His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2111

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Chapter 2111

I am afraid that the night can no longer be quiet, the moon has hidden in the clouds, and the long night seems to have no end, swallowing all the ambiguity.

When Ameli Su opened his eyes, he was being pressed by Christian’s hand. He slept with his arms around her even when he fell asleep. Christian was not at ease for a while, and he was always worried that Ameli Su would disappear again. It’s gone.

He is insecure, even in his sleep, he is used to pressing her to sleep.

Ameli Su sighed and reached out to touch the bridge of Christian’s straight nose. This man looked so pretty when he fell asleep. God really loves him too much.

Christian woke up slowly and opened his eyes for a moment, as if the sky was breaking through the clouds outside, he said vaguely, “How come my baby woke up so early?”

Ameli Su wanted to turn around, and found that her whole body was sore. Trembling, “You…do you want more?”

Ameli Su said angrily and funny, “No, my body is a little uncomfortable…”

Feeling that there is no good place up and down, Ameli Su rubbed her arm and mumbled. Then, “You think too much…”

“Is it because I think too much ?” Christian finally woke up completely now, he turned over and pressed Ameli Su, riding on her and said, “Good morning to me Kiss.”

Ameli Su covered her mouth, “I didn’t brush my teeth!”

Christian said, pointing to himself, “Are you despising me?”

Ameli Su turned away, flushed, and patted Christian’s waist said, “Go down! What are you doing on my body early in the morning!”

“I’m a dog.” Christian licked Ameli Su’s neck, and then lay back contentedly and watched with her. Holding the ceiling, she said, “It’s so happy to be able to wake up with you in the morning, Yan Yan.”

Ameli Su always felt that Christian at this moment looked like Xiao Yeye, she pushed Christian’s head away and panted. He said, “Don’t be like this…”

“Are you willing to be close to me.”

Playing with Ameli Su’s hair, Christian smiled like a rebellious villain, “Otherwise, why did you wear a bathrobe to seduce me last night?”

Ameli Su also laughed like him, her voice just waking up. With a bit of sexy hoarseness, “What do you mean?”

Hiss I can’t bear her speaking in this tone. The craziness of last night seems to have swept back again. Christian pressed Ameli Su’s head and lowered his voice. Line, “I can’t stand you.” It doesn’t matter whether the world is alive or dead.

But Ameli Su deliberately yelled at him with servile eyes, and he couldn’t bear it.

Ameli Su gently kissed Christian’s nose. She didn’t resist Christian. Perhaps Christian’s attitude in the hospital showed everything. He had already learned how to love someone.

That being the case, she has nothing to fear.

She is not afraid of death.

Only bowed his head towards Christian.

Encircling the man’s body, Ameli Su looked at Christian with wet eyes. She said, “You told me the weakness yourself.”

Christian clenched his throat, gritted his teeth and said, “Why do you always Use this trick!”

“Because you… can’t stand it…” Ameli Su slapped Christian’s midfielder and said, panting, “Is there no class in the university today?”


Christian said, holding back. “I’m going to be a bad student for you, Senior Sister Ameli Su.” The sunlight outside the window was just right, spilling on their bodies, drawing a layer of gold.

Christian arrived at the school that afternoon, and the weather hadn’t completely cooled down yet, Ameli Su beside him had already wrapped up a scarf early.

Christian led Ameli Su on the campus. The handsome men and beautiful women were so dazzling that they made the passing students look at him frequently. He was proud, “Aren’t you hot?”

Ameli Su flushed his nose with anger, “I blame you for being here.” Plant strawberries on my neck!”

Christian blew his whistle in a good mood.

Dare next time.

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