His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1962

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Chapter 1962

This morning, not only Ye Xiao was surprised, but also Daniel Ye who followed downstairs. When he saw Christian sitting at the table, he raised his eyebrows. Said, “Isn’t this Christian.”

“Uncle Daniel Ye .” Christian respectfully greeted him, “Suddenly came to visit, which caused you trouble.”

Ye Xiao really wanted to yell, your name is to visit. Yeah, you’re called a thief’s door!

However, Daniel Ye didn’t seem to be very resistant to Christian’s appearance here. Ye Xiao could only swallow in his stomach when his mouth was full. He sat next to Christian when Ameli Su’s voice came from the second floor. , She got up.

After washing and going out to see, Ye Xiao and Christian downstairs were waiting for themselves. Ameli Su curled her lips and said to Daniel Ye first, “Good morning, Uncle Daniel Ye.”

“Morning, where do you sit? “

Daniel Ye is also going to come. After all, he was considered an elite scum back then. He said to Ameli Su, “Sit next to Ye Xiao or Christian?”

Christian’s forehead was jumping, this Ye Uncle Jingtang is really not too big to watch the excitement! There was a taste of his father’s poor Yehupugou friends back then!

Ameli Su smiled and pulled back the chair beside Ye Xiao, “Why do you look flat?”

Sure enough, Christian’s expression changed after Ameli Su sat like this, he almost grinned his teeth with a smile, “Baby.” , Why don’t you come to me?”

Ameli Su held his chin in her other hand and grabbed a handful of hair. Then she took a sip of milk and said to Christian, “I’m angry with you, are you happy?”


Listen to this frivolous tone!

Christian knew that the personality who woke up this morning was the darkened little fairy again.

Also like to fight with him.

Christian picked Ameli Su with vegetables, and Ameli Su ate it. There was Ye Xiao in the middle, but he felt like he didn’t exist. The aura of the two men was so evenly matched that they could hardly allow others to squeeze in and eat. The meal was the same as a war, but the expression on Ameli Su’s face was still calm, as if she didn’t care about Christian’s possessiveness.

This kind of indifference made Christian feel sour and itchy. He really loved her expression.

After the meal was over, someone from the Ye family came to pick up the tableware. Daniel Ye smiled and said to Ameli Su, “It seems that after what I said to you yesterday, you have already made a decision in your heart.”

Ameli Su moved for a while, and then Facing Daniel Ye, he lowered his head slightly, “Thank you.”

Daniel Ye reached out and put his hand on Ameli Su’s head, “I still want to watch you guys do well, don’t go my old way.”

As a result, the voice just fell. Someone else’s voice came from outside the door for a while.

“Uncle Daniel Ye is not at home!” This voice made Christian frown, and then the man grinned, “I said why are you willing to come out for activities recently? It turned out to be…because of her.”

Ye Jing Tang didn’t speak, but his expression was obviously not colder than before.

Ye Xiao went to open the door, opened the door, Han Qingyan stood outside, pretty and pretty, and said to Daniel Ye, “Uncle Daniel Ye, there is a subject in my university. I heard that you studied it back then. Come to learn from you!”

No wonder Daniel Ye has smiled on his face recently, because Han Qingyan often comes to him to write papers recently?

When Han Qingyan saw Ameli Su and Christian inside, he immediately covered his mouth. The old mother’s kind smile was all over the small face that was still alive, “Oh! I’m really knocking cp! I am! Su Tang’s number one fan! I actually saw you fit together today!”

The child is still so careless and full of energy.

Ameli Su smiled, “What is the topic? Is there anything I can help.”

Han Qingyan’s eyes glowed, and he took the computer and rushed to Ameli Su, “Sister Yan Yan, you are my idol, you can come and have a look!”

Daniel Ye asked as he approached, “You today… …”

“The bread my mother ate in the morning was baked by my daddy himself.” Han Qingyan said with a smile , as if reporting, “She is also very healthy and happy today. Don’t worry.”

Daniel Ye’s throat moved up and down. I didn’t say what I wanted to say, but my eyes deepened, “…that’s good.”

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