CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1365 – 1366

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Chapter 1365

After Cathy and the reporter finished talking, she deleted the chat reporter cleanly, and also blocked his account.

“What’s so happy?”

Cathy looked up when she heard the sound and found that Peter was looking at her, as if he had been looking at her like this for a long time.

Cathy felt a guilty conscience at the bottom of her heart, and being watched by Peter so determinedly, also made her feel that her hidden secret had been seen through.

She did not dare to look directly at him, her eyes flickering, and said: “Just read a funny joke.”

Worried that Peter would not believe her, she quickly searched for a joke on the Internet without reading the content of the joke, and then handed her phone to Peter to read: “I think this joke is so funny. If you don’t believe it, take a look.”

In order to make her words sound more believable, she pretended to smile as she spoke.

Peter looked down and glanced at the joke on the phone. His expression remained the same: “Do you think this joke is funny?”

“Yes.” Cathy said seriously, and asked Peter: “Why don’t you think it is funny?”

“No man thinks it is a pleasure to raise a child for someone else.” Peter’s tone was meaningful.

Cathy’s face became stiff, her face turned pale, and she forcedly explained: “No, I just think it’s a little funny…”

“You have been playing with the mobile phone for so long today. Your body is weak. Stop playing and rest.” Peter took Cathy’s mobile phone and put it on the bedside with a gentle expression, pulling the quilt for her. Surprisingly gentle: “Go to sleep, I’ll be with you.”

Cathy’s health is indeed a little weak now. After arguing with reporters on her mobile phone for so long, she is a little tired now.

Listening to Peter’s gentle voice and seeing his gentle expression, she felt extremely happy.

But the fly in the ointment is that Tina has only been suspended.

It would be even better if Tina’s reputation could be stinky this time, so that she couldn’t hang on in the entertainment circle, and had to kneel in front of her and beg her.

With this fantasy, Cathy fell asleep.

Watching her fall asleep, Peter, who had been guarding the bedside, slowly straightened up and fixed his eyes on the phone on the bedside table.

pregnant women should rest more, always playing mobile phones is not good for their babies.

Peter got up, picked up the phone and walked to the window. As soon as he loosened his hand, the phone fell.

After falling down from the tenth floor, the phone should be useless.

He pondered for a moment, then opened the door and walked out of the ward, and ordered the bodyguard: “Go downstairs and help me pick up my phone. It’s hard work.”


“Ms. Tina, I asked. I heard that Tom happened to be here on a business trip recently, so he went to the film and television city to visit the class. Others are still in the city.”

As soon as Stephanie opened the door and came in, she confided in the news she had found out.

Seeing her sweating profusely, Tina poured her a glass of water and handed her a tissue.

Stephanie took the paper sticker and wiped off her sweat, after giving her time to ease herself, she asked with a puzzled look: “Why are you looking for Tom? After my cousin took the green tea b!tch away that day, I went to the director to ask for leave. I looked around for a while, and didn’t see Tom. He was not an eyewitness and couldn’t help.”

Tina said before that she would invite Alyssa and Karl to have dinner, so when she left the hospital, Stephanie helped her book a box in the best hotel in the city.

As it was close to dinner time, they went directly to the hotel, and then Tina asked her to investigate Tom’s whereabouts. She asked a circle of people, and she said nothing, and finally asked Tom’s whereabouts.

Chapter 1366

Tina smiled and did not explain, but only asked Stephanie: “Have you found out where Tom lives?”

When the matter was cold and indifferent, Stephanie smiled arrogantly: “Of course I found it. I will naturally do what you ordered, but you can’t guess where Tom lives!”

Stephanie said it well, feeling that Tina would definitely not be able to guess.

Tina teased the hair that fell from her ears, and said casually: “He lives in the hotel where we ate.”

“It’s…Sister Weber!” Stephanie widened his eyes in surprise, and then gave her a thumbs up. People who still learned from the crew called her “Sister Weber”.

“Since you let me guess where Tom lives, I know the hotel Tom lives in. But you are sure I can’t guess which hotel it is. And this hotel is the best in the city. We booked here After leaving the box, Tom happened to be staying in this hotel. Isn’t that the biggest coincidence?”

After Tina finished explaining, she hugged her arms and looked at Stephanie for a while.

Stephanie looked at Tina in astonishment, and after a while she nodded: “Yes! It makes sense! Convinced!”

“It’s actually a very simple logical thinking, you can think of it when you use your head.” Tina nodded Stephanie’s little head.

Stephanie is actually very smart, she just doesn’t bother to think about it.

Stephanie nodded her head with a face of being taught, “I know!”

At this time, the box door was pushed open from the outside, and the lobby manager brought Alyssa and Karl over: “Miss Weber, your guest has arrived.”

“Alyssa!” Tina laughed as soon as she saw Alyssa.

After Alyssa and Karl sat down, Alyssa looked around and began to make fun of Tina: “Someone has stopped work and is so extravagant to come to such a big hotel to eat.”

“Even if you eat, you have money!” Tina was very cooperative and waved her hand, pretending to be arrogant.

Alyssa laughed so badly that even Karl couldn’t help but curl his lower lips.

Seeing Tina’s unstressed appearance, Alyssa asked her: “There is a solution to the video.”

“Yes.” Tina turned to look at Stephanie, and patted her on the shoulder: “It’s all due to our house.”

Stephanie was a little embarrassed: “I didn’t do anything…”

“Don’t talk about this mess.” Tina handed the menu to Alyssa: “Let’s order.”

Several people ordered the food, and while chatting, Alyssa’s cell phone rang.

She was smiling originally, but after listening to the phone for a while, her smile disappeared and she became serious.

“I see, thank you.”

Alyssa hung up, and Karl asked her, “Who made the call?”

“Mattie,” Alyssa answered Karl’s question but looked at Tina.

Tina Alyssa were in a tacit understanding, and instantly understood: “Is it related to me?”

“It was said that a reporter released a screenshot. It was Scottia who used a trumpet to reveal your whereabouts to the reporter and asked the reporter to stop you. As a result, the reporter did not stop you. She was so angry that she quarreled with the reporter. The trending search has come out. , Now it’s ‘exploded’.”

While Alyssa was still explaining, Tina took out her mobile phone.

The first trending search on Twitter is very eye-catching: [Scottia asked reporters to block Tina]

There was also a dark red word “explosive”.

Scottia herself is a small traffic flower. Although she is in a transitional period, her fans are also very impressive and very topical.

Tina was in acting school when she debuted. It was different from Scottia’s, but she was too pretty, and she was full of live fans, and the topic was extremely high.

Both of them are very topical, it’s strange if they don’t burst.

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