His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2103

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Chapter 2103

Marriah Yan has always been looked at with strange eyes in school, but it was the first time I received an apology note from someone else. After the late self-study, the boy actually walked to the side of the thin face. , Gently tugged Marriah Yan, “Would you like to come to the playground with me later?”

Marriah Yan also stammered, “But I am not a boarding student, I am going to study…have to go back.”

She stammered. The boy’s face turned redder, “No, I won’t take up too much of your time.” When Christian thought that maybe Christian would still wait for himself, Marriah Yan nodded, “Okay, then hurry up.”

Classmates Holding her hand, he escaped from the classroom as if fleeing, leaving the other classmates shocked by the fact that the two people left with their front feet and back feet.

“What’s the situation?”

“There are people in Marriah Yan who are willing to get close?”

“I guess she just thinks she looks good…”

“Be careful, you will be cheated again.”

However, Marriah Yan followed the male classmate to the playground, but Unexpectedly, he stood under the lights of the playground, with a dim light hitting his face. The boy’s face was a little tender and delicate, “That boy, I apologize to you for what happened before .”

“What happened before?”

Marriah Yan Accidentally tucked up his hair, “What happened? Is that… the thing that called me to write a disciplinary summary?”

“No!” The boy took a deep breath, “I said bad things about you behind my back. I’m here to tell you sincerely. Apologize!”

Marriah Yan was taken aback, and he didn’t expect to say this, “You are behind…”

“Well, I have listened to what others said, and they said you are messy, not the kind of good girl.” The boy’s fingers squeezed. , As if enduring some emotions, “I’m sorry that my feelings for you are so complicated. On the one hand, I think you are very beautiful, and on the other hand, I feel bad about what others say about you.”

Marriah Yan didn’t say anything, but listened to the fifteen or six-year-old boy talking there, as if it were his inner monologue.

“Maybe this is a very despicable like? I shouldn’t mess with you in my heart like this.” They all seem to need someone to teach what true respect and love are during their adolescence.

“So, can you forgive me, I’m here to apologize to you.” If it weren’t for Christian, perhaps he would not understand until now how excessively hurtful the evil language behind him is.

Marriah Yan’s face flushed a little, “Well…I know, I am also very happy, you are the first person willing to talk to me.” The classmate squatted, “Why? Wrong… You, you long It’s so good-looking, how come no one will talk to you?”

Isolation in my youth is really unreasonable.

Marriah Yan reached out, “I don’t know, but I didn’t do something wrong, so I don’t feel sorry for anyone. You are willing to tell me this I am very happy, if you remember correctly, you are a boarding student? Go back, I It’s time to go home.” The male student nodded, “Then you must not hold my grudges, please! I won’t talk about it later, I will help you when I hear others say you later!”

Marriah Yan Puchi laughed out, just walking in the opposite direction with him, and finally reached the edge of the playground and saw Christian standing there.

The eyebrows were indifferent, as if to question, “What are you doing in the playground at night?”

“A classmate in the class asked me to talk over there.” Marriah Yan said with a green face, “How do you know I’m here? This?”

Christian snorted coldly, “I can find tm wherever you are.”

He must be extremely annoying, so he wants to control her. Christian thought so himself.

Reached out and flicked his thin forehead, “Why did the male student ask you for?”


Marriah Yan said cautiously, “He apologized to me and praised me for looking good!”

“Haha, it’s ugly.” Christian didn’t want to suppress Marriah Yan’s cheerful and careful thoughts, “If you don’t have a man to praise you, you will be very happy?” He said happily, “Yes, I’m so happy, I haven’t been praised for a long time.”

Christian paused.

seems like it.

He has always felt that his thin face is offensive, and he is still Sarah An’s daughter, without a word of praise.

I won’t boast now, and I won’t boast in the future!

Christian Yan Wangwaimian thin cold face pulling away, not many day students, they stopped at the side of the car, in the car, said Lin resigned smile, “how out of hand in hand today?”

So he kind of back to the Christianhe and Marriah Yan’s illusion when he was five years old.

Christian let go, “She ran to the playground with her male classmate in the middle of the night!”

Messy Lin was so scared that he couldn’t grasp the steering wheel firmly, and called Jim Bo, “Elbert Bo! Yan Yan was dating a male student in the middle of the night!”

Jim Bo scared. She turned pale and called Marven Su, “Smelly dog, your daughter fell in love before she reached an adult, and the male students in school tricked her to go out in the middle of the night!”

This is how the rumors came about! One is outrageous!

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