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Chapter 39

“Manager Wang, what is going on?

Wei Li didn’t react at all for a while.

But the woman’s instinct told her that she might have done something that made her regret for life.

Hurriedly stepped forward and asked.

“You get out of my way, and I’ll settle your account later!”

Wang Qiang shot Wei Li angrily.

The financial manager and the handling clerk behind him all came in.

Looking at Sheldon respectfully.

Wei Li was completely stupid.

To be honest, she really thinks Sheldon is a poor Sheldon.

Come to meet the world.

So in order not to offend young men and women who can buy other cars, Wei Li certainly did not hesitate to offend this poor boy.

But how can this poor boy make the manager do this, and he really wants to buy this Reventon?

Oh my god, how rich is he?

The young men and women were shocked.

Especially the man felt like he was greatly humiliated: “Manager, I advise you to figure out that I am your customer!”

“Yeah, if we want to buy Gallardo, we will find this young lady, treat her like this, be careful not to buy it!”

The woman also yelled.

“Do you like to buy or not, and you, who let you ride in the car, come out for me!”

Wang Qiang thought to himself, you two are nothing compared to the holders of the black gold card.

At the moment, it refers to the woman who is sitting in the main driving position.


The feminine face turned pale.

Then Wang Qiang smiled and looked at Sheldon: “Mr. Sheldon, look, next…”

Sheldon knew what he wanted to ask if he could start the procedure.

Nodded, took the black gold card.

Aim at the proprietary camera on the instrument and input the password directly.


“18.4 million has been credited!”

Soon, a system prompt sounded.


At this moment, everyone present, including the others who bought cars in the store, was surprised.

18.4 million, directly start Rambo’s top luxury car!


“Who is this man? He looks shabby in his clothes. At first, I thought he was here to meet the world. My dear, it’s blinding my dog’s eyes. People are the real gods!”

“It looks like it’s a college student, so I won the lottery, my mother, it has to be planted, not less than 100 million, right?”

“Mom, I don’t know if he has a girlfriend, if not, I will introduce my sister to him!”


The scene became a sensation for a while.

Everyone turned their attention to Sheldon.

Sheldon’s face was hot.

On the side, the superior pair of men and women were so ashamed that they couldn’t find a place to get in.

I can buy six Gallardos for one car.

I drove people out of the car just now, and I felt pain in my cheeks after thinking about it.

“Madam, please give in, I have to look at the interior again…”

Sheldon walked to the car door and said lightly as she watched the woman reluctantly leaving the car.

“Ah…I, I, I!” She really wanted to get in the car and let people take it on the road. When that happens, everyone’s eyes will be attracted.

This is enough for girls in this life.

Can you think about your boyfriend? I can only buy a Gallardo, it’s dead, ah ah ah!

The woman ran aside in shame.

And everyone was outside waiting for Sheldon to watch the car.

Finally, Sheldon finished watching and walked out.

It just so happens that Wang Qiang’s procedures have also been completed.

“Mr. Sheldon, this is your car key and your business card. From now on, if Mr. Sheldon has any requirements, even if it is something else in life, Mr. Sheldon just ask!”

Wang Qiang said respectfully.

Because Sheldon is more than just buying a car, it also symbolizes that there is a big family behind Sheldon.

Once you got acquainted with this Sheldon, wouldn’t he Wang Qiang be a frightful person.

“Okay, thank you Manager Wang. To be honest, I have one thing I want to trouble Manager Wang!”

Sheldon smiled.

“Please tell, please tell!”

“That is to send someone to help me drive the car back! Haha, I haven’t got a driver’s license yet…”

“That’s it, I will do it right away!”

“Mr. Sheldon, how about I help you drive?”

“Mr. Sheldon, let me open it for you. It’s been two or three years since I got my driver’s license!”

“Mr. Sheldon, which driving school did you learn to drive at?”

Only after his words fell, a group of little fans gathered around and shook Sheldon’s arm frantically.

All the way, he asked which university Sheldon came from, the driving school and so on.

Sheldon prevaricates, but fortunately, Wang Qiang is fast enough, so he drove Sheldon home by himself.

Wei Li stood at the door, looking at Sheldon and the others away from the back, biting her lip, wishing she could slap herself!

The dog’s eyes were low, and he thought it was a bronze. Unexpectedly, he met a king, the real king!

Wei Li slumped on the ground feebly, her career was over!

However, after Sheldon returned, he did not let Wang Qiang send himself to the campus.

After all, this Lamborghini is so cool that it was followed by many people on the road.

If you enter the campus, you must not attract people’s attention.

Too high-profile.

There is a feeling of showing off wealth.

And just show off their wealth 13 is what Sheldon hates most.

Therefore, Sheldon asked Wang Qiang to park his car in a park parking space not far from the campus.

Let Wang Qiang take a taxi and go home.

Alas, I bought a car and I am not too embarrassed to drive it. This is really anxious.

However, Sheldon was really satisfied with this car.

It’s just like dreaming.

After weighing the car keys, Sheldon went to the school next to the school to buy a cup of milk tea.

“You don’t have cash, you can use electronic payment!”

“Sorry boss, isn’t my mobile phone dead, and I forgot to bring my wallet, otherwise, I will put the milk tea here first, and when I return to the dorm to get my wallet, I will come back to get it…”

As soon as Sheldon walked over, he saw a girl holding a bag of milk tea, talking to the boss.

It seemed that after the girl had finished buying, she found out that she didn’t bring her wallet, and the phone was out of power, and she couldn’t pay, which was quite embarrassing.

However, after Sheldon slightly looked at the girl’s profile, he couldn’t help but startled slightly.

“Huh? Is it her?”

Sheldon was slightly surprised.

She was the girl who Nimra called herself to clean up last time, and then she accidentally soiled her white shoes with a broom because she heard Storen talk about buying a car.

Because this girl is very beautiful, she doesn’t look at people with colored glasses like Nimra, in short, she is quite quiet.

So Sheldon remembered her deeply.

Remember her name even more, Lilla!

“Sister, you can’t make such a joke. You bought six cups of milk tea at once, and you drank a few sips of one of them. You put it here, if you don’t come back, I will ask someone for money. , Miss sister, don’t be surprised, I am a small business!”

A little male boss inside said helplessly.

Lilla seemed to be anxious, and wiped the sweat from his forehead anxiously.

“How much? I will pay for her…”

When Lilla was anxious, a voice suddenly rang in her ear.

She breathed a sigh of relief, turned her head to look, and suddenly smiled somewhat unexpectedly:

“It’s you?”

“Well, meet again!”

Sheldon smiled, his face turned red uncomfortably…

Chapter 40-You Can Learn To Car

“Thank you today… I forgot to bring my wallet!

Lilla fluffed her hair and said with a smile.

She didn’t directly refuse Sheldon to pay for her. She was polite or something.

She is the kind of generous girl.

Especially, encountering Sheldon today gave Lilla a little surprise.

Because he was in the lecture hall last time, Lilla had a deep impression of Sheldon.

I just remember that this was a student who was not surprised, and he was very indifferent in the face of other people’s ridicule.

“You’re welcome…”

Sheldon smiled.

“Don’t worry, when I go back and get my wallet, I will return the money to you. By the way, do you have Instagram? If so, I will transfer the money to you directly…”


Sheldon didn’t push back and forth either, although the girl in front of him was very beautiful, but in the final analysis it was a peaceful meeting.

Sheldon doesn’t have the habit of welcoming melody.

According to common sense, ordinary boys will definitely say that they don’t have to pay back the money when they encounter this situation.

Maybe she will try her best to invite girls out for a meal, make friends or something.

But Sheldon is a little straight, at least now he has this kind of character, since she wants to pay back the money, she has no reason to refuse.

“I will go back to the dorm and wait for the evening, and I will transfer it to you in the evening! Thank you, my name is Lilla!”

“My name is Sheldon!”

Sheldon said with a smile.

Lilla waved to him and left in a little anxiousness.

It’s so pretty.

Looking at the girl’s back.

Sheldon secretly said in his heart.

Hey, when did I become such a idiot?

With a faint smile, Sheldon turned around and picked up the milk tea, ready to go to his car again.

The first time I bought such a good car, at least Sheldon didn’t dare to buy it in his dreams. Of course he was fresh.

“Wow, come and see, what kind of car is this?”

“I’ll go, Lamborghini sports car, this is too handsome, this car is at least several million, right?”

“This is Reventon, one of Lamborghini’s most expensive cars. At least it costs more than 15 million dollar. This is the best match. It’s a small 20 million! A tyrant, an absolute tyrant!”

When Sheldon swayed past, he was shocked to find that his car was already full of people.

Most of them are girls, but a few boys.

The car was surrounded by water.

The discussion is enthusiastic.

No girl child, both eyes are shining now.

“Well, a handsome and cool sports car with close to 20 million dollar. If I can sit down for a while, I would rather die!”

“I don’t know which rich person owns this car. Does Roston University have such a rich person? If there is, I really want to be his girlfriend!”

“Come, come, hurry, take a picture for me, I want to take a photo with the car!”

“Crack, click!”

The phone shutter sound kept ringing.

There are also girls who want to take pictures and feel embarrassed.

However, their gazes are looking everywhere except in the car.

I want to see who the owner of the car is. If it is a boy or a student of Roston University, I have to seize the opportunity.

What if… what if you are caught by this big rich person.

“Um, can you let one let me pass…”

Sheldon scratched his scalp, and decided to walk over with his scalp.

“Get out of my way, what squeeze!”

Unexpectedly, a girl was impatiently pushed aside.

The anger in Sheldon’s heart, did you fu*king ask me, just sit on the front of my car, and it’s so horrible!

“Look at this person, D Silk, who actually wants to come forward and take pictures. Isn’t it disgusting!?”

“Hehe, maybe I want to take advantage of the effort we are all here to come and find a girl to lick the oil, there is no disgusting person now!”

“The owner of the Lamborghini will come later. It’s fine to see these beautiful women. If you see such a disgusting boy here, it would be strange if people are not angry!”

After speaking, several girls also secretly picked up their phones and took a close photo with Rambo.

“Look, why are these people over there?”

“It seems that a rich person appeared in our school and bought a Lamborghini Reventon sports car!”

“Damn, that car is ten to twenty million, go and take a look!”

Sheldon was violently pushed to the outside by a few girls, and more people ran over.

Sheldon felt helpless in his heart.

If he wants to slap his face now, slap the girls mocking him in the face, it is very simple, that is, take the key out and just press it directly.

However, Sheldon did not have that habit.

Especially such a large crowd.

Unexpectedly, parking the car here, the effect is still as good as stopping at the school gate.

Take a look and wait to turn around and drive the car somewhere else.

It can only be this way!

Alas, sighed.

Sheldon put away the key, turned and left.

Not a few steps away, the phone rang suddenly, and it was a strange number.

Sheldon clicked to connect.

“Sheldon, right? I forgot to inform you in the morning. At one o’clock this afternoon, please gather at the North Playground for the exercise of Subject 2!”

A faint female voice rang.

Just hung up the phone after speaking.

I acquired subject one, no wonder I practiced subject two today.

Regardless of the caller’s attitude, Sheldon, hoping to get his driver’s license as soon as possible, hurried to the North Playground.

After waiting for the place.

Training on the field has already begun.

An instructor wearing sunglasses is teaching a car to carry out the practice of reversing the library.

There are probably eleven people waiting.

There are men and women.

They all stood by and watched.

“Damn, it’s really Sheldon, does he really learn to drive?”

When Sheldon walked over, a student girl immediately covered her mouth in surprise, with an unbelievable look on her face.

“Haha, how about it, I’ll just say it’s him, Qianqian, bet you lose, you are going to eat with me tonight!”

There was also a boy who smiled excitedly.

“Oh, it doesn’t count, it doesn’t count. Who would have thought that Sheldon’s poor Sheldon can come to take the driver’s license test? This is simply unscientific. I think, Li Nian, you already knew that Sheldon had signed up, so you made a bet with me! Lied to me!”

The girl named Qianqian immediately said nothing.

The thing is like this, when they all came to learn to drive, they saw Sheldon’s name on the list.

Then the two began to bet whether it was the poor Sheldon Sheldon in their department.

As a result, after the staff of the driving school finished the phone call and brought Sheldon, it was really true.

It was blinding their eyes.

As for these two people, Sheldon was not very familiar, but had just met in the department.

Why have you met? Because these two people are from the Student Union, one is Li Nian, the Minister of the Discipline Inspection Department, and the other is Zheng Qianqian, the Minister of the Health Department, both of them belong to the Student Union.

As a poor student receiving subsidies, Sheldon was assigned to work by Nimra.

And they naturally knew Sheldon, the strange flower in the department.

In the whole department, who has never heard of a very poor person?

The conversation between the two also made the group of boys and girls who are also students couldn’t help but look at Sheldon again and again.

Some boys even laughed contemptuously: “Brother Nian, is this person poor in your department?”

He ridiculed and devalued others, and his own worth was undoubtedly raised. The main reason was that the boy in front of him had no status. If he didn’t ridicule, how could he set off himself?

“Poor, poor you can’t imagine, hahaha!”

Li Nian laughed.

Sheldon laughed coldly at these sarcasm, and turned his head away, as if Li Nian and Zheng Qianqian did not exist.

Does the dog bit you, do you have to bite it back?

This scene that was ignored directly made Li Nian feel angry.

Just when he was about to have an attack, the trainee who was practicing the car had stopped.

Then the door slowly opened.

A white wrist was exposed.

As for the audience, not only Sheldon and the others, but also the boys and girls in other groups on the field, all looked over here.

“Look, everyone, that beauty is out!”

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