His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2104

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Chapter 2104

When they returned home, Marriah Yan and Christian found that two big men were standing there waiting for them at the gate.

Christian got out of the car and twitched at the corner of his mouth.

“Dad, why are you here?”

Jim Bo and Marven Su are like two door gods. When they were young, they used to be the dream lovers of thousands of girls in this city. Now the era that belonged to them seems to have passed. And the future era-belongs to Christian and the others.

Jim Bo stepped forward and knocked his son away. He pressed Marriah Yan’s shoulder and said, “Yan Yan, where’s the male student?”

Marriah Yan was stunned, “What male student…”

“Are you caught by a male student?” Harassment?” Jim Bo clenched his fists, “Which little bastard? I’ll go to the door and take a good lesson!” The dignified young boy couldn’t get through with a high school boy!

Christian looked at the side and wanted to laugh, “The boy said bad things about Yan Yan behind his back, and then apologized to Yan Yan.” When Marven Su heard this, he immediately said, “Do you dislike your single-parent family? Yan Yan , I blame Dad…”

Christian impatiently pulled Marriah Yan behind him, “Oh, don’t bother us, you two, Marriah Yan has resolved it. She doesn’t like that male classmate.”

Without him. Shuai doesn’t have money without him…bad personality.

A ghost can only be seen by Marriah Yan.

Marriah Yan followed Christian, he said what he said, not expressing his own opinion at all.

Jim Bo hates that iron can’t make steel. Such a good-looking girl, if she is smarter, can cheat some bad men with money, she can still walk the way for the sky! Why are you stupid enough to look at Christian!

As an old father, Jim Bo seduced him and said, “Yan Yan, I have a group of good brothers, and their sons have grown up” Before the words finished, Christian stepped on his father’s shoes, Jim Bo’s handsome face All of a sudden, he grinned.

Marven Su also leaned forward, “What do you like, Dad will find it for you.”

Marriah Yan lowered his head and said nothing.

Christian said, “She likes those who lack hearts and eyes.”

“When it’s over, don’t you just lack eyes and eyes.” Jim Bo murmured, “Yan Yan is so good that a big girl likes people who lack hearts and eyes.”

Christian pushed away angrily. Go to the door, “It’s for this in the middle of the night?”

“Yan Yan, next time you go to the playground, don’t go alone.” Marven Su looked at her with a distressed look behind her, “What if someone wants to stumble you. , The defensive heart is indispensable. Call Christian from now on.”

Marriah Yan paused, and looked back at Marven Su. Through these words, her father seemed to tell her to learn to guard against malice and learn to protect herself.


The thin face tilted her head, her beautiful white face resembled an inexperienced angel, and her gray-green eyes seemed to be a gem kissed by God. She fluttered with her long eyelashes, and smiled softly, “It’s okay, I don’t have any Feeling.” At that moment, Christian’s heart seemed to be pierced by a sharp blade.

Marriah Yan’s words sounded calm to others, but a big hole was smashed in his psychological defense.

That was the beginning of Christian’s awareness that he and Marriah Yan’s soul were dirty.

It’s not that she can’t guard, it’s not that she can’t protect herself. It doesn’t matter if she is.

It wasn’t that Christian wanted to harm her, but the malice and harm of others didn’t feel a bit on her.

How about being called to the playground in the middle of the night, or being tripped by someone. Even if you know it, there is the tip of a knife under your feet.

She can step on it with eyes.

Even if she cut her body so bloody, or used the dirtiest means to defile her, she would not cry out in pain.

It’s not that I don’t want to shout, but I don’t feel it.

If it’s not Christian, it won’t hurt.

Hidden under the face of the pure angel, is her extreme slant of the sword. The world’s beatings, scolding and frame-ups weren’t enough to arouse her joy.

Christian, you have to hurt me to get pleasure.

Christian’s pupil tightened, and then looked back at Marven Su and Jim Bo. The two old fathers were standing outside the door, trying to say something along with them. After all, the children had to communicate well in adolescence. Unexpectedly, Christian closed the door.

Isolated them from the outside.

Once this door is closed, the night is noisy outside, but inside is the entanglement of desire.

Christian put his thin face on the wall of the living room, he lowered his head, his beautiful face made his eyes wet.

“What do you mean by this?”

Christian lowered his voice and grabbed Marriah Yan’s wrist. As expected, she was careless and calm in front of others. She was too lazy to open her mouth to defend her being bullied, but she was so gripped by Christian. Yan started shaking.

“Does it feel like being touched by me?”

Christian squinted and smiled, “The daughter of a bitch is really a bitch.” The half-blooded face of thin face should have been an angel who fell into the world.

But Christian seemed to see the devil’s wings spread out behind her, not full yet, but they had already seen their shape.

The daughter of this bitch in front of me… is such a madman.

“I will continue to be tortured by me in the future.” Christiansong released his thin face, his eyes still flashing dim, he licked his lips, “Be prepared to live in hell for the rest of my life.” Sarah An is dead. , Only your sin is left.

The two broken planets stumbled on the ground at this moment and met together.

The shards sputtered out of each other plunged into the opponent’s star.

Thousands of stars in the ether began to revolve in a new orbit, and balance was redefined.

As if destined, in a certain corner of the Milky Way, a star was telling him with a wave frequency that only Christian could hear she was here for him.

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