His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2105

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Chapter 2105

Time flies, the love and hatred of the old years have turned yellow in a blink of an eye, and people have changed their appearances.

Ameli Su moved to major cities after Jammy stepped down, feeling the humanities in every corner of the city. Her dream of opening a garden has never been realized, but because tourism has increased a lot of knowledge, some plants can only be used in special environments. Survive.

After six months of traveling, Ameli Su plans to find a good agricultural and agricultural university to study. Anyway, the academic qualifications are not too much, and the skills are not too much, so I will study this knowledge well, and then I will have a wealth of knowledge reserves. It might be more convenient for her to plant flowers.

So Ameli Su, who was in Provence that day, quickly bought a plane ticket after making a decision, and reported it to the family elders. Marven Su happily sent out a screen of thumbs in succession.

He said that there is no end to learning, and Yan Yan’s father will support you and help you choose a university later. Let’s go to study!

Christian opened the door and rushed in, holding a bunch of fragrant lavender in his hand. He kicked the clear and bright purple flowers on his chest, making his face even more stunning.

Ameli Su was stunned. She said, “What’s wrong with you?”

“The assistant told me that you are going to study?” Christian handed over the lavender. Ameli Su sniffed the lavender and nodded and said, “If Sister Mingzhu pays it back If you are there, you will definitely tell me with a smile, make me lavender hydrosol. “

She also loves flowers.

Ameli Su looked up at Christian, “I plan to study a major in cultivating flowers. See what major universities are available at home and abroad. My father said to help me apply.”

Christian pondered for a while, “Then I will go with you. “

Ameli Su accident,” you have to learn? “

flowers this skill, but it is possible for some Tang useless.

As a result, Christian’s face was determined, “If you go, I will also go.”

Ameli Su was quite surprised. When did this person follow her like this? Then I heard Christian say-“It saves me that someone will plant flowers and go with you.”

A month later, Ameli Su and Christian went to the school they were going to study together. However, in terms of majors, Tang But there was a little accident with Ameli Su.

But since it’s all here, Christian also feels that it’s okay to learn more, and he simply doesn’t want to go with Ameli Su anymore. If there are too many entanglements, Ameli Su is still annoying.

As a result, another month later, Elbert Bo and Marven Su came to the school to find them. They found that Ameli Su was observing the reproductive organs developed from the ovule in a petri dish, but they couldn’t find Christian.

Elbert Bo saw Ameli Su observing with glasses, which was especially pleasing to the eye, “Much more temperament than our little bastard.”

Marven Su’s nostrils were upturned, “That nonsense, your genes are not comparable to mine.

Elbert Bo couldn’t stand this in-laws, and asked Ameli Su, “Yan Yan, where’s Christian?”

“You go and look outside, he should be outside.”

While observing and taking notes, Ameli Su pushed.

Click on the glasses, “If you can’t find it, I’ll take you there later.” Elbert Boxin said that his daughter-in-law would lead the way for this trivial matter?

As a result, Marven Su went downstairs and was stunned.

Christian was busy working in their professional fields. Wearing a straw hat and a vest, he saw Elbert Bo coming. He carried the shovel in his hand, and the wind that was thrown back almost battered Elbert Bo’s face.

“Son…” Elbert Bo was messed up, “What are you doing?”

Christian wiped his sweat with a towel around his neck, “It’s farming!” It’s farming! ! ! !

Elbert Bo said, “Why don’t you choose Yanyan as a major!”

“I can’t grow flowers. I chose my specialty here when I was idle, and I was studying rice every day.” Christian spread his grand vision, “The goal is to eat what I planted when I get married at the end of the year and the whole village can eat a table. M.”

Good fellow, ambitious!

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