treatment of mental illness while waiting for treatment. Jammy was also sent to jail because there were so many things involved, and it would take a long time to go through the process and the legal sentence. Lemuel Chu has been following up on this. thing.

Ace and the security boss became his new left arm and right arm, and a few of them went to put flowers on Lu Yiting’s grave.

It seemed that everything was slowly getting better, only Christian was left in the past.

A few months passed, Christian didn’t know how he was going through it. He locked himself in the room and refused to contact the outside world. He closed his eyes every day to think of Ameli Su’s face. He was going crazy.

The world said that Christian was ill. After shaking Jammy, he should have been a vigorous winner, but he didn’t.

He was so devastated that he didn’t seem to have won a battle.

On the contrary, it looked like the one who was defeated.

“Is it crazy to see you.”

Christian murmured helplessly, slipping himself into the quilt, trying to isolate himself from the real world in this way, tears seeping from his face into the pillow, he curled up into a ball, and when night came, no one called his little brother anymore.

“Ameli Su…I miss you so much…” After half a year, Ameli Su panted and wore boxing gloves. She punched the man’s armor without hesitation. She still had some scars on her forehead. Don’t The place seemed to have healed, but there was a wound from behind her ears to her neck, like a thorn crawling on the wall.

When the last blow was over, Ameli Su stopped her action, “Why don’t we just stop here…”

“Is this tired?” Ye Xiao made a cold voice on the other side, “The reconstruction is not over yet.”

“I am tomorrow .” I want to go back to China to see my father.”

Ameli Su took off her armor, hugged her chest, and said, “Take a leave of absence, Teacher Ye.”

Ye Xiao’s eyebrows jumped, and he has been thinking about how to find it since that incident. This is a way to admit his mistakes and make up for Ameli Su. I didn’t expect that such a serious riot would happen later, and it would even be involved in an explosion… After Ameli Su was secretly sent abroad, because of the damage caused by the explosion, he became Her rehabilitation coach, after all, Ameli Su was sent to the Yejia Kendo Gym for training.

“I think you are almost recovered. You can stay longer when you go back.” Ye Xiao glanced at Ameli Su, “Still didn’t let Christian know?”

Ameli Su lowered his eyes, ” Let him know. Just treat it as dead.”

Ye Xiao whistled, “Then are you free to marry to my house now?”

Ameli Su pulled his hand out of his boxing gloves, and turned around and said, “No~interest~~ “

…Sure enough.

The plane flew from the sky, and some people returned to this land, the same as before, but completely different.

Wearing a mask, Ameli Su landed with Ye Xiao. They took their luggage and walked out together. When they looked up, they saw Marven Su who was standing far away to pick up the plane.

The father was waving and laughing at her, and someone nearby ran into him directly.

Sturdyly, hugged her full of arms.

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