His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2036

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Chapter 2036

Wen Lizhi shouted, and Pearl who had sent away the guests turned around. She looked at Wen Lizhi in silence for a long time, and then said, “Is something wrong with me?”

“You are Wen Mingzhu.”

Wen Lizhi’s hands kept trembling, and he didn’t even dare to think about the fact that the person he had been looking for for so long was in front of him , and… he became completely unknown to him.

“My name is Mingzhu.”

Unexpectedly, facing him, the woman smiled and raised her hair. “It’s just not named Wen.”

Wen Mingzhu was dead long ago.

Facing Wen Mingzhu whose personality has changed drastically, Wen Lizhi stepped forward and pressed her shoulder. It is normal for this dark street bar to have such a mess of men and women. People passing by are not surprised, and Wen Mingzhu even reveals it. With a funny expression, he said, “If there is nothing wrong, I will go to work first.”

“Work? What are you doing? Sit on the stage to accompany you?!” Wen Lizhi felt fire burst out of his throat, “This Where have you been in the past few years? What have you done? How can you mix with that class of men?

Wen Mingzhu, do you know what you are doing! “

How can you abuse yourself like this !”

From Wen Lizhi’s eyes, he saw that hate iron is not steel, Wen Mingzhu stretched out his hand and touched his face, “That’s great, you still look so bright and beautiful.”

She didn’t even bother to pretend to go on. He actually admitted directly, showing a somewhat emotional look, “However, you gave me the name Wen Mingzhu anyway. In that case, I don’t need anything. I should count it as it is. Give it back to you, right?”

Wen Li stop breathing a lag, look in disbelief temperature Pearl, “do you know what you’re talking about …… how can you not be so self-love it?”

“remain at your side does not count self-love, or live like this now Not self-love?”

Wen Mingzhu gently tore Wen Lizhi’s hand from her shoulder, with little force, but this action was like a slap on Wen Lizhi’s face.

She had never resisted herself in the past, and even… would look at herself with that kind of expectation and humble eyes, hoping that he could share her affection.

The present pearl has more appearances that Wen Lizhi has never seen before.

“I can’t tell which side is hell anymore.”

Wen Mingzhu smiled, and after pulling away Wen Lizhi’s hand, she turned and walked towards the door of the bar, “But as always, living in purgatory, this kind of life not bad. “

“you do not go back with me? ” “

that’s not my home is your home. “Wen Pearl paused and said,” I gave you, do not you? “

” you’re in is Shame us on the Wen family!”

Wen Lizhi shook his head, he was standing in front of her, but Wen Mingzhu’s choice was not to walk towards him, but to walk towards the bar!

“Your sister died decades ago. I’m just a substitute.” Wen Mingzhu took a deep breath, “I want to live, I have to make money. Once you were raised in captivity, I became a waste canary who knows nothing. After leaving you, it’s like breaking my arm. It’s the only way for me to live on my skin and flesh, so I’m doing this, isn’t it right?”

Isn’t it right?

Wen Lizhi did nurture her into a waste that knows nothing, and even controls her making friends, so Wen Mingzhu, who escaped, fell into the land like this…

“This is all thanks to your blessing, Wen Young Master.” Wen Mingzhu giggled, “If you are worried about our affection, you can come to me for a drink next time and count my performance.”

“How can you say such a humble thing so shamelessly…” Wen Li Unstoppable, he went up and pushed Wen Mingzhu directly against the wall, causing Wen Mingzhu to grit his teeth and grunt.

She was able to withstand pain better than before.

She loves to cry so much, but now she doesn’t seem to be allowed to shed another tear.

Wen Lizhi habitually puts his hand on Wen Mingzhu’s neck, “You woman is so shameless to break through my bottom line!”

“Men who act on pregnant women are even more shameless, right?”

Wen Mingzhu was dull to numbness. He looked at Wen Lizhi in the same tone. At that moment, they looked at each other and he saw the walking dead in her eyes.

Like being struck by thunder, Wen Li’s eyes widened, “What did you say?”

“I’m pregnant, you let go.”

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