His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1961

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Chapter 1961

In the middle of the night, Christian’s voice trembled slightly, as if he had never been so cautiously begging someone.

Ameli Su looked at the man in front of her in disbelief. Although her vision was dim now, she was still able to outline his exquisite outline and facial features. These were well known to her, and Christian’s eyebrows had already been carved into her body. .

She didn’t know how to respond to Christian’s humble request for a while, and in the end it turned out that Christian took the initiative to hold Ameli Su’s hand first.

At that moment, as if blood was connected, the pain of electric shock spread to Ameli Su’s body.

She felt her throat tightened and she couldn’t speak.

Seeing Daniel Ye today, she actually regretted it in her heart. After so many years of guarding by herself, what a strong perseverance was needed, and behind this perseverance was boundless loneliness and despair.

Marven Su brought her to see Daniel Ye for the purpose of letting Ameli Su know what it is like to choose to live alone for a lifetime.

Ameli Su lowered his head, and Christian hugged her again, as if he was holding a treasure in the world, “No… give me the answer so quickly, I am willing to wait, and I am willing to be retaliated and harmed by you.”

This is my own hand. Give you the right, pass the knife into your hand, take off all the armor, and expose the weakness in front of you.

If you want to fight or kill, you must have your approval and order, just like how I manipulated you in the past, then this love is mutual action, you can also pinch me.

Religiously, become a confessor of sin, a silent lamb.

“I love you.” I used to think that the three words I love you should be selected at the right time, the most exaggerated pomp, the most luxurious banquet, the most painstaking arrangement, the most earth-shattering event, But now, the three words I love you can also be said without a trace of defense from his mouth.

“I love all the sins and filths of your past. If you love me, you like to torture and detour with me. Every time you suffer and every time you hurt you and the backlash torture yourself to myself, I feel like I’m in a climax. Fighting with myself, between loving you and hating you. In the end I succumbed. I am not like a person, like a pervert, like a devil…like you.”

It was Ameli Su who taught Christianyi with blood for decades. The thing, that is, how to surrender to her.

“Give me a chance.”

“Dead in your hands.” After Christian said this, he held Ameli Su and felt Ameli Su’s heartbeat. At that moment, the heartbeat passed through his body, and the two hearts seemed to be in sync.

Ameli Su didn’t speak. It was dark in the middle of the night, but she felt that her eyes were full of white light, as if she was passing by the hot celestial body of the sun. After the retina was severely burned, only a dazed consciousness was floating in the outer space. She closed His eyes were like putting away his wings, his head buried in Christian’s chest, and his hot chest was like the passing sun at this moment.

When Ye Xiao woke up the next day, thinking about asking Ameli Su to have breakfast, he knocked on the door twice, and the door was opened from the inside. Christian stood in the room like an uncle, his clothes were disheveled. Said, the hair was still messy, obviously it was sleeping under pressure. He was full of discomfort and said provocatively, “What are you doing!”

Ye Xiao was taken aback, stepped back and looked around. After confirming that it was the Ye family, he pointed to Tang She shouted, “Why are you here?!”

” I’ll be where Ameli Su is.” Christian rolled his eyes and said, “Did you eat? Put more bowls and chopsticks.”

Ye Xiao couldn’t bear it. “Not much!”

“Then give me yours.”

Christian was very familiar, and closed the door again by the way, “She hasn’t woken up yet, and sleep for another twenty minutes.”

You really are not. Something Christian!

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