His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1964

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Chapter 1964

This kind of words came out of Christian’s mouth, as if it was the end of the world. Ameli Su opened her eyes slightly, looking at Christian’s sincere look, and turned her head subconsciously. The sun outside.

Christian blasted his hair on the spot, “What are you doing?”

“I’m looking at where the sun rises today.”

Ameli Su murmured subconsciously, “Ah, it didn’t rise from the west.”

Christianyou At the time, I really loved and hated this personality. To change to the previous sister’s personality, it is estimated that Ameli Su would have followed him home long ago, but now this blackened personality is like a heart for Ameli Su. A lock was put on, and all the true feelings were firmly sealed, so that no trace of those feelings would be revealed.

Therefore, facing Christian’s soft clothes, Ameli Su did not move, but looked at his red eyes, and said with emotion, “You were handsome when you didn’t love me.”

Christianru was struck by lightning and stood in place, Ameli Su smiled and stretched out his hand and touched Christian’s face, “But when you fall in love with someone, you fall, and you don’t have the light of God.”

When you don’t love me, that look like an enemy of the world.

It’s really exciting.

After saying this, Ameli Su hired a car on the side of the road. Then, despite Christian’s obstruction, she got into the car and left. The slowly rising window glass gradually covered Ameli Su’s gray-green eyes. , Once these eyes were filled with the thick love of “I am willing to die for you”.

But now, she looked at him coldly, as if she had built a wall to isolate everything.

This is the original personality of Ameli Su who couldn’t bear the choice, so did the blackened and powerful personality come out to face all this for her?

Christian stood on the side of the road and watched Ameli Su leave in a taxi, clenching his fingers one by one.

Ameli Su’s return to Su’s house so quickly surprised Marven Su. The man was still humming a small song. He felt that Ameli Su’s affairs and Christian had been settled, so he should be a grandfather with peace of mind. Who knew Ameli Su was back alone. Marven Su looked around, but didn’t see Christian coming back.

The old man’s face suddenly collapsed, “Where is Christian?”

“Why does he have to come back with me.”

Ameli Su put down her bag and sat on the sofa at home, “Dad, Christian told me a lot today.”

Marven Su sighed, “Then do you plan to forgive him?”

“Forgive him?” Ameli Su was like hearing a joke, “Then I’m in vain? Do you think I would…forgive him so easily? Why should he just forgive him? Can I be forgiven by everyone if I sell it a little bit miserably? And when I lose everything, I am still being held and shouting that the scumbag is not forgiving—this world is too unfair. If I can come back, I must be reborn and become Christian. I hope my mother is a poor woman who has been abused by a scumbag, so that no matter what I do, I can be favored by others.”

Although Ameli Su’s words were extreme, Marven Su was unable to refute her. Her blackened personality is so extreme and extreme. Extremely, it is because the former Ameli Su suffered so much that this personality appeared.

She must have collapsed countless times in the night… Only then will she turn into such a hard-hearted personality to become her mask.

“But…” Marven Su’s throat moved up and down, and sat opposite Ameli Su, “My daughter, why did you gritted your teeth and talked about Christian you hate…”

Ameli Su was taken aback and heard herself His father said, “Are you crying expressionlessly?” At that moment, the heart seemed to crack.

Those feelings that were about to be uncontrollable came out of the hard and cold armor, so hot that they were about to be ignited.

Ameli Su reached out and touched her face, only to find tears.

This blackened personality with no conscience and heartlessness, said so many words that attacked Christian, but… he shed tears all over his face.

There seemed to be some real voice in my heart, and I couldn’t hide it anymore.

Ameli Su put his hand on her chest, feeling chaos and pain coming from her brain. These feelings, vigorously, were those of… the original Ameli Su’s feelings?

Is her love for Christian so strong…

Why…no, no, not allowed…Stop for that man…

I love him.

No, I hate him.

It doesn’t matter if not together, I want him to be well.

How is it possible, why should he be good at night, he should be awake at night, and all the things he thinks of in the middle of the night are mine!

What is the difference between meaningless hatred of continuation and the previous generation? Let go…even if you don’t see each other again.

I can’t let go, I want to retaliate against him, I want him to cry bitterly!

Her eyes suddenly disappeared, and the voice in her brain became chaotic. In the darkness, the lights in the room were constantly on, as if to break through the hazy darkness, sharp, weak, and gentle and firm, just like a palette. Was overturned in an instant.


“Little brother…”
It seemed that there was something to be integrated.

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