His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2110

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Chapter 2110

When Christian said this, Ameli Su was instinctively stunned. She is a child who likes Alisha Lan, but maybe it’s just that this child was born to Alisha Lan, so Ameli Su felt that cute.

Maybe someone else’s bear child, she would still be too noisy.

After thinking about her attitude towards children, Ameli Su turned her face away, and there were some suspicious blushes on her white neck, and her words changed the subject a little bit, “This kind of thing about giving birth…Anyway, there are so many people every day. There is no shortage of one or two of us in life.”

Christian grinned, he pressed Ameli Su’s chin, let himself look at her, and said softly, “I want to have a baby with you.” “It hurts to have a baby.” Ameli Su just frowned, and Christian changed his expression immediately after saying this.

Yes, it hurts. Looking at the way Alisha Lan was pushed out, his face was weak and pale, as if he had walked through a ghost gate.

How come Christian said he wanted to give birth as soon as he touched his mouth, and he never asked Ameli Su if he was happy?

Hearing Ameli Su say this, Christian hesitated for a while.

After a long time, the man stretched out his hand and held Ameli Su’s hand, “When I didn’t say it.”

Ameli Su was surprised, “No more?”

“…Hmm.” Christian said with a grievance, “You pay and give birth to a child. To bear more, it should depend on your wishes.”

Ameli Su felt that there was going to be light from behind Christian. What kind of scene is this? The sun rose from the west, and Christian actually…

actually began to put himself in consideration for her!

Ameli Su said that the accidents were all fake, and even a little…moved.

You say that a superior person like Christian is willing to say that he will not give birth. It is tantamount to severing offspring and grandchildren. How does his arrogant self-esteem give up?

Christian looked at Ameli Su’s unexpected eyes, and was still a little unhappy. “The right to reproduce is originally on you. I won’t talk too much in the future. You have a lot of hardships, and you have the final say!”

Ameli Su stared at Christian for a long while, and suddenly chuckled.

They seem to be fools, this layer of paper is so separated, it seems that only when they are pierced can they express their love.

But in fact, there is no need to puncture this layer of paper, they are already surrounded by each other’s love.

That night, countless people came to accompany the bed Alisha Lan, Lan Ming even hugged Sherry Xu, an old father-in-law and a son-in-law cried with snot and tears, “Good daughter, good daughter!”

Lisa Tang came in the middle of the night. Elbert Bo looked at them and felt so angry and funny for a while. Alisha Lan said to his father and husband, “Can you two give me a shame!”

Lan Ming leaned forward and said to Alisha Lan. “I’m a grandpa! Can I be upset! I was the first to hold him, haha! I am number one!”

Lan Ming glanced at Elbert Bo after he finished speaking.

At that glance, Elbert Bo’s hair was about to explode!

Take a look, what to look at! A granddaughter killed him proudly. This kind of thing is still fighting for the first place. Whose family doesn’t Elbert Bo is stuck, and the look of hatred for iron and steel shifted to Christian.

Christian trembled all over, took Ameli Su’s hand and left. His father’s eyes were so resentful, as if the neighbor next door had scored a perfect score when he was a child, but he got back a fifty-point test paper.

On the way back, Ameli Su slept on Christian’s shoulder. Messy Lin drove in front and felt that the picture was very beautiful. They finally lived in peace and contentment. Although there was no special agreement, they approached each other silently.

After arriving home, Christian habitually reads books in the study first. The sound of water came from the bathroom outside, and it was Ameli Su who was letting water out to take a bath.

With a sigh, Christian pushed the thin-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose. Just as he was about to turn the page, the study door was pushed open.

Ameli Su was wearing a bathrobe, standing half-exposed at the door, and the dim light outside came in from behind her, and the woman standing against the light was surprisingly sexy.

Christian heard a grunt in his throat and swallowed.

Seeing Christian’s eyes suddenly darkening, Ameli Su smiled.

Let’s take a bath together?” Christian felt that his body was set on fire, and it ignited in an instant. “Do you know what you are talking about?”

What happened to Ameli Su, who was still a little resistant in the past?

Ameli Su hooked her fingers at Christian, stepped forward and leaned close to his ear, a large white skin pressed up, blocking Christian’s reading.

“Ameli Su.” Christian’s voice was already dumb, and his delicate face was threatened by wind and rain, “I’m not a gentleman…”

Ameli Su smiled like a fairy, and put his arm around Christian’s neck. , Straddling his lap, the Queen said sultryly, “Didn’t some people say that they want to make a child, child?”

Christiantongren suddenly tightened. He hasn’t touched her for so long, just don’t want to force it. I didn’t want myself to do something wrong, now… ruined, all my sanity was ruined by the light touch of Ameli Su’s finger.

The sound of the splashing water in the bathroom concealed everything, the night was thick, and all emotions were appropriately ambiguous and beautiful.

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