His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1963

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Chapter 1963

it would be three words, but Christian heard a different feeling, as if Daniel Ye had exhausted his strength when he said this.

By the way, did Jia Qi really put Daniel Ye down?

Christian’s eyes darkened. Maybe he would only let his daughter go closer to Daniel Ye only if he put it down completely. Maybe he didn’t hate him, so he regarded Daniel Ye as a harmless friend. In this way, Han Qingyan could come and go freely to find Daniel Ye.

Christian thought about it. If he had treated Ameli Su like this and had no repentance afterwards, perhaps he would end up like this. He could only watch Ameli Su marry another man and give birth to a child. In the future, he could only be her daughter. The…Tutor?

The sense of substitution was too strong, and Christian was already anxious.

However, he was anxious. Ameli Su was not in a hurry. The darkened personality never cared about anything, nor did he care about whether she should pass on from generation to generation. For her now, she would die when she died, and she was not a particularly powerful gene. There is nothing terrible about humanity’s contribution to the death of children.

So Ameli Su lightly dragged Han Qingyan over, looked at the files on her computer, and said, “I have an idea on this matter, it’s better than I help you.”

“You can add your name to the paper. Oh!”

Han Qingyan blinked, “I’m going to participate in the competition paper!”

“I mean, I didn’t let me come, I will introduce you to a big guy.”

Ameli Su also learned from Han Qingyan. He blinked playfully, “Especially the kind of cow.” At this

moment, Han Qingyan was still a little at a loss. As a result, the sound of a sports car rang out ten minutes later. Several people followed out to see and found that a big beauty stepped on. Just walked down with red-soled high heels, Han Qingyan was shocked by her temperament and turned to ask, “This is…”

“A genius and beautiful girl in academia, Luo Wu!”

Ameli Su pushed Han Qingyan in front of Luo Wu, “Hey, there is a paper, I think it is your research field, you can bring Han Qingyan a piece.”

“Han…” murmured this surname, Luo Wu He squatted down with a smile, his noble and glamorous temperament suddenly became kind and pleasant, “Is it the daughter of Han Dashao and Ms. Jiang?” Han Qingyan proudly introduced his parents, “Yes! My mother did the same back then. You have the same style, big beauty!”

Luo Wu smiled and nodded to Daniel Ye. Daniel Ye sat in the living room and let the younger gang make trouble. The Ye family has been alone for too long. It’s better to be noisy, so that you always feel alive.

It’s a pity that none of this group of juniors is his offspring. He was guilty of rubbing when he was young, and now he can only watch.

It’s like being kicked out mercilessly from the position of participating in the battle and becoming a spectator.

Luo Wu led Han Qingyan to the study. Ameli Su and Christian looked at each other downstairs. Ye Xiao felt that it was too embarrassing for them to look at each other. Ye Xiao wanted to say something to make ends meet, but saw Ameli Su take the initiative to stand. I got up, “If it’s okay, I won’t bother Daniel Ye.”

“It’s okay, my family is more junior and lively.” Daniel Ye took a sip of tea while reading the newspaper, “You really want to go back,” I call Ye Xiao to send you off.”

“I’ll send it.”

Christian stood up and said to Ameli Su’s back, “Yan Yan , I’ll– ” Ameli Su waved his hand, “I don’t need you.”

Christian frustrated. Although it seems that there is no gap between Ameli Su and Ameli Su, in fact, she refuses his kindness to her with this attitude.

Following Ameli Su to the door, Christian grabbed Ameli Su’s hand, “Don’t you…” He was always smiling, but he was not allowed to approach.

Ameli Su took a breath and said to Christian, “Then what do you want?”

“I don’t want to be alone in the future. Uncle Daniel Ye’s tone now sounds distressing. He must regret it. The same is true for me, Ameli Su, I regret it, I regret it too hard. I want to use everything to treat you well. Now Jammy is down, it’s only me who should admit that he was wrong.”

Christian caught Ameli Su and looked at her, “I am sincere, I was wrong.”

Ameli Su’s heart trembled violently.

“It’s useless to say I’m sorry, it’s only useful to suffer. So, from now on, you can fight against me as much as you want. Any method will do.” Christian’s eyes were flushed, “You just see how I can stand it! Back then, you could Gritting my teeth to bear it for me, I can bear it for you now.”

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