His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2106

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Chapter 2106

touches the edge of the mud Marven Su Christian saw his face, for he also rubbed out and said, “You can be considered hard, do contribute to our country.”

Changed the subject, Marven Su said with emotion, “It is good for every scumbag to have your awareness, and if you do bad things, you will consciously accept the labor reform and contribute to the motherland’s mother.”

Christian was carrying a shovel and wished. Now dig a pit and bury Marven Su in it, thinking that this is Yan Yan’s old father and his future father, Christianren said, “You are here, and everything is right.”

“By the way, plant some millet.” Marven Sumo He pressed his chin and began to order food, “I also like to eat lettuce. You should also research and study. Eating more is good for your health.”

Christian began to dig into the ground.

Marven Su said, “What are you doing?”

Christian said, “I will prepare for you in advance…”

Marven Su and Elbert Bo visited the whole school, even went to the botanical garden to study, and came back. At that time, Elbert Bo mumbled, “The juniors are under more pressure than us. There are more and more emerging industries, and more and more to learn.”

“Do you have a chance to go to the cosmetics company in Hanshen?” “Marven Su rubs her hands, “After all, she will definitely study floral fragrance when she grows flowers. Isn’t perfume one of them? If she learns chemistry again, she may become a perfumer.”

“The industry span is strong enough.” Unexpectedly, “Look at Yan Yan, you can let Christian mention it to her when you look back, Mingzhu…”

Paused, Elbert Bo didn’t say any more, after a long time, he smiled, “Mingzhu will also be willing to let her Your own brand will be continued by another soul that has been tortured and grown up.”

A week later, Han Shen personally came to the laboratory to find Ameli Su’s whereabouts, “Would you like to be a perfumer and come to us? Company? We can build an entire back garden for you, let you plant your favorite flowers, and smell the flowers every day to find inspiration.”

Ameli Su’s eyes shined on the spot!

She thought that if she could do something to realize her own value, it would be something meaningful to society. So she nodded, and went back and reported several subjects, ready to move towards taking over the brand of Mingzhu sister.

She must not insult this brand.

After Christian knew that Ameli Su was going to do this, he was particularly anxious. You said that Ameli Su’s career is getting better every day. He is still a mediocre company president. Does it seem that his skill points are a little bit low?

So Christian also began to wonder whether he wanted to learn a new industry.

He asked Eldon Valles, “Yan Yan is going to be a professional perfumer in the future. Uncle Han Shen’s company said that she will build a large garden for her to do research in it.”

Kurosawa Sakura slapped his thigh, “Damn it” , One step faster than you!”

Christian was a little bit lost, “I still think I will help her create a garden myself…”

Sakurahara Kurosawa patted his thigh twice, “Okay, go learn civil engineering!”

Tang Only stunned.

Then I heard my unreliable good friend say, “This way you can help Ameli Su build a garden, in the true sense of the word, a garden!”

“You just said I went to the construction site to move bricks!” Tang But grabbing the phone and shouting, “Unreliable, hang up!”

Hang up!

Christian hadn’t calmed down after sitting there. Hearing what idea Sakura Kurosawa had made, it was not enough for him to wear a straw hat now, and he might have to wear a yellow helmet on the construction site in the future!


Young Master Tang was angry with himself for ten minutes, and walked around and called his father again, “Dad…Is Tongji’s civil engineering profession very good? Well, I also want to develop and learn to be a craftsman…”

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