His Vengeful Ex-Wife Complete Novel Intro

His Vengeful Ex-Wife is a heart-wrenching story of a gorgeous girl who gets manipulated, humiliated and betrayed by someone who knows how to take advantage of the people.

His Vengeful Ex-Wife (Tang Jing)

Falling in love when the other person is dishonest is like controlling your being. Now the other person can do whatever they want.

You would be nothing more than a robot run and manipulated by this person.

This novel tells us how weak and defenseless you are when overwhelmed by the rush of infatuation.

Yet there must be a comeback. Ying and Yang are part of the world. One must neutralize the other. The good will only prevail when the evil faces resistance. So can the injustice be avenged? What if the love turns into hatred? Verily, the formidability will be blood chilling for those who have taken you for granted so far.

His Vengeful Ex-Wife Novel

The urbane romance novel His Vengeful Ex-Wife is a tale of a wonderful and compassionate girl who has given her all to someone cold.

This awesome, engaging, and addictive novel will take along, as a humble and meek woman turns into a vicious enemy. Once her love life has been ruined now her motherhood is under threat.

Chinese Novel His Vengeful Ex-Wife

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Read the novel online and don’t miss a single point as the story builds an interesting and intense plot for all the followers.

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