CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1301 – 1302

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Chapter 1301

As soon as Tina left the banquet hall, she saw Alyssa.

“Alyssa?” Tina was a little surprised, Alyssa would also be here at this time.

Alyssa saw Tina’s doubts, and said, “Adams’ annual meeting tonight is also in AdamPic. I heard that your AdamPic media is also holding an annual meeting here. I planned to come and join in the fun.”

After Alyssa finished speaking, she glanced at the door of the banquet hall behind Tina, and said with some confusion, “Why did you come out? Did you leave so early?”

“Don’t mention it.” Stephanie came out of the run, just hearing Alyssa’s words, and voluntarily explained: “My cousin’s girlfriend is too annoying, and deliberately came to our little Tina sister to have trouble.”

“Your cousin? Who is it?” Alyssa didn’t know that Stephanie was Peter’s cousin.

Tina explained: “Peter.”

“No wonder I thought you were a bit familiar before, because it turns out that you look a little like Peter.” Alyssa suddenly realized.

“Is it?” Stephanie touched her face: “I don’t want to look like that big pig’s hoof.”

Peter’s current girlfriend is Cathy.

Cathy is not a fuel-efficient lamp. She is here to pick things, and it is not a good thing to be sure, but Tina has never been an irritable person. She was angered out of the meeting place, and other things happened.

“Since you are all out, then I don’t need to go anymore. Let’s go, let’s go to play elsewhere.” Alyssa held her cool shoulders: “Where do you want to go?”

Stephanie hurriedly came up to explain: “Ms. Tina has a cold. She is going home to rest.”

“I’m fine.” Tina glared at Stephanie pretentiously.

“Little cousin is very concerned about our Tina.” Alyssa laughed and teased Stephanie.

Stephanie was a little embarrassed: “I am just an intern agent. Ms. Tina doesn’t dislike me, she is kind to me. Of course I have to be nice to Ms. Tina.”


Finally, the three of them opened a private room for singing together.

As soon as Stephanie entered the room, she looked around with curiosity.

“I haven’t sung in Best Day? This equipment is too advanced?”

“Wow, there is this!”

Alyssa looked at Stephanie with some amusement, then turned to Tina and said, “You little manager is very interesting.”

“People are serious agents, you call other people’s small agents again, be careful that they get angry.” Tina couldn’t help but laugh.

Alyssa laughed and shouted to Stephanie, “Stephanie, order a song for your sister Tina, it’s very difficult.”

Ten minutes later.

Stephanie shrank pitifully in the corner of the sofa, covering her ears with her hands, her expression unlovable.

After Tina sang a song, she looked back and saw Stephanie’s appearance, and raised her eyebrows: “Stephanie, what is your expression?”

“Ms. Tina, I have decided. From now on, you will focus on filming and making commercials. Don’t sing.” Stephanie said with a worried expression on her face.

“You don’t like my singing?” Tina squinted and walked over, looking dangerously at Stephanie.

Stephanie pursed her lips, opened her eyes and said nonsense: “No, that’s all because you sing so well. If you go to sing, don’t you just grab someone’s job as a singer?”

“You are right.” Tina cleared her throat: “I will sing one more song.”

Stephanie was so scared that she fell off the sofa.

Before long, the box door opened.

The person who came in was Karl, followed by Peter.

Chapter 1302

Tina sang intently, but no one came in.

Alyssa frowned when she saw Karl and Peter coming in. When Karl approached, she gave him a dissatisfied look.

“I met at the elevator entrance.” Karl lowered his head and explained softly by leaning against her ear, with a hint of flattery.

Alyssa’s face was slightly stunned.

Just now Karl sent a message to her asking where she was. She was afraid that Karl was worried, so she said that she was singing with Tina in the private room.

After Karl’s annual meeting was over, he would definitely come to her, but she didn’t expect that Peter would come with him.

After Tina left, Peter was a little restless in the banquet hall, always thinking of the indifference in Tina’s anger before leaving.

Indifference made him scared.

He was restless, so he wanted to come out to find Tina. Naturally Tina wouldn’t answer the phone call, but he heard the waiter say that Tina and Alyssa were together.

He knew that Adams’ was also holding the annual meeting in Best Day tonight, and Alyssa came with Karl, and Alyssa would definitely not leave first.

That also meant that Tina was still in Best Day, so he wanted to look for her layer by layer.

As a result, he ran into Karl at the elevator entrance.

As soon as Karl saw Peter, he understood what was going on. The two tacitly said nothing and walked all the way.

“Alyssa.” Peter called to Alyssa with a smile.

Alyssa sighed, “Yes.”

After Tina sang a song, she turned around and saw that Peter and Karl were both coming.

She threw the microphone in her hand and walked to Peter: “What are you doing here?”

Smart and cold, she knew that Peter was here for her, just by looking at his uneasy expression.

“Tina, I didn’t mean to be in the banquet hall just now, nor did I want to help Cathy, I just…”

Just what?

Peter didn’t know how to explain.

Just say that I am deliberately competing with her?

Tina sneered: “Cathy is your girlfriend, you should help her.”

“It’s not… Cathy and I are just…” Peter wanted to explain that he and Cathy were not real boy and girlfriends.

“Cathy is your girlfriend. You have admitted this matter yourself. Everyone thinks so. What she does and what you do are related. I hope you can mature a little and control your emotions. Handle your feelings and relationships well.”

Tina finished speaking in an extremely calm tone.

Peter’s heart suddenly fell cold: “Tina, don’t do this.”

After he came in, he called her Tina.

It’s a long-lost title.

Tina smiled: “I have reflected on it. I said those things to you before, because I didn’t think about it. I apologize to you. I don’t think you are sick. I just don’t want to be with you.”

Peter’s face was tense, and he looked calmly at her.

Tina continued: “I liked you that year, you were 20 years old, I was 18 years old, ten years have passed, I am 28 years old, I still like 20-year-old Peter, but I don’t like 30 years old Peter.”

Peter shook his whole body, and his expression looked at Tina with an anxious expression.

“Do you understand what I mean?” Tina’s tone was very calm, as if she would explain to him again as long as Peter said that he didn’t understand.

Peter did not speak, he was completely speechless.

These words Tina said made him feel more sad than she said he was disgusting.

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