His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2112

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Chapter 2112

Christian’s hooligans look is really unqualified, but with a good-looking face, no one can help him!

Ameli Su gritted her teeth and said, “You sleep outside at night.”

Christian immediately pulled down a bitter melon face, “Don’t, we just lie down for a day, do you know how I’ve lived this half a year! What life am I having! “

Ameli Su glared at Christian and covered his mouth. “The students around are there!”

Christian smiled so that his eyes were bent. He dragged Ameli Su’s hand down and placed it on his chest as if he were a baby. “Do you know that I have wanted to show affection like this for a long time?” My God, so long as you can see the moonlight, Christian can finally be open and honest with Ameli Su!

Ameli Su, the cold goddess in the eyes of outsiders, is a little fairy with him! !

Christian felt very exciting when he thought that he and Ameli Su shared so many unknown secrets. He took her hand and wanted to walk around the entire university campus for everyone to see. Not to mention, there was a boy who knew Ameli Su on the way, and he took the initiative to greet her.

“Senior Sister Ameli Su!” The white-and-white student passed by wearing glasses and beckoned.

As a result, he saw a man next to Ameli Su laughing evilly, with murderous eyes, so scared that he immediately retracted the second half of the sentence “Would you like to eat together at night?”

It’s over, did Senior Sister Ameli Su find a…home, a domestic violence man!

The younger brother summoned up the courage and said, “Senior sister, if you are wronged in the future, remember, remember to tell us, it’s useless for your boyfriend to look good!”

After saying this, he ran away, leaving Ameli Su in place. laugh out loud, but it touches Tang anger stars, “what he meant ah! ah! there are so talk to seniors so! ah! little bastard! Do not let I grabbed him!”

What is pretty useless light long what! How do you know that Christian is useless!

Going home that night, Christian pressed Ameli Su on the sofa while kissing and asked viciously, “Who is that schoolboy?”

“I asked for my WeChat account during dinner…” Ameli Su panted, two Christian’s waist was sandwiched with long legs, “I am still a freshman, young and frivolous.”

“Do you like being younger?” Christian bit Ameli Su’s lip with his teeth, “Add WeChat? Let me see on WeChat!”

Reluctantly handed over the phone to Christian for inspection, clicked on the chat log, and found that it was all young boys eating in Yosuyan.

Ameli Su was also very polite, and every one of them replied—I’m sorry, I’m busy today and I’m not free.

Christian really feels that he is going to explode. Why is his woman so popular? When she comes to school to study a major, she will be chased by a bunch of students asking for WeChat ID. Look at these remarks, this administrative major, and that finance. Yeah, why do you have a nephew of the guard?

Christian’s eyes went dark, “You won’t refuse!”

“I refused, I refused very clearly.” Ameli Su said jokingly, “but they all helped me, and some helped me carry my luggage. , Some helped me occupy a seat in the library, so they said they wanted to add me on WeChat, and I was ashamed to refuse. But after adding, they asked me and I publicly stated.”

“Then ask if you are single! “Christian held up his cell phone and said, “What do you mean by this sentence! “Although I am single, I don’t want to fall in love at the moment, so don’t ask anything about this in the future. “What do you mean by this?”

“I think this The answer is very good.” Ameli Su lay under Christian and hugged him and said, “Isn’t you supposed to answer that way?”

“When are you single?” Ameli Su’s rejection of others simply made him feel more at ease. But Christian still grinds his teeth, “You were Laozitong when you were five years old, and you were still single. You can post to a circle of friends now! I, yes, you, male, friend, friend!”

Ameli Su’s eyes flashed After the flash, Christian said too directly, her heartbeat even accelerated.

“Send it or not?” Christian was furious, and the people who chased Ameli Su would have to line up like this. No, he had to swear his sovereignty.

Ameli Su took the phone amusedly and said, “Okay, Fafafa.”

This night, I swiped through the circle of friends, and suddenly my eyebrows jumped.

He reached a circle of friends of Ameli Su.

It is a profile face of Christian sleeping.

With a line of words.

If you don’t encounter it at the right time, you will encounter it several times.

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