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Chapter 439

“How come, what silly thing are you talking about? Elijah is a good boy, and it’s too late for you to marry him!! Mom is just happy for you…”

“Mom, don’t cry…you will make me reluctant to marry again.” Hazel couldn’t help crying.

Adeline hurriedly wiped away her tears, pretending to scold her, “You still can’t bear to marry, then I want to cry as a mother!! You, you, finally married him again! My hanging heart is finally going to let go!”

“Mom! I’m sorry, for so many years, I have made you worry about it…”Hazel moved her mother into her arms.

“Just know! Don’t worry about mom anymore! You and Elijah are happy, so mom will have no troubles, you know?”

“Yeah! Got it… Thank you, mom!!”

Hazel rubbed her mother’s arms, acting like a baby.

Blair Elijah wanted to go to the house to pick up Hazel, but Hazel refused.

She said, let’s say we met at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

She just wanted to find more time to adjust her nervous heart at the moment, adjust her emotions to adapt to the things she is about to face, and him.

“Mom, then I’m going out first!”

Hazel changed her shoes at the entrance of the entrance and said.

“Well, go go! Mom is waiting for you at home.”


Hazel walked out the door carrying the handbag.

The morning breeze is slightly cool, but it is very refreshing. The fresh smell penetrates the nose through the air, and the whole person seems to have a lot of energy in an instant.

A smile appeared between her charming lips…

Hazel raised her head and looked at the sky, the gate of memories was slowly opened…

Thoughts, going back to that little self more than twenty years ago, so simple and cute, even a little silly…

It turned out that at that time, she knew what love was!!!

Later, stubborn, she followed his foot into the key high school, and then entered the university…

Hazel realized that after knowing him, every step of her life seemed to be caused by him!

The smile on the corner of the lips spreads a little…

More than twenty years!!! Blair Elijah, hope… this is our end!!!

The outcome…

“Miss Allison!!”

Hazel only stopped at the bus stop, and she heard a condensing sound behind her.

The ice desert was not warm, so Hazel was shocked.

Hazel wanted to look back, but only heard the man behind her shouting, “Don’t move!!”

For an instant, it was as if something was being held up at her waist, cold and cold, causing Hazel to shrink for a second.

“Come with me obediently!!”

“Who are you…?”

The bottom of Hazel’s heart was panic.

But consciousness told her that now is not the time for her to be afraid!!!

“I can’t go with you!! I have very important things to do now!!”

She is getting married!!! Hurry up to marry Blair Elijah!!!

If she didn’t show up at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau as scheduled this time, she would not even know what the outcome would be like facing them next!!!

“I won’t go with you…”

Hazel shook her head, stubbornly resist!

At this moment, she didn’t seem to feel any danger, and the only thought in her heart was to rush over as soon as possible and marry that man!!!

She… just want to be with him!!!

The more endangered, the stronger this feeling!!!

“Since Miss Allison is unwilling to cooperate, she has to be offended!!”

After the man’s voice said, he stretched out his hand to cover Hazel’s mouth.


Hazel only felt it was difficult to breathe for a while, and his hands seemed to contain anesthetic, but it took only a few seconds before Hazel felt unconscious.

Before Hazel came back to her senses, she saw a group of men in black stepping out of a black business car and heading straight towards them.

Later, something happened again, and Hazel had no consciousness at all.

She only knew that at that time, she was full of one thought…

She is going to the Civil Affairs Bureau!!!

She is going to get married, she is going to marry that man!!!

At the moment of being unconscious…

A teardrop rolled out of the eyes without warning…

At that moment, Hazel wondered…Is it right? Her fate with Blair Elijah…is only one step away, but it is also the last step!!!

It was only eight o’clock, but Blair Elijah was already waiting at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Due to work at nine o’clock, the Civil Affairs Bureau was still closed at the moment, and Blair Elijah only patiently leaned on the car body, breathing this rare fresh air, waiting for her arrival.

Today, even the weather seems to be exceptionally good, and the little bird seems to be singing happily on the branch.

Blair Elijah couldn’t restrain the smile on the corner of his lips, and chuckled out loud, his eyes flying through the bus stop not far away, and every taxi that stopped at the door, hoping for the next person to get off. , It will be her.

His hand touched the delicate little brocade box in his pocket, and the ring was still there.

That wedding ring carefully made for her!!! Finally, he has a chance to give it to her again!!!

Time, every minute and every second…

At the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau, more and more couples gathered.

At nine o’clock, it finally arrived, but she was never seen.

But he is still not annoying or dry, just waiting patiently without urging her…

After all, today is a very important day, and she can’t afford to delay some time at home!

The door of the Civil Affairs Bureau is wide open.

The couples who were waiting to get the marriage certificate swarmed.

At this moment, a black business car stopped beside Blair Elijah.

Blair Elijah squinted defensively towards those dark eyes, and calmly watched the rows of black men approaching him to step by step.

“Mr. Blair, please come with us, please!”

The leading man respectfully made a please gesture.

“What if I’m not happy?!!!”

But with just one glance, Blair Elijah could see clearly that these people are not others, but him, Gibson Mile’s subordinates!!!

“Mr. Blair, you’ll be happy!!” The leading man smiled, then raised his hand, and saw another man approaching, handing a stack of photos into Blair Elijah’s hands.

Blair Elijah froze.

In the photo, it’s not someone else, just Hazel!!!

He, who is waiting at the moment, fiancée!!!

She seemed to faint, and she fell unconsciously on the ground, still tied up with twine, unable to move at all.

Blair Elijah’s hand holding the photo, slightly clenched into a fist.

The photo, in his hand, turned into folds…

“Where is she?”

Blair Elijah’s voice was condensed like frost and cold like ice. Almost every word was gnashing his teeth.

He can only control his emotions before he can beat the gangsters in front of him!!!

“Sister Sarah said, as long as Young Master Blair cooperates obediently, we will definitely ensure Miss Allison’s safety, but if Young Master Blair does not cooperate, then I’m sorry, Miss Allison is dead or alive, maybe we might!!” The man in black answered him with a cold smile.

“Shit!!!” Blair Elijah cursed.

Sister Sarah, there is no doubt that it is Sarah!!!

Blair Elijah clenched his fist, squeezed and squeezed, suppressing the anger in his heart. After a while, he said, “Take me to see Sarah!!”

“Then Mr. Blair, please get in the car.”

Blair Elijah followed them into the car.

This car, unlike other cars, Blair Elijah always felt that his body was weak as soon as he got in the car. When he saw the lingering fragrance box in the rear of the car, it was too late. He had already lost the slightest strength. He can only limp on the seat, even the consciousness becomes blurred.


“How is the invitation?”

Sarah sat on the sofa and asked her subordinates, her attitude was not as gentle as usual, but rather cold.

“Sister Sarah, everyone has been invited here according to your wishes! Both of them are not very clear now.”

“Where are they?” Sarah raised her eyelids and asked.

“In the hall outside, tied up.”


Sarah nodded and went out, followed by a large group of tall and burly bodyguards in black.

As soon as she arrived at the door, sure enough, she saw two people in the hall were tied up with twine, and once occupied a corner.

“Hazel, Hazel…”

Blair Elijah took the lead in regaining consciousness, but his body still didn’t have the slightest strength.

He kept yelling to the other side, with a vague smile on his face.

The bewildered Hazel seemed to hear someone calling her, struggling to hold her eyes, and when she looked up, she saw the opposite Blair Elijah, “Elijah, you, why are you here…”

“En! Have you been injured or uncomfortable?” Blair Elijah asked her worriedly.

“No! I just feel… I can’t use my strength…” After Hazel talking, she struggled but found it in vain.

“Hazel, stop moving, the more you struggle, the more uncomfortable…”

This medicine is a faint medicine used by the underworld. The more they move, the faster it will erode into their body. Only waiting quietly for it to disperse automatically is the best way.

“It seems that President Blair understands the things on the road very well!!”

Sarah still covered her face with a light green silk scarf and walked out of it.


Even though only those beautiful eyebrows were revealed, Hazel recognized her at a glance.


She almost looked at the woman in front of her in disbelief, “Why… is it you??”

When did she fall into the underworld? Why she doesn’t know at all?!!!

“Sarah, let her go!!”

Blair Elijah’s tone was condensed, but he still couldn’t hold his beak.

“Let her go?” Sarah sneered, her eyes showing fierce eyes, “Why?!!!”

“I don’t care what you arrested us for, but I know one thing very well!! She is always innocent!! The grievances between the two of us will be resolved by the two of us!! Never had anything to do with her!! What’s more, don’t forget…your life was given to you by her with her child!!!”

Blair Elijah’s words made Sarah’s figure visibly shaken.

Sarah’s eyes shrank sharply…

Emotions seemed to be surging under her eyes.

For a while, the corners of the lips were always gentle and smiled, “Brother! Although she saved my life, I never asked her…”

Sarah’s words made Blair Elijah’s eyes shrunk abruptly, and his pitch-black eyes concealed his disappointment with this unfeeling woman in front of him, and he was sad…

Chapter 440

He didn’t know whether Sarah, he knew should be like this…

Still, the former self was just being blinded by her!!!

“Sarah, you are not a person at all!!!”

Hazel’s hands clenched into fists.

If she could choose, she would never use her child’s life to save such a feminine woman!!!

Sarah condensed a smile.

She is no longer a person…


She smiled, still so beautiful, so gentle, like the inexperienced Sarah before.

It’s just that the coldness that appeared in the eyes makes people shudder.

“I just don’t want to see you happy like this…”

Her voice seemed to be still trembling, her hands clasped tightly, “Allison Hazel, Blair Elijah!! You two, go to death together!!!”

A cold gun was aimed at Blair Elijah’s head.

It’s Sarah.

Someone fed a black pill and put it into Hazel’s mouth domineeringly.

Hazel just vomit, but Sarah was drunk.

The muzzle was against Blair Elijah’s temple, and the force in her hand was a little heavier, “If you dare to spit it out, I will kill him with one shot!!!”

“Sarah, what did you want her to eat?!!!”

Blair Elijah stared at her angrily, with bloodshot eyes…

Hearing what Sarah said, Hazel dared to spit it out, with the pill in her mouth, watching Blair Elijah being imprisoned by the gun, she shook her head, her tears blurred, “Sarah, don’t you keep loving him? You let him go! I will give him back to you!!! What is wrong with you, come to me!!! Yes!!! I took him away from you! It is all my fault, nothing to do with him!!! You let him go …”

Hazel shouting hysterically, tears flooded from her eyes like a bursting bank…

Heart, awe-inspiring pain.

“Hazel, stop talking stupid! You just want to let go, I won’t be happy!!”

Seeing her tears, Blair’s heart cramped.

Hazel shook her head.

She didn’t want to let go, but…

His life is more important! Isn’t it?!

“Allison Hazel!!”

She heard Sarah calling her.

“Swallow the medicine in your mouth obediently!! I count three times, and Blair Elijah’s fate is all in your mouth…”


Hearing Sarah’s words, Hazel began to chew the big pill in her mouth quickly, moving too fast, and she looked a little flustered.

Even if it is bitter, even if it is very astringent, even if it is very choking, even if this pill is a deadly poison!!! But these are not important.

The important thing is that the life of this man in front of her…

“Hazel, don’t swallow!!!” Blair Elijah shouted, struggling, just wanting to escape the confinement of the rope, wishing to pry open her mouth and let her spit out all the poison.

“Don’t swallow it!! That’s not a good thing!! Hazel, be obedient…”

“Two…” Sarah was still counting.

“Hazel!!!” Blair Elijah shouted distressed, but the answer to him was a quiet Hazel.


Hazel opened her mouth and showed Sarah, but her eyes were cold and cold, “Sarah, a woman like you, is destined to never get love in this life…”

As soon as the voice fell, the cold gun was aimed at her head.

Top of the head, right in the center!!!

Sarah smiled and approached her step by step…

“Allison Hazel, the love I can’t get, you can’t even imagine getting it…”

She was smiling, so wanton, so rampant.

“Sarah, what are you going to do!!!?”

The blue veins on Blair Elijah’s forehead were violent, with fierceness hiding under his eyes, his big hands clenched into fists, “If you dare to move her, I will never let you go in my life!!!”

Sarah smiled…

The muzzle was pressed against Hazel’s forehead. At that moment, Hazel felt the coldness coming out of the gun…

The body shuddered for a second…

A pill was handed to Blair Elijah, and in the next instant, it was pushed into his lips.

Blair Elijah didn’t struggle…

It seems that he has gradually understood Sarah’s routine.

“Brother, same, don’t want to see her collapse on the spot, just swallow it!”

As predicted…

“Trash!!!” Hazel cursed angrily.

“Elijah, don’t swallow!! She won’t kill you! And I, already a dying person, don’t sacrifice for me! Elijah, you… fool…”

Tears, rolling out from Hazel’s eyes…

It was still too late to finish speaking, but on the other hand, Blair Elijah had already swallowed the bitter pill.

Under the tulle, Sarah smiled faintly.

She took the grab.

“Brother, since you are so familiar with the path, you must have heard of the pill just now! Three-day death pill, within three days, I will watch you two, festering to death step by step…”

“Sarah, you devil!!!”

At this moment, Hazel’s chest started to hurt.

“Yes! I’m a demon…” She smiled, “I said, I wouldn’t just look at you two happy…”

Blair Elijah’s face was green.

He remained silent, without saying a word.

Because, the three-day death pill, he knows too well…

This poison is fundamental, there is no antidote!!!

Therefore, the two of them, even if they leave this door, are destined to die in three days…!


They still have a chance to survive!!!

That is…


He heard a painful scream of Hazel and saw a cut in her arm by Sarah with a knife, and blood was constantly leaking from her arm.

“Sarah, what are you doing!!!”

Blair Elijah screamed, but in the next instant, his arm was suddenly caught by a man’s sturdy hand, and the same knife was stroked mercilessly on his arm.

“Hiss…” Blair Elijah whispered in pain.

In the future, he can hear Sarah said, “Brother, there is another way you can solve this poison, that is to suck the poison out for the other party, but it is very pitiful… There is one person who can only make that sacrifice. Good guys! So, this is your doomed ending, either one will die, the other will live, or die together!!!”

“Sarah, you have changed…”

Blair Elijah shook his head and looked at the woman in front of him almost incredulously.

Hazel also knew that the bloodthirsty Sarah in front of her was no longer the Sarah back then.

She used to be careful no matter how careful she was, but at least she never played her life, let alone play with other people’s lives!!!

But now she is like a changed person…

Indifferent, bloodthirsty, unfeeling… “Lock them up!!”

Sarah turned a deaf ear to their accusations and ordered them coldly.


The subordinates received the order and dragged two soft bodies into the room.

Hazel thought that the two of them would be locked in a horrible little black room, but what surprised her was that they were only locked in a bedroom.

Moreover, it is in a particularly cozy bedroom.

Probably, this building is where Sarah usually lives!

The two were loosened, and all of them had left the room. For a while, only Hazel and Blair Elijah were left in the house.

Leaning weakly against the door, their body fell to the ground.

The two are similar and laugh…

It’s sad, but fortunately…

Fortunately, there is the other side!!!

Blair Elijah’s hand, tightly holding Hazel’s hand, his fingers clasped!!!

“Why are you so stupid…?”

He murmured.

And Hazel just shook her head and smiled, “You are stupid than me…”

“Let me help you suck out the drugs!! This is the only chance we can live!!” Blair Elijah said earnestly.

Hazel leaned on the door panel, and shook her head, “This is not the only chance we can live, but the only chance I can live! Just now Sarah has already made it very clear, so Blair Elijah is not allowed to fool me!!”

Hazel relaxed but with a few coquettish words, Blair Elijah couldn’t help but chuckle.

He took her hand and kissed gently between his lips…

“Obey!!” Blair Elijah coaxed her.

“Don’t…” Hazel stubbornly protected her arm.

Blair Elijah sighed, “Hazel, we must have a strong individual to survive…”

“If I said, I want you to live?”

Hazel clasped her hands, looked up, and looked at him, tears hazy.

“Don’t be silly!! Landon needs you…”

“I’m not stupid!!” Hazel shook her head, with a stubborn attitude, “Landon also needs Daddy…”

“Fool, don’t cry…”

Blair Elijah looked at her tears, dull pain in his heart.

The dark eyes were stained with red, and the throat couldn’t help but choked up, “Don’t cry, be obedient…”

He stretched out his hand to wipe her tears.


Hazel held his hand to wipe her tears, “Listen to me, I’m sorry! I… can’t watch you walking in front of me, if you love me, you shouldn’t let me bear it. It’s painful… so let me help you, okay?”

“Don’t look for such a fallacy!!” Blair Elijah squeezed her hand tightly, “You know, it’s impossible!”

Hazel tears burst down the embankment…

“If I live alone, I would rather die together…”

She choked and yelled.

“Even if I live for three days! Blair Elijah, I don’t want to live alone, do you understand? I don’t dare to live alone…”

“Fool!! You return to Landon!! And auntie, you will not live alone! And I will always be with you…” Blair Elijah comforted her.

Of course, Hazel didn’t answer, but just forcibly supported her body, as if she wanted to stay away from the man in front of her.

Because she knows, as long as this man wants to help her take drugs, then she has no chance to escape!!!

Her strength can’t be hiss!!!

“Where to go?”

Hazel was together, her figure still had time to stand still, but Hazel’s wrist was pulled by Blair Elijah, and in the next instant, he took the whole person into his arms and sat down.

“Be good, be good…”

Blair Elijah’s voice was still gentle.


Hazel crying, struggling.

However, Blair Elijah’s arm had already been crushed to death.

“Hazel, obedient! Me and you, there must be one to live, even if we don’t think about other people, but we should think about our child, he can’t lose his parents at the same time, you know? So, be good…”

When the words fell, Blair Elijah lowered his head and covered the bloody mouth that was cut on Hazel’s arm.

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