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Chapter 2037

Hearing the word pregnancy, Wen Lizhi felt the blood all over his body solidified. A strange feeling slowly climbed up his chest from the bottom of his heart, holding Wen Mingzhu. His hands even began to tremble, “You…” He was pregnant…

He only found her, why is this…

She is pregnant with another man’s child…?

No, he must have heard it wrong, or Wen Mingzhu deliberately pissed him off. At that time, Wen Mingzhu had only promised to kill a mosquito. He was raised in captivity like a dodder that doesn’t understand the world. Will accompany the wine and laugh like this, and… are you pregnant?

Perceiving Wen Lizhi’s trembling, Wen Mingzhu took the opportunity to grab his hand, and then said to Wen Lizhi, “I said so clearly, Master Wen may be busy with his career, and he will not recover for a while. “There was a sour feeling in her heart. Wen Mingzhu wore high-heeled shoes and shook her. She stood on the wall and still had the feeling of being pinched by Wen Lizhi on her neck. This feeling was too familiar.

He closed her eyes and dreamed back at midnight. She had been pinched by him with that hateful look in her dream a thousand times and ten thousand times.

If you can, I really want to die in your hands.

Wen Mingzhu smiled helplessly, and said to Wen Lizhi, “Our lives have long been separated. The Wen family doesn’t have to lower my worth to recognize me. I have my own friends and my own. Life.”

Her own life means…

“The life you are talking about is having children with other men?”

Wen Lizhi was furious, looking at Wen Mingzhu’s slender back, who could think of her belly Breeding a new life?

Stopping Wen Mingzhu, Wen Lizhi asked her, “Whose child? When?”

When……? Wen Mingzhu herself can’t remember. It was the first time she had come here to drink. In the past, she only sold alcohol and didn’t drink, because she knew that her drinking volume was not good enough. In order to survive, she could only accept others. They laughed, but after a while, the guests in the store knew Wen Mingzhu’s temper. People who sell wine but don’t sell themselves will laugh with you, but you will never be persuaded to take a sip of wine.

Only that time.

Wen Mingzhu trembled.

She even forgot what happened later, and when she woke up it was already the next day. Why did you get drunk that time?

Because someone asked her, do you know that your name is very similar to the name of a daughter in the past.

“Who is it.”

“Wen Mingzhu, have you ever heard of it? The younger sister of the Wen family .”

“But how come the high-ranking eldest daughter of others comes to a place like ours haha, Mingzhu, where will you wait? You have made money and developed, but you must remember how many brothers and sisters there are.”


This haha contains so many unspeakable pains and sorrows, Wen Mingzhu also wants to shout in front of others, not to mention it again. The three words Wen Mingzhu are gone.

Wen Mingzhu is dead long ago!

Originally, this name should be so full of love and pampering, the jewel, the jewel in the palm.

But now the Pearl is already covered in dust, not as shining as it used to be.

Wen Mingzhu couldn’t help her tears, she pressed her lips hard to prevent herself from expressing her emotions.

On the night she escaped, she told herself that she would never stop a tear for gentleness.

The more so, the more terrible Wen Lizhi felt, as if he could no longer pull Wen Mingzhu. In the past, he only needed to gather his five fingers, and she would be pinched by him until she was crushed. But now .

From the crevices of his gathered fingers, all that fell was the ashes of the past.

Without speaking, Wen Mingzhu staggered into the bar. Wen Lizhi stood there looking at her for a long time, his eyes gloomy, as if his soul had been taken away by the devil at that moment. He took out his phone from his pocket and said To Wen Mingzhu’s back, Wen Lizhi dialed a phone call.

“Erwin Yue? Do something for me…”

Wen Mingzhu stared at the woman in front of him, somewhat unbelievable.

Isn’t this… Estelle Su?

“You have to run away.”

So Estelle Su drew heavy make-up, her neckline was extremely beautiful, showing a beautiful and sexy bust. She seemed to like to dress so ecstatically, not like Wen Mingzhu’s dressing style is pure and sweet, at this moment Estelle Su wanted to smoke, thinking of something, and put it back again.

Hearing that Zhu is pregnant, I don’t know whether it is true or not, but if it is true, it is not good for her to smoke like this.

Estelle Su sighed and held Wen Mingzhu’s hand, “I heard Wen Lizhi is looking for a doctor… Did he know the news about your pregnancy?”

See a doctor?

An ominous premonition surged into her heart, and Wen Mingzhu murmured, “Does he have to destroy me to be satisfied?”

Estelle Su also rushed over to find Wen Mingzhu when she heard the wind. She has actually been acquainted with Wen Mingzhu. ,

I also know Wen Mingzhu’s past, but Estelle Su always feels that Wen Mingzhu’s escape from Wen Lizhi’s men is the most correct choice, not to mention the few managers in the bar treat her well, although everyone is living The bottom level, but they all rely on their own food to do business, Wen Mingzhu also made some money here.

Naturally, they will not be harsh on the cash cow.

So So Estelle Su said to Wen Mingzhu, “I don’t know why, so you can be met by Wen Lizhi… Now that he knows you are here, he will definitely not let you go easily.”

Wen Lizhi is a cruel man, just like Daniel Ye Elbert Bo. He will never give up unless he achieves his goal. There are few men who come out of the rich and elegant, and some are superficial. They are all the same in essence. ——Capital, plunder, unreasonable seizure, desperate seizure.

Because the accumulation of primitive capital starts with plunder. It is the prerequisite and starting point of the capitalist mode of production, and the means of capital accumulation is exploitation-so the men who come out of this chaebol, who have learned from their childhood, are plundering resources.

Shaking his head, Wen Mingzhu frowned and said, “But here is everything I can’t give up…”

If you leave here, you will be back in the cage again, and this kind of cage is tantamount to Wen Mingzhu. Social death.

Everything about her will be controlled by Wen Lizhi again, and even breathing will require his approval.

I can’t accept her like this, because although she has suffered all the pain in the past five years, she has still tasted freedom and never wants to be constrained anymore.

“I won’t succumb, even if the price this time is.” Wen Mingzhu looked at Su Estelle Su firmly, “Fei Fei, thank you for coming to tell me…”

“Because Lisa Tang is busy with the night’s affairs, Jia Qi is also Married, she could only ask me to take care of you before…”

So Estelle Su looked at Wen Mingzhu distressedly. Things are fickle , and she has forced the beautiful girl in front of her to look like this. Can she not be heartbroken? If it weren’t for Lisa Tang who told her to help and pay attention to Wen Mingzhu five years ago, perhaps there is no one beside Wen Mingzhu who can help.

“I have been wondering whether it was wrong to secretly help you with Wen Lizhi. Now it seems that I am right.”

Su Estelle Su looked at Wen Mingzhu firmly and said, “Wen Lizhi certainly cannot destroy your pride.”

Wen Mingzhu in the past was not proud.

Wen Mingzhu now has pride.

So Estelle Su knew that Wen Mingzhu had already made a decision in her heart. She looked at Wen Mingzhu for a few times and pulled her aside. It is not very noisy here. The sound of the bar can’t be noisy here. You can talk quietly about things. She got to Wen Mingzhu. In the ear, “Pregnancy… Tell me honestly, what the hell is going on?”

The news of Wen Mingzhu’s pregnancy came from the bar a month ago, although many men coveted Wen Mingzhu’s beauty and came to ask her for a drink. ,

But everyone also knows Wen Mingzhu’s reason that she does not accompany wine. No one would force her to drink. A new local boss came that day, he just asked Wen Mingzhu to drink, saying that she was fake and high, and she smashed Wen Mingzhu’s face. money.

Unexpectedly, Wen Mingzhu didn’t eat his set, and even said to him blankly, I’m pregnant.

As soon as these four words came out, the bar was silent.

Because of Wen Mingzhu’s existence, this bar’s business has started to improve recently, which is equivalent to saying that she is a group favorite in this low-level place. No one who works here does not want to protect Wen Mingzhu, so everyone united and bombarded the local boss. After going out, he even threatened to say that he didn’t want to see him again in the future.

Afterwards, a young girl who also sold wine came to Wen Mingzhu with the makeup applied with inferior liquid foundation. There was a cheap smell of plastic perfume, but she asked her with concern whether she should go to the hospital for an examination.

She has been in Fengyue place for too long. She has beaten the baby for the client’s only child more than once in the past, and has hurt her body.

This wine seller, who is not considered by men but needed by men, looked at Wen Mingzhu with empathy and said that if she needed help, she would be willing to accompany Wen Mingzhu.

Now that I think about it, it was Wen Mingzhu’s encounter with her over the years, and the world’s few goodwill towards her.

Taking a deep breath, Wen Mingzhu shook his head and said, “I’m sorry…I can’t tell you.”

“Can’t even tell me?”

Estelle Su said disappointedly, “That must be serious, or…that man, you Want to protect?”

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